40 Day Vegan & Raw Challenge: Week 3

OK So my week 1 update was posted on Week 2 (incomplete) and my Week 2 update not posted at all.  Therefore, I am getting back on track with this Week 3 post.

Week 1 (Days 1-7) update is a video which I’ve been mucking around with for the last few weeks.  Tones has been researching various video editing tools that I can use that are user friendly and don’t require me to learn much or be too technical so the vid will be posted soon…. just very late.  Don’t wait in anticipation though, Week 1 was pretty boring.   Long and short of the story is that Week 1 proved to lessen energy levels to a point where I spent a lot of time dazed and sleepy and lethargic and missing yoga classes.

Week 2 (Days 8-14) update is that in the 2nd week, we pretty much wanted to call it quits.  Who eats cold food every day, 3 times  a day when the temperature drops to freezing?  I know some people do but it just doesn’t seem viable.  It seems pretty stupid actually.  All we wanted was some hot soup or something warm but no, instead we were stuck with raw vegetables and juice.  Add to this having various people tell us to just give up and stop because it was stupid and we almost gave in.

In Week 2 we went to a farewell lunch.  It was at a yum cha (dim sum) place.  We ate vegetarian but knowing that we were going to have to make up for this meal by adding another day to the end of the challenge, whether we ate vegetarian or meat, we decided to just eat the meat anyway.  On eating the prawn rice parcels, the taste of the prawn permeated through my entire mouth and I was like, “geez that’s strong”!  I told Tones what I tasted and he said “Yeah, it’s not fresh… at all”.  The experience eating the crab dumplings was pretty much the same, if not worse.  It was a strong crab taste but not a pleasant one like you could taste that the meat was old.  On eating the pork (char siu) rice paper rolls, I pretty much gagged at the amount of fat I tasted and decided not to eat any more meat that day.  “Pork Spare Ribs?” offered to me so kindly by  a friend and I had to politely decline.  “No thanks, I’m full.”  Was I full?  Not really, it was just that everything tasted dead, fatty, fishy or oily.  Tony was surprised at how little I ate.

We didn’t feel good after that either.  In fact, we felt awful enough to stay home.  We were tired, VERY tired and needed one of those food coma naps.   We didn’t take the nap, we just vegged in front of the TV watching a movie.

So did we stick to the diet?  Raw and vegan?  Yes, we went back to it the very next day and thank God we did because it helped us eliminate all the stuff we ate at dim sum within a few days.

Week 3 (Days 15-21) we were still on the raw and vegan.  We decided that we chose vegan, raw  for 40 days because this was going to be a challenge.  40 days of vegetarian would be a walk in the park.  40 days of vegan we thought would be an easy stroll which is why we added raw to the mix.

Giving up just because others said to would be accepting failure and defeat at a self imposed challenge.  The truth is nobody is making us do this… it’s just us.  It’s just 40 days.  It’s not for life and in the words of T. Harv Eker:  “How you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING”.

So we stuck to it.  In Week 3, we went to our friends place for dinner.  We hadn’t been to theirs for at least a couple of years and haven’t seen them since last year so it was nice.  These guys however are big meat eaters, great cooks and fabulous hosts.  As expected they put up a fantastic spread!  One of our exceptions on this challenge was this meal.  So, as per exception, we will make  up for this meal by adding a full day of raw and vegan to the end of our challenge.  And what an exception it was!! There was chicken, beef and pork, gravy (made with the pork drippings), creamy potatoes, some pasta and a buffalo mozzarella salad.  For dessert they had strawberries dipped in white chocolate, strawberries dipped in milk chocolate plus cheese and crackers.  There was also a lot of alcohol.  I finished one plate, many strawberries and 1/2 glass of Prosecco before going back to water.  Tony on the other hand ate 2 plates, had a couple glasses of Prosecco, whisky, many strawberries and a lot of cheese and crackers too.

We went home late and he mixed up our train changes and we ended up having to catch the bus home.  We had to change buses and ended up standing outside in the cold for almost an hour in the middle of the night.  We got home, ended up in an argument which kept us up until 4am and then woke up the next day to do a 2 hour advanced class of yoga.  I got home after that feeling completely knackered, spent all of Sunday sneezing and also pretty much sneezed all of Monday and didn’t go to yoga at all on either day.  I have officially caught my first cold since Feb last year.  So much for my glowing track record.

Tony is still ok.  His immune system is still strong.  What can I say?  He got a tummy upset when we were on holidays and I didn’t so I guess it’s my turn.

So there you have it, Week 1 was spent lethargic, Week 2 was improved due to the addition of juices to the diet where sometimes we were tired and other times energetic.  Week 3, my immune system was compromised.

We have now just started Week 4 (days 22-28) and I’ve started it sick.  You’d think eating that much fruit and veg is supposed to help you stay healthy but I think the main contributor to this is my not being able to raise my core body temperature when it drops so that I’m cold, I’m cold to the bone.

The upside is that I haven’t had a fever.  I’ve just been cold and sneezing a lot leading to a runny nose and extremely irritated sinuses leading to more sneezing.  Hopefully it gets better in a couple of days.


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