Health Reboot: Week 5

This week has been a significant one.

There have been a few major events/milestones.  Only one relates to health so I’ll mention that below.
There was no fasting or feasting.  This week, we ate when we felt like, we ate as much as we felt like and we ate what we felt like.  We had juices, smoothies, pizza, hot chips, salad,
Juice (pineapple, spinach, avocado, cucumber, lime, celery, apples), Hot chips with Tony's home made tomato sauce and salad, salt & vinegar hot chips, salted duck egg & tomato salad, Chicago deep dish hot dog pizza
Juice (pineapple, spinach, avocado, cucumber, lime, celery, apples), Hot chips with Tony’s home made tomato sauce and salad, salt & vinegar hot chips, salted duck egg & tomato salad, Chicago deep dish hot dog pizza
laksa, seafood, rice,
Whole fried fish with rice and pickled vegetables, Prawn and pineapple curry with rice, Scallops with kale and avocado salad, Chicken & Prawn laksa with 2 types of noodles, Tony's homemade hummus with carrot sticks, Congee with vegetables
Whole fried fish with rice and pickled vegetables, Prawn and pineapple curry with rice, Scallops with kale and avocado salad, Chicken & Prawn laksa with 2 types of noodles, Tony’s homemade hummus with carrot sticks, Congee with vegetables
whatever took our fancy.  So it was great!  I even got to try my very first fresh Pomelo… ever!
We even weighed ourselves just to see if we’d put weight back on.  I was expecting the answer to be yes.  Surprisingly, I’ve maintained 44.5kg and Tony has put on some weight and now weighs 61.5kg!! Awesome!

Update on the swollen gum which started this whole health reboot thing and was one of the major events this week:

The appointment with the gum specialist finally came and I got the bad news that my tooth needed to be extracted.  Rather than waiting for yet another appointment, I just got her to do it there and then.  So the big event was, I’ve now lost one of my adult teeth which I can’t grow back and I’ve already had all my wisdom teeth taken out so I’m now one molar short.

I figure, I grind my teeth a lot anyway and I would often grind so hard I would chip/break bits off that specific tooth if I didn’t wear my mouth guard!  Now it’s not there anymore, there’s nothing to chip!!

Although tooth loss is major and a big deal especially in this day and age when most people get to keep all their teeth for all their life, I was upset but not THAT upset because it’s at the back and it doesn’t affect what I look like and a prosthetic tooth is an option that I can probably do without.

The worst news is that after 4 x-rays in one day including one of my entire mouth (the machine went right around my head), it turns out I’ve lost bone around my entire mouth over the last 2 years and my gums have been receding so all the gaps between my teeth have increased significantly.

The swollen gum I was complaining about was an infection and the bacteria infecting the gums were eating away the bone holding my tooth at the root.  The infection was too deep not to start infecting the tooth next to it.  So to prevent further damage and infection, extraction was necessary.

After removing the tooth, she had to “clean out a cyst”…. OMG… which means the swollen gum which wouldn’t stop swelling had a cyst in it for God knows how long – that’s been swelling on and off for at least 2 years!!!  I’m surprised I wasn’t in any severe pain and never needed to take any pain killers!!  I thought an infection at the root would cause a person so much pain they’d want to slam their head against a wall!  But as I’ve experienced, this isn’t the case at all. Most of the time I didn’t even know it was there!

I am surprised that the dentist never said anything about it other than “you  have some slight gum swelling” and didn’t do anything about it until I actually complained a LOT about swelling that wouldn’t stop!!

I’d actually complained 2 years ago that my front teeth were forming a gap that wasn’t there before.  He said that they hadn’t… I was like… I  know my teeth and I had no gaps.  It was weird that I had to argue this fact with my dentist and he pretty much told me it was my imagination and the gap had existed before!

Now that I’ve seen the gum specialist, she said that there is an infection in the gum between my 2 front teeth which is pretty bad and that’s why they’ve separated! Basically, because I’ve lost bone, the gums have receded and my teeth have moved!

That means, I noticed this 2 years ago and nothing’s been done about it until now!  And people wonder why British people have bad teeth…

So, the result is this.. I’ve had DEEP cleaning (up to 8mm) into my gums on one side of my mouth top and bottom.  She couldn’t do both sides and I now know why… you go numb from nose to neck so I’m not so sure you’d be able to swallow, eat, drink or talk if you were numb on BOTH sides!  I’ve also had my tooth extracted and am now on antibiotics to stop the infection in the gums.

I’m on a strict regime of teeth cleaning which involves having to get an electric toothbrush with 2 different heads, 4 different sizes of Tepes (interdental brushes), Curaprox interdental brush, special toothpaste to use while my gums are healing and I bought for the first time since 2007 (when I got my wisdom tooth extracted) some painkillers for when the local anaesthetic wore off from this tooth extraction!  The final bill was well into £500.

I think my entire dental routine will take me a good half hour every morning and every night from now on for the rest of my life.  Whoopee!  But this is now what I have to do if I don’t want to lose ALL my teeth (especially my 2 front teeth).  All I want for Christmas….

There’s a MASSIVE lesson in this for everyone… I go on and on about health of the gut, boosting the immune system, eating lots of fruit and veg but there is so much more to health.  My teeth have no cavities, I’ve not needed any fillings but I still lost a tooth because I neglected my GUMS!

Unfortunately I’m one of those people who are more prone to gum disease and so I needed to take much more preventative measures which I hadn’t taken and now it’s cost me, not just £500 but the loss of my tooth, the permanent movement of teeth and a lifetime of regimented dental hygiene using 7 different brushes!!!

So please if you read this, take care of your gums!!  Don’t wait until you have to lose a tooth before you get them checked by a gum specialist!  Until this situation I didn’t even think about whether or not there were gum specialists and whether I needed to see one.  I bet many people out there are like me and have occasionally bleeding or sensitive gums and just use mouthwash or toothpaste for sensitive “teeth”.  Like I said, most of the time, my gums didn’t even bleed nor did they hurt!! But they were ever so slightly swollen in various sections of the mouth and I thought washing with salt water or Corsodyl would do the trick (but only thought about that when they were really swollen or if I felt any pain).  Don’t be complacent about this, it could be worse than you think and if it’s not, at least you know and got it checked out!

Oh and a word on Corsodyl… one of the side effects is that it turns the teeth brown, turns the tongue black, changes your taste because it affects the tastebuds… I stopped using it because my tongue started hurting and turning black!! Also it had thick brown muck stuck to it.  It was the most disgusting thing and I can’t believe my dentist recommended me to use this for the swollen gum!  The gum, kind of calmed down but it was still swollen….

The gum specialist said not to do that and that I was right to stop using it!! She said next time, just use the gel, apply it to the affected area and that will prevent your whole mouth from being killed by this mouthwash!  Also she said, Corsodyl should only be used to reduce pain.  I told the dentist I had no pain so technically I didn’t need to use this at all!!!  I need to change dentists!

I now have to book another appointment with the gum specialist to do the other side of my mouth but I won’t bore you with those details.  It will just be a deep 8mm clean and nothing else!

For now, I just have to do whatever it takes to get my mouth to heal and make my gums healthy again.


We’ve done yoga every single day except when I got my tooth extracted (yesterday).  I wasn’t allowed to do any exercise so Tony went on his own.  Don’t know how I would have coped with a gauze full of blood in my mouth, numbness in half my swollen face and bleeding gums so I’m glad I didn’t go!

Anyway, I will catch up by doing yoga twice before the 30 days has ended so I’m back on track even with the other stressors in life right now and a tooth extraction!  Now that’s commitment!! 😉

There were 2 days this week when we wanted to stay home, it was last Friday – something big happened then and I just wanted to crawl up into a ball and not be with or see anybody that day and Sunday when it was so cold the mere thought of stepping outside gave me a head freeze and turned my fingers blue but we still went and we still made it to class both days!


As mentioned, we weren’t juicing specifically anymore but I had to say here that by doing the 7 days of juicing, I got the thought out of my head that I needed an entire meal 3 times a day at specific times to be able to function and this helped greatly with my tooth extraction!

Imagine, your tooth no longer exists, your gum has a hole in it, you’re bleeding and in pain and you’re supposed to eat… what exactly?  “Something soft and only on one side of your mouth….”

Previous to juices I would have thought potatoes and vegetables that were boiled to death or anything that resembled baby food but I would have had to chew and not sure what that would have done because I wasn’t allowed to rinse my mouth for 12 hours!!! So how would I have brushed the food out of my teeth before going to bed?

Juices and smoothies are perfect for when your mouth has an “out of order” sign hanging on it!!

I drank them with a straw so the food didn’t have to stay and roll around my mouth.  That meant, the parts that needed to heal didn’t get any food on them at all and also the other side of my mouth and my teeth on that side didn’t get food on them either so it was ok not to brush them that night!!

Bananas, blueberries, almonds, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, dates and homemade soy milk!
Bananas, blueberries, almonds, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, dates and homemade soy milk!

By drinking juices and smoothies, I avoided hot drinks which the gum specialist told me to avoid while my mouth was healing.

And the best part was that I got the necessary nutrients during a time that I really needed them.


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    1. It was nice 🙂 It’s as large as about 3 grapefruits. All the white bits are really bitter so you have to remove them all. The flesh is not as juicy as an orange, it was dryer, kind of like a sweet lemon. You may be able to find one to try! We’ve seen them in Chinese grocery stores as well as Wholefoods.

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