Rasa Sayang

We’re currently juicing again.  Surprise surprise.
Not hugely strict or following the juice plan from the book this time.  We are still having our superfood smoothies in the morning, juices for the rest of the day and eating fruit.  After 1 day, it’s been pretty good in terms of energy levels and the bags under my eyes (although still there) are no longer dark circles!

But I thought I’d use this time of fasting to talk about the feasts we’ve had.  So stay tuned for all our eating out pictures!

Today, I mention my most recent visit to Rasa Sayang, a Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant in London.

We were introduced to this restaurant by a Malaysian friend many years ago and we loved it and have taken a few people there on a number of occasions throughout the years.  Nasi Lemak, Beef Rendang and Teh Tarik were our regular and favourite orders.  However, the restaurant became popular and crowded, the prices went up and the portions went down so we stopped going to this restaurant as often.

It had been a long while since we went (at least a year) and so I thought it was due another visit so  I went to dinner there with a friend about a month ago.

Now keep in mind that our diet has changed immensely since the days of us feasting at Rasa Sayang.  Back then we ate everything and we ate a lot.  Now, we’re juicing, eating raw vegetables and limiting our dairy, egg and meat intake to barely nothing.

So what I’m about to say is not about the flavour or quality of the food but my new experience since making huge changes to my diet.

Of course, to reminisce, I ordered Beef Rendang.  Plus they had this new deal which was a set 3 course meal for £13.90 which included the Rendang so I thought, what they hey… but I TOTALLY regretted my decision as soon as the dish was put on the table.

Firstly, I thought it would be small (it probably was) because I knew the portions had reduced but to me it looked like half a cow.

Beef Rendang

The set meal came with wontons which I normally enjoy and I expected them to be small (they probably were) but to me it was like eating large balls of pig… and I could actually taste that it wasn’t the best part of the pig that I was eating and I was just hoping that I actually wasn’t literally eating the large balls of a pig.

Won Ton

Seriously what the hell was I thinking?  For the first time in my life, I looked at my food and panicked because there wasn’t any green (or any colour other than brown for that matter)!  I ate it because I ordered it and it did still taste nice but my body did not like it one bit and nor did my psyche!

My dessert was green…..


The next day I was aching all over and the guilt of putting my body through pain for the sake of my taste buds when I knew better, wasn’t good either!  It seems eating just meat is not really something I enjoy doing anymore.

At this stage in our eating habits, that dish would be great for sharing among many.  A tiny morsel each and the rest vegetables would be perfect.  Next time I have to eat a dish by myself, I’m definitely going to order seafood or vegetables only!

Summation?  The Teh Tarik is still good.  The Beef Rendang is still tasty just not so if you’ve become more vegetarian 😉

They have plenty of vegetable dishes and all of them from memory taste good 🙂 and as much as I said the prices went up and the portions went down, you still get a decent sized meal for the price you pay.  Evidence is in the fact that the restaurant is still frequented by many.


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