I went to the doctor and guess what he told me?

Guess what he told me?

He said, “Girl you better try to have fun no matter what you do…. ”

Nah, that didn’t really happen, that was just a song….

‘Cause NOTHING COMPARES…. Nothing compares… to you!

OK… enough of that.  You’re so lucky you only had to put up with reading my singing!

Anyway, I don’t usually go to the doctor unless I’m in severe pain or really at a loss as to how to fix myself.  I will try everything else first and only if they don’t work will I go to the doctor.

So last week was the first time I went to the doctor for what felt like absolutely no reason.

I went because we told Tony’s family we would get ourselves a check up.  Really it was meant to be Tony who was supposed to get a check up but like me, unless it’s something serious and causing him severe pain, he won’t really go to the doctor either.

I figured, if I do it, he’ll do it.  If he doesn’t, I have more leverage to get him to go, you know the lead by example theory?   At least if he goes, I’m sure the results will be OK and it will alleviate any concerns anyone might have about his health.

So off I went to the doctor.  I walked in and she asked me to take a seat.  She then sat there and smiled at me, waiting for me to say something.  There was a bit of an awkward silence.

Me:  “Umm… My husband and I have changed our diet recently and I was wondering if there was a test that could be done just to make sure I’m OK and not deficient in anything.”

She looked at me curiously.

Me: “We’ve become vegan.”

Doctor: “How long have you been vegan?”

Me: “Umm… 6 weeks.”

I felt like a right idiot.  6 weeks.  It’s not like I’ve been eating poison for 6 weeks.  I’ve had more vegetables than I’ve ever had in my entire lifetime in the last 6 weeks and it’s only been 6 weeks!!  We even ate fish and chicken during that time so it wasn’t even the whole 6 weeks!  Now I really felt stupid.  My face started turning red as I realised the ridiculousness of what I was asking which pretty much was, “I’m eating healthily, the healthiest I’ve ever eaten in my lifetime, I haven’t been doing it for very long and so I’d like you to check if I’m sick.”

Doctor:  “Well, 6 weeks isn’t really long enough to see if anything has changed.  As long as you’re eating, well… I mean, what are you eating?”

Me: “Vegetables, fruit….., seeds…………., nuts………………………………, grains………………. rice…….”

With every word, my face went redder, I could feel my ears going red and I started sweating.  The doctor was just staring at me, nodding and with every word, her smile getting wryer.  I was so embarrassed.

She smiled at me as if to say, “So, you want me to check if you’re OK because you’re eating vegetables?!”  She didn’t say anything, she remained silent and started clicking things on the computer.

In my embarrassment, I started fidgeting and said “Well, I don’t know, I guess it’s just to see whether or not I’m calcium deficient or something.”

Doctor: “OK, how about we do a blood test to check if you’re anemic and we’ll test to make sure you’re not calcium deficient.  OK?  Are you OK with that?”

Me: “Yes, that’s good.  Thank you!”

To make my visit to the doctor more “worth it”, I did ask for a referral to a physio for my hip/leg pain and she sent me to get an x-ray just to check the bones first.

So, this week, I got my blood sample taken and x-ray done.  I also managed to get Tony to book in the doctor for next week!  Results still to come…


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