40 Day Vegan & Raw Challenge: Week 1

OK so I was suppose to update you last Tuesday and give you the Day 1-7 breakdown of this vegan and raw challenge that we put ourselves on.

However, the challenge has proven more of a challenge than we expected and I apologise for the delayed post.

I have actually felt very drained and lethargic and instead of going to yoga and updating the blog last Tuesday, I actually went to bed in the afternoon, fell asleep for 4 hours and forced myself to get up for dinner, went back to bed after dinner and even after 8 hours more of sleep, couldn’t wake up the next morning,  as if I hadn’t slept at all.  I’d never felt so tired for a really long time.  Tony said that the bags under my eyes looked worse after my nap!!

How can one feel sleepier after having slept?  I did.

Anyway, I made the effort to make a video clip to update you on the challenge so that it would be faster but ironically, it’s taken longer because I was feeling so lethargic and also because I’m not familiar with talking on video, editing or even setting up the camera so it doesn’t keep running out of batteries, running out of memory space or falling down while I’m filming.

Anyway, here it is, the video and the update.  I rambled so the edited version is me cutting myself off and sounding like I’m not explaining anything at all.  I was also starting to go into a daze and started speaking slower after a while.  A symptom of not having enough energy to focus!

But rather than sitting here for another month perfecting it, I’ve posted it.  Better late than never and better something than nothing at all!

I aim to get the next update done and dusted faster than this one!  🙂


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