Health Reboot: Week 3

This week, there is a lot to celebrate!

  • I have now officially completed 21 days of being 100% wheat free and  gluten free. Tony had burgers when we went to a farewell party and I ate a quarter of a meat patty so although all other days were meat free, we didn’t remain meat free for the entire 21 days.
  • We definitely did 17 days straight of being 100% vegetarian which is the longest we’ve done not eating meat!
  • We have officially completed 7 days of juice only!
  • We have done yoga every single day for the last 9 days including 6 days of which we were only on juice!

We’ve continued taking probiotics (one capsule a day) except for 2 days because we ate too late in the day and we have to wait 2 hours after eating to take the probiotics and couldn’t be bothered waiting until 2.30am to do this.

Results:  No colds, no flu, stomachs are flat, skin soft, hair healthy, nails strong, eye balls white and tongues pink (rather than the other way)!

There is a downer in this whole “We’re so proud of ourselves” moment though – my gums.  The thing that actually was the impetus for doing the health reboot, was my swollen gum and well, it hasn’t healed.  I went to the dentist and found out that this gum infection has been hanging around for so long that it’s gone really deep into the tissue and I now have to see a gum specialist just to see how bad it’s gotten.  My appointment is in a couple of weeks.


Believe it or not, it’s very rare that we actually do 10 days straight so even though we’ve been doing yoga 6-7 times a week prior to going on the challenge, doing 30 days straight is still going to be a challenge!

Studio records can confirm that we’ve done 7 days out of 7 this week, swollen gums and everything 🙂  So far so good!  Today is our 9th Day on the 30 Day Challenge.

Both our practices have improved notably.  We know it’s the combination of both having juice only and stretching every day that is causing improvement in leaps and bounds.   Now that we’ve completed juicing and started regular meals again, we’re having days where we’re much stiffer and in more pain particularly on the day after eating meat!

Tony caught me smiling at myself in the mirror after Standing-Head-To-Knee Pose the other day.  I couldn’t help it, it’s the deepest I’d ever gone and the longest I’d every held the pose so I pleasantly surprised myself!


Juicing Results Overall:

1.  We function well without much sleep compared to what we were like before juicing, it’s a huge improvement.

2.  Our moods have improved and we’re a lot more positive, focussed and energetic.

3.  We’re getting more done in faster time.  Usually what would take us the whole weekend to do in chores and errands, we did in 5 hours!

4.  Weight:  Joy was 46kg just before starting to juice and 44kg after the 7 days.  Tony was 61kg and after 7 days 59kg.

It’s a lot of weight to lose for people who thought they didn’t have any weight to lose!!  I’m sure if we eat junk we’ll put all the weight back on and pronto so we’re not too worried about being skinny.  It’s a lot easier to put weight back on than it is to get it off!

5.  Current measurements Arm / Thigh / Waist:

Before: J 27.5cm-50cm-72cm / T 27cm-53.5cm-75cm

After:  J 25.5cm, 48.5cm, 69cm / T 28cm, 51cm, 74cm

Juicing:  A day by day blow

On day 1 of juicing, we both wanted popcorn, crisps, corn chips and the like – just something to hear the sound of crunching or being able to chew!   We were also very hungry for most of the day.  Being up for 21 hours and sitting in front of the TV watching movies probably contributed a lot to these cravings!

On day 2, we had 3 juices, went to yoga (both felt dizzy during standing series but got through it) and then had to force down 2 juices at 9pm, when we got back home.  I was full after the 4th juice and didn’t want to drink the last one but we’d  prepared it, so I drank it.

On day 3, we got up early to make ALL the juices and put them into flasks for Tony to take to work – we made 4 juices (2 Litres) for him to drink throughout the day and the 5th one we made fresh after we got home from yoga.  I was not hungry at all this day… I spent most of the day feeling full and when I looked at the clock, would be surprised that it was “time to drink another juice ALREADY!”  By the time I had to drink the 4th juice I actually didn’t want to drink it at all.  I forced myself to drink it at 5pm just before yoga, did an entire yoga session, came home and didn’t get hungry (the first time I felt hunger all day) until 9pm.

On day 4, I decided to just drink when I felt hungry and this meant that we only drank 3 juices by the time it was yoga time.   We chugged down the 4th juice just before class because I was concerned we wouldn’t have enough energy to get through the class and I ended up with a stomach ache just before class.   Surprisingly we got through our toughest yoga class of every week (it’s our crazy asana champion yoga teacher who pushes like a mo-fo every chance he gets)!  It was tough and he wouldn’t let me stay down when I sat down but we got through his class conscious and having done all postures!  Also  my stomach ache disappeared.

Day 5 was the hardest day for the both of us.  Tony wouldn’t stop talking about having cheesy jaffles and I had spring rolls stuck in my mind for most of the day.  I also found myself hungry a lot of the time.  We didn’t help ourselves by listing out all the different places we’d love to eat at and all the different meals we were missing!  The only thing that kept us going was that there wasn’t any food in the fridge to cook other than vegetables which were specifically for juicing and the fact that Tony would say “We didn’t come this far just to stop…” and he was right.  There’s also a bit in the book which says to ask yourself how you would feel knowing you’d failed vs how you would feel knowing you’d succeeded yet another day… so that kept me going too 🙂

Day 6 we spent the entire day with the excitement that it was all going to be over soon and that we were only 2 sleeps away from having our first cooked meal!  Thoughts of crispy skin salmon with rice and salad permeated our minds and the excitement of being able to savour this meal if we just did one more day, was enough to keep us going.  It’s like the anticipation of opening presents on Christmas day!

Day 7 we were so happy and proud of ourselves that we made it.  We got up early to  make all the juices in advance to pack for Tony to take to work and continued the rest of the day easy peasy!

In all honesty, we like juicing and how we feel when we’re juicing so have decided that we will do this 7 day juice “fast” every so often just to let our digestive system rest once in a while.  Funny enough, we were both missing the juices when we had to have a meal!

We now have so much more appreciation for the food that we can eat, the choices that we can make, the determination and will power that we have and how easy it is to accomplish something when you put your mind to it!

Proving commitment, here’s a picture of our grocery shopping for the first 3 days of juicing which includes 70 apples.  This doesn’t include the 2nd and 3rd trips we made to get avocados and 8 pineapples and other little things we were missing!  We carried all of this home after doing 1.5 hrs yoga, in the freezing cold and pouring rain at 10.30pm at night.  That’s commitment!!  The fridge has never been so green!

Juice Shopping Days 1-3

Post Juicing

We ate our salmon with rice and veg and have to say that it was completely unsatisfying.  Perhaps our minds made it out like it was going to be better than it was or maybe we were so used to juicing that the meal we had wasn’t enough nutritionally.  Either way, we both felt duller and more tired like we were going to go into a food coma and were surprised that the salmon and rice which we used to think was so healthy, was now tasting like a “heavy, oily, fatty” meal!

Crispy skin salmon with steamed vegetables
Crispy skin salmon with steamed vegetables

The following day, we were both tired, my back was sore and my calf and butt were actually cramping, it was extremely painful.  I’ve been pushing so hard on Standing-Head-To-Knee pose that my calves, thighs and butt have been really pushed to the limit.  Funny I didn’t feel any of the effects of this pushing until AFTER we finished the juice fast and my calf continued to cramp and ache every day for 3 days after we stopped juicing!

We also noticed that our stomachs got much bigger as soon as we started eating again and I got a huge pimple the very day I’d eaten salmon.

Even though those measurements above are what they are, our stomachs were flatter than that while juicing.  We measured ourselves the next day after having had 2 meals!  The weight was lost from everywhere as you can see from the arm, stomach and thigh measurements.  Tony however, gained 1cm on his arm which means the muscle/fat redistributed itself during that time and/or he had enough protein/amino acids to build muscle even though he wasn’t “eating”.

Now we’ll see how we maintain these weights or if we just put everything back on again but there are still 22 more days of yoga to do on our “health reboot” so I will continue to report on energy levels etc over the coming weeks.


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