Bikram Yoga Posture Progress Pictures: Full Locust Pose

So, we’re on holiday at the moment and eating for town and country.  We’ve probably eaten more in this one week than we have in the past month.

We’re also suffering with really bad, extremely slow, intermittent, Wi-Fi.  Making updates and even something as simple as reading emails extremely frustrating (writing emails and sending them even worse!)

I write this now knowing that there is a much higher possibility that this post will erase itself because I’ve dropped off the internet, than it actually getting posted.

However, for the purposes of maintaining some sort of structure and regularity with my blog posts, we have decided to stay home, battle with the slowest internet on earth and eat as much food as possible so we don’t have to pack and carry it all in our hands when we check out tomorrow.  Note I said hands, I am very aware that we have packed it and will be carrying it in our stomachs and perhaps love handles for the next week.

It’s a pretty good way to spend a rainy, chilly day.  Sitting in a lounge as big as our flat,

The lounge as big as our entire flat in London :)
The lounge as big as our entire flat in London 🙂

with a cup of tea, listening to the pattering of rain on the window, the birds still singing outside in the garden,

Our garden in the back of the cottage.  If we visit in summer, this would be a lovely place to have a picnic!
Our garden in the back of the cottage. If we visit in summer, this would be a lovely place to have a picnic!

while listening to the flickering of the flames and feeling the warmth of the fire inside.

Cosy Fireplace in our cottage
Cosy Fireplace in our cottage

Ahhh holidays, country retreats are awesome especially the West Country in England.  I really feel like a Hobbit and am loving it.

So now to the posture progress pictures.  Not once have we been able to do yoga this week – we’ve had many excuses.  Usually something like we’re too full, we’re too tired or it’s too late.  We’ll probably turn up to class next week looking like beginners and sitting out postures!

So Full Locust, “lift your arms like aeroplane wings and fly”.  Some teachers say to “fly like a 747” which always makes me think of that song “Let’s Groove Tonight”.  We have one teacher who has said to “fly like a G6” which is more current and makes me think of our holiday to LA because that was the song of the times.  We have another teacher who says to fly like an A380.  I don’t think I’ve flown in one of those before so I don’t yet have an association for that.

My favourite was when one of our teachers asked us to imagine that we were on the edge of a really high cliff with the sun beating down on us and the fresh cool ocean below.  “Now jump off the cliff and lift your arms and stick your chest out like you’re swan diving into the ocean, feel the wind on your face as you get closer to the water for 10, 9, 8……. 3, 2, 1 AND.. SPLASH!” Awesome 🙂
Sometimes I still imagine that as I lift up.

Here’s our progress.  Unfortunately we didn’t take pictures when we first started but following is an honest estimate of where we started (pictures on the top) vs where we are now (pictures on the bottom).

Poorna Salabhasana (Full Locust Pose)


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