Bikram Yoga: Before and After 2 Years!

Tones and I have officially been practicing Bikram Yoga for 2 years now 🙂

By that I mean, we have practiced Bikram Yoga, regularly, with spells no longer than 1 week without, for the last 2 years.

We’ve reached that point where it has become a very important part of our lives.  So important, we’d not feel right without it.  Before, it was just something we did because we enjoyed it.  It was exercise that we could go to together and it helped me lose weight and feel better about  myself.  Now, it’s a necessity and completely integrated with our lifestyle.

Any appointments or commitments we have are all worked around the yoga timetable!  If we skip yoga the whole day, just so we can go to an event, it’s a big deal!

Even our diet is worked out around yoga.   What type of juice we’re having, when we eat, what we eat is all for the purpose of feeling good in class and improving stamina and endurance for doubles, triples or advanced (as much as we can anyway).

We’re getting a lot out of practicing yoga or we wouldn’t keep doing it.  The advantages you’d probably think would be things like weight loss, relaxation, meditation, flexibility and you’d be right.  However, there is so much more to it than that which is what keeps us going.  For example:


When you first start and you can’t touch your toes because your rolls of fat are in the way, seeing others looking so skinny and bendy, it feels impossible that you’ll ever be like them.  You dream of the day you’ll be able to be so bendy and think it will be never… then as if all of a sudden, time passes and just by going to classes regularly, you’ve become the bendy person!

And a new question arises…What else is possible?

Improvement / Challenge

No matter how awesome you think you’re doing a posture, there is always that one step (usually about 50) further you can go, more that you can tweak, more that you can learn.  There is continuous improvement in strength, balance, flexibility, technique. It’s never ending.  It’s your own personal quest with infinite levels of achievement!

Character Building

There is so much you can tell about yourself just by the way you practice.  From how hard or little you push, how much you fidget, how easily you give up, to how focused and determined you can be.  You witness yourself change.

Applicable to life

As T. Harv Eker put it, “How you do anything, is how you do EVERYTHING!” and it is very true with yoga.  How you are in that room, is an insight into how you operate in every day life.

Oh there’s so much more and with that, here are the pictures.

The improvements are no longer as evident physically (body shape wise) since after 100 classes.

We’ve both hit our lowest weights and are maintaining it there.

Joy's weight
Joy’s weight

I must admit I wish I could find a way to get rid of fat armpits but they seem to like hanging around (quite literally).

The improvements are now mostly mental.  We are now developing the belief and faith that we can do certain postures.  Sometimes it is the strength to build or the flexibility to obtain but other times, all it is, is faith.  Not that it can be done because we have many examples of postures being done… but belief and faith that we can do it.


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