Health Reboot

The Background

Before I explain what we’re doing (which is what I’m calling a “Health Reboot”), let’s rewind to Jan 2012.  Why then?  Because I can’t accurately remember how my health was before that!

So….. we’re going back to January 2012

I had caught a chesty cough from my mother when she had visited in Oct 2011 (which upon returning to Australia she learned was pneumonia).  I didn’t go to the doctor, I thought I was fine.  Even though I’d taken a few weeks to stop coughing, I was “back to normal”.  Or so I thought.  The fact was, I became quite sickly in 2012 where I’d get sick after being in the cold and even had one event serious enough for me to go to the doctor and take prescribed antibiotics – a big deal for me because I hadn’t taken antibiotics for at least 10 years prior to that.

Now let’s move forward to January 2013

Doesn’t feel so long ago right?  After returning to cold and wet London after our trip to Florida, I had “caught a cold” (the one where I had a sore throat when I got on the plane and a fever when we arrived in London!).  That was December 2012.  This cold proceeded to haunt me each and every month until February 2013 when I decided to get some probiotics to boost my very poorly immune system.  It did the trick!!  I haven’t actually had a fever/cold since!!

Now to the present, January 2014

Although I’ve had no fevers, no chesty coughs and have overall felt quite healthy, in the last few months, my gums have started to become swollen and inflamed (not the whole lot, just in sections).  This is no ordinary “gingivitis”, the gums are actually swollen for a week, feel extremely tender when touched and my face looks like I’ve got marshmallows in my mouth on the side of the swollen gums.   I wash with salt water for a week and they go back to normal and then a couple of weeks later, they start all over again.

Guess when it happens?  EXACTLY THE SAME TIME THE COLDS HAPPENED EACH AND EVERY MONTH!  ie… PMS/PMT time… Unbelievable.  So, apparently women’s immune systems are a little weaker just before they menstruate.  Swollen gums are a symptom of being stressed or run down.

It is evident to me that all my years of eating junk have caught up with me and although eating healthy, changing lifestyle etc has improved my immune system in that I’m no longer getting colds and flu, my skin, hair and nails are good and overall energy levels are good, I’m still not strong enough to deal with gum disease during my weaker days of the month.

Yes I brush my teeth twice a day every day and no, the gums don’t bleed… they just get swollen and hurt like hell for a week or two, once a month especially during the coldest and darkest days of the year!

Anyway, I’m over it now…. I just want to be healthy everywhere!!! Respiratory, Digestive, Reproductive, TMJ, Musculatory, skeletal, CNS… seriously, you name the system, I want it to be healthy in me regardless of the weather!

Is it too much to ask to have all systems healthy, strong, vibrant, pain free and working properly at all times? Because THAT’s what I want!!! Tony’s coming along for the ride.  He’s quite strong and healthy in general however, he’s happy to do anything that will help to maintain or improve his overall health especially now that we’re both getting older!  Hate to say it but we’re both close to 40 and it’s freaking me out!!!


The Plan is to stay 26 forever by….

1.  detoxing and cleansing the colon with P&B Shakes.

2.  doing a 7 day juice fast to help the body cleanse while increasing nutrient intake.

3. reloading with probiotics to boost the immune system and ensure the nutrients can be digested, processed and absorbed.

4.  doing a 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge (which involves doing Bikram Yoga once a day for 30 consecutive days, a nutritionist consultation prior to starting and meal plan to go along with it, ensuring we eat properly during the challenge).

5.  maintaining healthy eating for the rest of our lives, incorporating times of vegetarian and even vegan and raw eating – whichever helps us be at our optimum health, allowing for the occasional “naughty” days so we can still eat cupcakes, crispy pork belly or yum cha should the cravings ever occur (ahem).

So when do we start?

Tomorrow:  Wed 8th January 2014 (will update our progress weekly up to completion of the 30 day challenge).


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