40 Day Vegan & Raw Challenge has begun

Yes, it has begun (yesterday) and before you start yelling “you’re crazy”,  let me explain.

It’s 40 days of eating everything except for animals and animal products.  So, that means no eggs, dairy, meat or fish/seafood which isn’t a far cry from our previous health kick.  Since it’s a “challenge”, we decided to do it as long as lent (40 days) which will be the longest we would have abstained from such foods and to make it even more of a challenge, we’re eating raw.

That’s right, the knife, cutting board, blender and juicer will be our best friends, the stove and oven will get to rest.

After a brilliant holiday splurging and feasting and spoiling ourselves rotten we actually started to feel pretty rotten!  Examples – low energy, jittery and restless, poor concentration, lots of pimples, weight gain (also due to not doing any yoga for over a week), stiff backs, sore muscles and Tony’s stomach started playing up and he lost his appetite for a couple of days.  Hence the decision to get back into health mode.

Also, lent is supposed to be a time of fasting and abstaining from certain foods so we thought the timing was perfect.

Now, being people who eat pretty much everything and are adventurous with our food, this will definitely prove to be a very interesting challenge for us.

Our rules for our 40 day Vegan and Raw Challenge:

  • no eating of animals of any kind – that goes for all land, air and sea animals.
  • no eating of any animal products (no egg, no dairy, no beef drippings, goose fat, lard, no beef stock, chicken stock etc)
  • 80% of all food consumed must be in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables and must be eaten raw (uncooked)
  • 20% of all food consumed to consist of nuts, seeds and dried or “cured” fruits and vegetables (by “cured” I mean eg. mushrooms which have been sitting in lemon juice and olive oil for half a day)
  • Anything warmed up, must not be warmer than 48’C (118’F).  Raw foodists consider this to be the temperature at which you start to kill or deteriorate the nutrients that exist in the food you’re eating.

Exceptions to the rules:

  • Our pre-booked dinners and lunches to still go ahead.  We have prebooked engagements where we agreed to go out to dinner or lunch with people including farewells and seeing people we haven’t seen for a couple of years.  Therefore, we have not cancelled these events and will go to them.   So as not to turn up to a lunch/dinner and not eat or possibly offend the host by declining they’re cooking or making it difficult for the host by defining such a difficult menu, we will make an effort to be vegetarian when we can and like with our 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge, we will make up for it on another day.  So, if we eat 1 meal in a day that is not vegan or raw even if the rest of the day was vegan and raw, we will make up for it by adding another full day onto the end of the challenge so that we do actually complete 40 full days of vegan and raw eating.
  • Tea – we’re making an exception to the rule by having tea.  Pouring boiling water which is over and above 48’C onto anything is against the Raw Foodist’s rule of keeping live enzymes alive however we are making an exception to having tea because it is the only way we will be able to warm ourselves up when we’re cold.

As mentioned, we started this yesterday.  We had smoothie (banana and superfoods) for breakfast, juice (carrots, celery, cucumber, apple) for lunch and gazpacho for dinner.  For a first day, it was pretty good although I’m not sure if I would be able to cope with that for 40 days!!!  We also don’t have a very good blender or food processor nor do we have a dehydrator so with regards to the raw food, it will definitely be an interesting challenge!

If you’re curious about how we get on then check in next week and each week following to find out.  I’ll do an update with of course what we ate and the usual stuff like how we’re feeling, what we found difficult, what we’re enjoying, what we’re not enjoying etc.

40 Days, Vegan, Raw…… Challenge ACCEPTED!

See you next week!


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