40 Day Vegan & Raw Challenge: Week 5

What can I say… we failed?

There wasn’t a lot of raw this week other than the first couple of days.  For the rest of the week we have had LOTS of fruit and veg but mostly cooked veg rather than raw.  At least 80-85% of all meals were vegan and the meals that weren’t vegan – we ate fish.

Our energy levels have been ok.  We’ve been tired but we think that’s mostly from sleeping very late and having to get up early the next day rather than what we’ve been eating.

We’re not as pepped up as when we were on juice only and we can feel food comas or a dulling of the brain after eating which is now very noticeable and it’s not fun at all!

On just juice, our energy levels were very high and VERY stable.  We had the same energy from when we woke up all the way to going to bed.  By comparison, now our energy levels are up and down with each meal depending on what we ate.

So weird that you can’t tell how awesome you feel until you feel like shit again but by then it’s too late because the awesome was before and the shit is now!  It’s like you’re not grateful for how lucky you are until you’re having an unlucky day or that you don’t realise you’re pain free until you start feeling pain again!

The other day my electric toothbrush kept flashing red.  That happens when you start pressing too hard against your teeth/gums with the toothbrush.  It hadn’t done this much before and yet it happened about 3-4 times during 1 brushing!  I realised after doing this a few times that I was applying really hard pressure with the toothbrush.

It hadn’t flashed red much before because I used to be quite gentle with the brush because my teeth and gums hurt a lot.  Now I was pressing really hard because I wasn’t feeling any more pain in the teeth and gums!  Can you believe it?  I was so used to feeling pain that I unconsciously started causing myself pain so it would feel normal!  Crazy right?

When I realised what I was doing, I stopped and made a conscious effort not to press so hard and thanked my lucky stars that I was actually pain free in my teeth and gums for the first time in years!

But what if my toothbrush didn’t flash red?  I’d just be causing myself pain and pushing really hard without even realising it and the next thing you know, my gums would be sore again.  It made me consider what else I might do this with.  ie what other areas of my life can I apply this to where I cause myself pain just so I can feel normal again?

It made me think about our raw/vegan diet.  Are our comatose feelings after each meal now that we’re eating cooked food again, the same as the toothbrush flashing red?

Are we going back to eating the same as before, so we can feel like we did before?  Do we just do things so we feel like what we are used to regardless of whether or not it’s bad for us?

With the toothbrush it’s easy to tell.  Red means too much pressure, green means OK.  What I feel in my mouth is separate to the non-biased machine that is measuring the amount of pressure I’m actually applying.  But we have no such machine to tell us whether our raw/vegan diet is good for us or not.

This week Tony also got the “Are you sure what you’re doing is good for you?” talk from caring family members.

So to reassure Tony’s concerned relatives and to allow for a separate tool to measure whether or not what we’re doing is good for us, Tony has agreed to go and see the doctor to get a general check up and I will go for one too.

We seem to have crossed the fence, to the other side, come back and sat on the fence.  The truth is, we don’t have proof that what we’re doing is good for us.  It could work for others but not us and when it comes to food or exercise, it can take YEARS to see what the effects are on our bodies.  By then, we could have caused irreparable damage.  The same theory goes for ANY DIET.  How do you know eating what you’re eating in the quantities you’re eating it is good for you?

What if it feels good now but leads to pain and sickness afterwards?  What if it feels good because it is good?  What if it feels bad now only to mean it’s going to feel awesome and be good for you afterwards?  What if it feels bad because it is bad?  How do you know?

So, this week we’ll both be getting a check up and we’ve promised to get a check up at the doctors every 6 months (if they let us) just to make sure all the blood work, cholesterol, blood pressure, bone density and whatever else they’d like to check etc is all OK.

In terms of diet, nothing’s set.  We’ve already failed with the whole raw thing so I’ll leave it open this week to allow ourselves to eat what we feel like.  I suspect it will still be mostly vegan 🙂

See you next week!


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