Health Reboot: Week 6 The End… or is it?

This week was MEGA and we certainly ended this Health Reboot with a bang!! Actually, not really, we ended it with KFC!

Calorific Baby Yeah!
Calorific Baby Yeah!

We finished our 30 day yoga challenge on Tuesday 18th February 2014. We’re going to get prizes for doing it like a t-shirt and discount on massage treatment which is AWESOME!!!! I swear we go to one of the best studios ever!!!  If you ever come to London, we couldn’t recommend this studio more!  Bikram Yoga Clapham Junction

The 30 day challenge ended up a challenge after all. Last week, I got my tooth pulled out and was under local anaesthesia for 6 hours so I wasn’t allowed to do any exercise. Then time of the month came so I had to take a few more days off.

We’ve also been stressing about my visa and ability to stay in the country for the last few weeks and although I haven’t mentioned it in my blogs (or to many people), it has taken up a lot of head space, time, money, energy and stressed us both out. On the Saturday just passed, we reached the epitome of stress levels with regards to this problem so this also took some time away from completing the challenge.

However, I was determined to finish which meant that I had to do a triple session on Sunday, a double on Monday and a double on Tuesday. That was 7 x 1.5hr Bikram Yoga sessions in 3 days. I can tell you I was completely exhausted by the end of it.  When asked “how do you feel?”  My answer was “like crawling home and sleeping for 3 days”.  Strangely I was energetic enough to stay awake until 3am for no reason other than to browse on the internet and it took me a while to get to sleep (even after eating 1500 calories in the form of KFC).   I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t believe what I’d accomplished in a few days and I just liked having that time to think of nothing and do nothing for the first time since Chinese New Year.

Part of sorting out the visa issue was to pass a test and I managed to study, do and pass the test all in amongst this mega yoga catch up too.  I completed and passed the “Life in the UK” test on Tuesday 18th February 2014. What a RELIEF!!  Without going into this in too much detail, I’ve been trying to get this test done since January 25th.  It’s a requirement for my visa application which is due this Friday or else I get kicked out of the country and banned from coming back for at least a year!!!

After all we’ve been through this month… and it’s only the 19th!!! I so want a t-shirt that says “I survived February 2014!”

Now for the icing on the cake… I entered a mini competition on the Facebook Page for Bikram Yoga Clapham Junction and I won a coconut water! Whoohoo!! So I enjoyed that in between one of my double sessions. It helped a lot!!


And on Monday, our teacher who is a Yoga Championship judge invited us to attend her advanced class. Then, the following day, our teacher who is World Yoga Champion asked if we’d be interested in attending his advanced class.  Double whoot!

Man… if we keep getting these sorts of results by doing 30 day challenges. I can tell you what…. we’ll keep doing them!!

What also needs a mention is that we went to the UK Yoga Asana Championships 2014 on Saturday and witnessed some pretty cool competitors.  Absolutely inspiring and amazing to see what the human body is capable of doing.


As much as I said that I was going to sleep for 3 days and as tired as I’m feeling from finally releasing all the stress I was holding in about the visa situation, it would feel weird not to  be in the hot room and not to do yoga for even a day especially when your practice improves so quickly over the 30 days and especially when you can see how minimal you’re doing in terms of what your body is actually capable of!  It’s a never ending journey but always improving, always changing, always challenging in body, mind and spirit :)!

Still having gummy problems. I took the antibiotics as prescribed, have brushed my teeth with the new fandangle electric toothbrush (which Tony researched like crazy and is really happy to have bought, the gum specialist/dentist also recommended it) with 2 different heads, cleaned with 4 different interdental brushes and cleaned my tongue with the orabrush (all twice a day). I’ve washed my mouth with salt and water, sometimes with oregano oil mixed into the salt water, between meals. I’ve also researched into “natural” ways for clearing up gum problems such as rubbing the gum with coconut oil but nothing is working and my gum is still swollen. WTF???? I seriously need help with this – I don’t really know what to do. I started on the “health reboot” because of my gum problem but nothing I’ve done has helped it, not even going to the dentist, going to a gum specialist and getting my tooth extracted helped! Then again, it’s only been a week since I’ve started this salt water treatment, 4 days since I started adding oregano oil and 2 days since I started rubbing the coconut oil onto the gum… so we’ll see if it goes away.  Doing things the “natural” way usually takes  longer so I may just have to exercise patience.  Having said that, the antibiotics (which is supposed to be immediate) didn’t work!!!

We juiced on the day of my tooth extraction and for a few meals after but we’ve been eating when we feel like and as much as we want as well.  I’ve been avoiding crunchy foods.

I also wanted to mention here however that I watched a section of an interview with Jay “The Juice Man” Kordich (Juicing legend in USA) and he was a football player, he juiced for 2 years straight, didn’t eat anything.. just had juice and he kept his football player physique (he’s now 91 and still as energetic and enthusiastic as ever).  In no way am I going to drink only juice for 2 years and no way I’d make Tony do this either.  I just thought I’d mention it because it puts 7 days of juicing into “perspective”!!

Don’t think we could “complete” this Health Reboot without giving you the final measurements for before and after… so here it goes:

Starting weights: J 47.5kg / T 64.5kg
Finishing weights: J 44.5kg / T 63.5kg

Measurements: Arm – Thigh – Waist

Joy Start:  27.5cm-50cm-72cm

Joy Finish:  26.5cm-48.5cm-69.5cm

Tony Start: 27cm-53.5cm-75cm

Tony Finish:  31cm-51cm-73cm

In all honesty, these numbers have shocked even us, like the fact that although Tony lost weight during the juice fast, his weight has  now evened out to his original weight.  He thought he’d have a hard time gaining weight back but he’s even gained 4cm around his arm/biceps!! I guess doing push ups for yoga are helping him and he’s getting enough protein even if we haven’t eaten that much meat!  On the other hand, I was convinced I’d just put all the weight back on after juicing because I’m the opposite of Tony and actually put on weight really easily but I haven’t!

So what have we learned by putting ourselves through this yoga 30 day challenge, juice fast and healthy eating regime for the last 6 weeks?
1. It doesn’t help with my gum problems
2. It does help with regulating weight and changing body shape
3. Although it seems quite a physical ordeal (not “eating”, doing lots of exercise… more than “normal”), neither of us have gotten the flu which has been going around causing many people we know to be bed ridden for days!  We also have quite a lot of energy for people who stay up until 2am most nights.
4. It definitely helps with dealing with major stress in life (to have energy and to release stress through yoga)
5. You don’t need dairy, wheat or meat to get enough protein or energy to get through a stressful, physically active and mentally exhausting month!
6.  Although this will be the end of my blogs for “Health Reboot” because I  said I’d report up until the completion of the 30 day challenge, this journey is like our yoga journey… never ending, always improving, always changing, always challenging in body, mind and spirit and something we will continue for life 🙂

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