40 Day Vegan & Raw Challenge: Week 4

We fell off the wagon rather dramatically but we’re back on it again.

Week 4 (days 22-28) Oh the drama.

I started the week off sick and continued that way for 5 days at which point Tony got sick for 2-3 days.  Now… I hadn’t been sick for a year and Tony hadn’t been sick in forever and getting sick from eating loads of fruit and veg, in fact, more than we’d ever consumed before, was beyond our comprehension.  How was that possible?

I was sneezing every day for 5 days until the back of my throat and nose were raw and sensitive.  It was like I was on the verge of getting sick but didn’t get to the point of being sick (fever, phlegm etc).  It was like I had severe hayfever for 5 days!!  I didn’t even go to yoga for a few days to allow myself to rest.  When I did go, the humid, warm air, irritated the back of my nose during the breathing exercise and my nose kept leaking and running throughout the practice (so gross) and I was weak… very weak!

Tony hates me being sick.  It was as if I had the man flu for 5 days and he wasn’t having any of it.  He would get angry at me for not looking after myself such as not drinking the water, the tea, the juice etc. Then on Thursday, he woke up and his nose was blocked up and he was dizzy and couldn’t think clearly himself.   He finally knew what I was going through.  Luckily I was recovering already and could take care of him!  He was like that for another day or two.

That’s when we both decided, enough was enough and declared that we were “Not doing this raw thing ANYMORE!”  We were doing it for our health, not to make ourselves sick and there was no way we were going to continue doing something that made us feel like sh!t.

We watched a person on YouTube talk about how flu-like symptoms during a raw food diet is a sign of detoxing.  If you read and listen to enough raw food people, EVERYTHING is a sign of detoxing!!!

I thought my body “detoxing” 4 weeks into the raw food diet AFTER already having completed a 7 day juice fast previously was a bit of a farce.  After a few days, sure but after 4 weeks???  Hell no.  But now after some contemplation, I did get sick the day right after feasting on meat, alcohol and dairy (our meal exception to the challenge).  Hmmm….

Had my system really become so sensitive that I would get allergic reactions from eating non-plants?  Tony says my system’s like a Ferrari or an F1 car – so streamlined it needs only the best to function well.  Straight away it’ll know when something’s not right and will start warning me about it.

All well and good but I’d rather have a system like a Volvo.  When a Volvo gets into an accident, it comes out without a scratch while the other car is completely totalled.  Yup…. why can’t I be tough and resilient?  Who wants to have to shut down their engines just because of a little bit of debris?

Anyway, to get over our flu-like symptoms, we decided that we’d start eating a lot more HOT food.  We remained vegan but we couldn’t remain raw if we wanted to heat up our food!

Not having a dehydrator or a special machine to control the temperature, we just started cooking on the stove.  We roasted entire heads of garlic in the oven and ate them, we made soups, we ate hot crispy on the outside, soft on the inside potato chips, we made our own Chai Tea by boiling spices and since we weren’t on our “special” diet anymore, I got aubergines (eggplants) and okra and onions and cooked them too!!  I was so happy to have eaten those vegetables again!

Also, I love spaghetti and I got to cook some wheat free gluten free pasta.  I LOVED IT!!! Raw courgettes (zucchini) with sundried tomatoes just don’t cut it.  In fact, I’m really starting to hate the taste of it.  Cooked pasta and sauce beats raw courgette any day! I even cooked pasta and made raw sauce – that was good too!

We also decided to go out to a recently opened, local restaurant on the weekend.  Considering we both got sick so soon after eating a meaty meal, we kept away from the meat and instead chose fish, seafood or vegetarian meals.  It didn’t taste nice.  It is very strange what happens to the taste buds after eating only fresh vegetables and fruit for over 3 weeks and cooking fresh meals, everything else tastes sub-par, dead even.  This is the second time we’ve gone out, eaten seafood and it tasted fishy!  😦

We’re both better now and over our stuffy  noses so we’re back on the raw vegan thing all over again for Week 5.

I honestly thought that this week I was going to have to report that “WE FAILED” and just went back to normal eating again but the truth is, we were off the wagon and were allowed to eat whatever we wanted to get ourselves better and we chose to eat vegan!  Amazingly we didn’t feel like eating cheese or meat at all!  I didn’t even make chicken soup!

And without much coercion, we actually got back on the wagon again on Sunday and started eating raw.   Just like that!

No, it wasn’t some strange phenomenon.  We watched the movie called “Supercharge Me” where a woman went raw and vegan for 30 days and that was enough for us to get back to it.

Not sure which part triggered it.  Perhaps it was the fact that some lady REVERSED the growth of cancerous cells in her body to become completely healthy again with absolutely  no sign of cancer or the fact that most people who eat mainly fruits and vegetables are genuinely happy, healthy people.

Maybe it was seeing case study after case study of people on raw food diets having their cholesterol levels drop, blood pressure stabilising, internal fat disappearing (by internal fat I mean visceral fat which is the fat that gets deposited around the organs that you can’t see… much more dangerous than the fat you can see on your waistline!) and other ailments (chronic pain) disappearing.  It’s like magic!

Maybe it was the realisation that people are genuinely happy because they have energy and can magically heal themselves.  Maybe it was wanting to be one of those genuinely happy, magically healing human beings full of energy, that got us back on this wagon!

So Week 4 which I thought was going to be the end of our challenge, the week where we gave up, gave in, failed our own self imposed challenge and had to hang our heads in shame, turned out to be a turning point.

It’s looking more and more like we’ll probably be vegan for the rest of our lives!  Not 100%, maybe 80% 🙂  As for raw, maybe 50% 🙂

I’m just throwing numbers out there and leaving it open for us to eat cooked meals and the occasional fish, meat or dairy but for the most part we will be vegan and I’m actually shocked by this outcome.

If you were to tell either of us at the beginning of this year that we’d choose to be mostly vegan by April, we would have laughed at you and yet here we are!

We’ll see how we go this week.  No pressure on us though, I quite like seeing how we make decisions on our food when we’re not being so restrictive.

Will update you on Week 5 next week 🙂  See you then!

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