Health Reboot: Week 2

Continuing on our “clean” diet, we’ve had P&B shakes every morning from Tues-Fri, drinking 2-4 litres of water each daily, eating mostly fruit and vegetables and also incorporating juices into our meals or having juices in place of meals.

In that time we had cheese for 2 meals and shared 1 x salted duck egg between us.  Otherwise we remained 100% wheat free and meat free for 7 more days!  That’s 14 days of vegetarian yo!  I had to say it like that ’cause I’m mighty impressed with myself and enthused with our progress (plus we’ve been watching lot of “Breaking Bad” and I could actually hear Jesse’s voice in my head).   😛

We’ve continued taking probiotics (one capsule a day), though we missed 2 days worth because we forgot.

Here are pics of what we ate in Week 2 (Tues-Fri)

Reboot Wk2

With regards to the nutritionist, our plans changed.   There was a 30 day yoga & nutrition challenge at our studio which involves doing yoga for 30 days and eating to a meal plan prepared by the in-house nutritionist.

However, the book for the juicing which we were going to do a week before the nutrition challenge, arrived late and I needed a couple of days to read it, then we spent multiple trips to stores to get all the ingredients we needed for the juices and the earliest we could start the juice only programme was Saturday, which was almost a week from the anticipated start date.

Being a week late in our schedule and already eating cleanly and healthily, we decided to just do what we’re currently doing and skip the nutrition part of the challenge.


We still signed up for the 30 day yoga challenge which started yesterday.  I would have preferred to be eating food when doing 1.5hrs of yoga every day but hey, juice and yoga will be a pretty intense detox and it’s only for the first few days so, should be ok!

In the past week, Tony has managed to go to  yoga 5 out of 7 days.  I have done yoga 4 out of 7 days.


We’re using Jason Vale’s “7lbs in 7 days Super Juice Programme”.  Day 1 was Saturday so we are currently on Day 4.  Half way done already!

Here’s a picture of the juices we’ve been making on the program during Week 2 of our Health Reboot (Sat-Tues).

Juicing Days 1-3

We’re cheating a little in that, for the juice that requires wheatgrass, we’ve been putting in “Green Vitality” instead, which is a combination of grass (including wheatgrass), sprouts, vegetables and herbs.  So, technically we are adding more nutrients into our juices than what’s in the recipes.

We are having a combination of these juices each day, as per what’s set out in the programme and drinking up to 5 of them daily.  We haven’t really needed more than that.  So far, so easy peasy!

My current favourite juice is the one with alfalfa sprouts, kale, spinach, parsley, beetroot, broccoli, ginger, carrot etc (bottom left in picture above).  It’s not as sweet as the others!


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