When it comes to “Tony & Joy”, I can’t figure out whether we nullify each other or if we have found balance.

I’d like to think balance however, that would entail both of us feeling supported while being supportive, equal and opposite, bending and stretching simultaneously.

When I think of us, I can see that we each hold different pieces of the puzzle to make the picture whole  but it’s like we both put the pieces of the puzzle on at the same time, or sit and look at the incomplete picture at the same time rather than taking turns.

Instead of balance we go all out stretching in the same direction (instead of equal and opposite).  We all know in yoga what happens when you do such things…  You fall over or you hurt yourself.


Tony is naturally flexible and needs to work on strength, Joy is naturally strong and needs to work on flexibility.

Eyesight – Tony is short sighted, Joy is long sighted.

When fat – Tony is bottom heavy, Joy is top heavy.

Tony is tall, Joy is short.

Tony is naturally skinny, Joy is naturally chunky.



Tony is the realist, Joy is the idealist.

Vision – Tony will think of a year to 10 years from now whereas Joy will think of the next 5 mins – 1 hour).

Tony’s interests lie in history, technology, cars, rockets and finance. Joy likes biology, psychology, animals, dance and nature.

Tony thinks, Joy feels.


Astrology: Tony is Leo, Joy is Sagittarius

Mayan: Tony is a Blue Storm and Joy is a Yellow Sun

Chinese:  We be dragons


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