Health Reboot: Week 1

I promised to report on this each week so here is the report after our first week of reboot.  Please note, we are not doing this for weight loss.  We are just doing this for overall improvement of health.

In saying that, I am going to put our starting measurements here anyway because I’d like to know if what we’re doing will cause any fluctuations in weight or body shape or make no difference to them at all.  Who knows… we might gain weight!  I’m sure Tones would be happy about that!

Starting weights:

J 47.5kg / T 64.5kg

Starting Measurements Arm – Thigh – Waist:

J 27.5cm-50cm-72cm / T 27cm-53.5cm-75cm

Amazing that my measurements are almost the same as Tony’s except that he’s about 20 cm taller than me!!

Food & Water Intake

At this stage we have stuck well to the P&B shakes each and every morning.  We haven’t noticed any changes other than we’re a lot thirstier and need lots more water which means that the both of us are drinking anywhere between 2-4 litres of water daily, each.

We’ve eaten mostly fruit and vegetables,  remained 100% wheat free, egg free and meat free for 7 days.  We had cheese for 2 meals and fish for 1 meal in the last 7 days.  Overall we’ve found this part quite easy.

You have to note that we are not restricting our serving sizes… so we will just eat until we’re full!! eg. I cooked a whole cake tin size of mac’n’cheese and we ate 3/4 of it + a bag of herb salad in one sitting.  In saying that, it wasn’t your normal mac’n’cheese.. the macaroni was using free-from gluten and free-from wheat pasta, was mixed with tomato and parsley and the cheese (buffalo mozzarella and mild cheddar) sat on the top only (rather than all the way through the macaroni).

Reboot Wk1

We’ve also started on the probiotics (one capsule a day) but not noticed any significant changes.


Tony has managed to go to  yoga 6 out of 7 days.  I have done yoga 5 out of 7 days.


The book we bought which was supposed to guide us through a 7 day juice fast hasn’t yet arrived even though we ordered it over a week ago.  Therefore, it’s put us out a little, in terms of scheduling.  We really should have started a juice fast yesterday but instead we have stuck to being vegetarian and added juices to our meals.

We have had 3 juices in the last 2 days.  Here they are:

Juice Wk1


2 thoughts on “Health Reboot: Week 1”

  1. Great job guys! The juices look good 🙂 I have been juicing every day since I saw you guys. For the first time yesterday I had three juices for my meals and in between when I felt hungry had some nuts and rice cakes. Not sure if thats cheating?! Anyway I have decided to go with the flow and be flexible. Looking forward to comparing notes 🙂

    1. Oooh!! Keep it up!! The book only just arrived, still have to go through it, not sure about what you can and cannot have during juice fast though…

      If we ate nuts and rice cakes during a juice fast, we’d probably eat the whole packet in one sitting. 😛

      Flow’s good 🙂 Keep us updated!! x

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