Bikram Yoga Posture Progress Pictures: Balancing Stick Pose

Balancing Stick has been one of the “easier” ones for me.  That is, I could do it quite easily provided I had the stamina to remain standing until this point.

They say that in this posture, a tight body is a light body and I had no problems with this because I was so tense all the time!!  All I did was imagine that I was the plank of wood on a see-saw and voila, balancing stick was done!

This posture is supposed to be held for only 10 seconds!  Before going into this posture I often thought, if Usain Bolt can run 100m in this time then surely I can pretend to be a plank of wood for 10 seconds!

The only problem I had at the beginning was keeping my hip down.  As the time has gone by, I’ve found this posture more difficult.  It seems the stretching of my shoulders in Bow Pose more than ever has caused them to hurt a lot just before going into the Balancing Stick so that putting my arms above my head is well….. extremely painful, making my hands feel heavy.  All I want to do is bend my elbows and give the shoulders some relief.

Alas, stretching forward while stretching back and at the same time rounding the hips down so that they’re parallel to the floor is taking some effort now!

Here’s our progress.  Unfortunately we didn’t take pictures when we first started but following is an honest estimate of where we started (pictures on the top) vs where we are now (pictures on the bottom). PS.  Don’t mind the cartoons on Tony’s pictures, I put them there to hide the identity of someone in Savasana in the background 😉

Tuladandasana (Balancing Stick Pose)


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