Health Reboot: Week 4 (Chinese New Year)

This week was an interesting week.

We were no longer vegetarian, nor were we wheat free and we weren’t juicing either!  It was Chinese New Year on Friday and so we were feasting!

Happy New Year!! 😉
This is how we celebrated…

Chinese New Years Eve:

Pomelo, oranges and clementines
Whole Steamed Fish
Whole Steamed Chicken with Ginger and Shallot sauce
Long Life Noodles
Jai (Stir fried vegetables incl bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, tofu, beancurd)
Shitake Mushrooms with Black Hair Moss and dried oysters

New Years Day:

2014 HorseCNY Dinner
Golden Beef Nuggets, Kim Do Ribs, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Crispy Seaweed, Smoked Chicken (centre)
Crispy Aromatic Duck served with pancakes, spring onions and cucumber with plum Hoi Sin Sauce.
Gargantuan PrawnMAINS
Seafood Delight: Prawns, Squid and Scallops stir-fried with mange tout
Roast Medley: Roast Duck, Char Siu and Roast Belly Pork
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Fillet of Beef with Cashew Nuts
Salt and Pepper Mushrooms
Singapore Noodles
Rice in Lotus LeafDESSERT
Chinese New Year Cake, Mango pudding, Coconut Marshmallow


No more probiotics, we ran out and I was taking them to help my immune system to get rid of my swollen gum and well, it didn’t work so I’m trying something else…

Oregano oil.  I’m putting oregano oil in water and rinsing my mouth with it.  Stings like hell but it seems to be helping and the gum doesn’t hurt anymore and is almost down to the same size as the other side.  I’ve also been washing my mouth out every night with Corsodyl (some crazy medicated mouthwash which is burning my taste buds, stinging my cheeks and has a disgusting flavour which lasts in the mouth all night so I can still taste it even after breakfast!)

Appointment with gum specialist is next week and I’m doing what I can so my gum will be normal when I see her so she can just check and tell me I can keep my tooth!


Today is Day 17 of our 30 day challenge!  We’ve done yoga every single day and we’re over half way!  It’s gone by quick and we haven’t really noticed any difficulties other than having to go early some days so we could go out to dinner.  Also we both had such a stressful day yesterday that I ALMOST decided to just curl up and go to bed early rather than going to yoga but, convinced myself it would be good for me and also thought that Tony would have been upset to miss out on Juan’s class.  It’s our toughest class of every week and we always crawl out of it and have to sit around recovering but we love it.

Improvement is minimal these days and we can confirm that eating meat results in a very stiff and painful class, which usually eases once we get to the floor series.  It’s funny when I have to suck my stomach in and notice it can’t go in any further because I’ve eaten too much the previous day!!!

No more cramps.


We miss how awesome we felt when we were juicing.  So much so that I had to listen to Tony whinge a whole day about it.

“My back hurts, I’m bloated, I’m tired….” etc etc etc.  I agreed with him, we were WEAK!!  I mean, I couldn’t even lift a pillow to hand over to him without it feeling really heavy and I had huge bags under my eyes and a big zit growing on my face!   We’re both also finding it really hard to get up in the mornings after 4-6 hrs sleep and I can definitely confirm that after lack of sleep and having to deal with the stupidest bank in the world today, I have been in a ROTTEN mood and getting very grumpy easily and I’m not getting back to calm and centred as fast as I used to!

So, after much discussion, we decided that we were going to start juicing again BUT we’re not going to be strict about it and only juice for X number of days.  And we’re not going to regulate it like juice for 3 days, eat for 4 days or have one day on and one day off….

What we are going to do, is choose some juices we like, make sure we have the ingredients for them throughout the week and then we will make and drink juice whenever we want.  If we want to eat, we will eat.   If we happen to eat all day then so be it and if we happen to juice all day then so be it.  We’ll just go with what we feel like.  I have a hunch that we’ll be doing both every day 😉

It’s pretty simple and straightforward so now, the only challenge we have in the coming weeks is the yoga every day 🙂  Only 13 more days to go!!

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