Fun with Tony’s cousin and nieces

Tony’s cousin visited London approx 3 months ago and we wanted to post some pictures but certain priorities got in the way of that, so here are the pics… late.

At lease we got to spend some time with her and her girls over a weekend and it was fun.

On the Friday, we met up with them for dinner, the first time we’d seen them in 4.5 years!  Time sure flies!  From seeing the pictures of them growing up on Facebook, I imagined they’d be really tall.

Especially walking around London, I often get 7-8 year olds walking near me who are all my height or taller but on meeting the girls I realised that little people like me still exist in this world!  Yay!  Wonderful things come in small packages and these little ones were proof of that.  They were gorgeous, well behaved, intelligent, vibrant and happy girls and the best part was that they were children, the size of children!

We went to Roast Restaurant at Borough Markets and had this meal.  The girls enjoyed fish’n’chips and their very first Eton Mess.

A quick catch up dinner and a late night for the girls had them soon comfortable with “Uncle Tony” and joking around with their fake funny accents saying “Goodnight lah!  See you tomorrow lah!” cracking up the taxi driver before they even got into the cab.

The next day, Tony went to see Wicked with them and I then met up with them all afterwards to go to “Afternoon Tea” at the Langham Hotel, organised by Tony’s cousin’s friend.  I put that in inverted commas because the sitting was at 7.30 pm which isn’t exactly the afternoon.  And so it was, that we had sandwiches, tea, scones with clotted cream and jam for dinner.

I didn’t catch it on video but we had such a laugh when the girls went for the Eton Mess dessert (which was served in a long popsicle-like plastic tube) and were trying to figure out how to eat it!

The funny thing was that each adult would suggest ways to eat it, the kids would follow the instructions and the dessert would remain in the tube inaccessible!

“Eat the whole thing!” – The tube was actually plastic.  Oops!

“Sip it from the top!” – The contents of the tube although liquid was too thick to sip out.

“Maybe use the straw thing on the bottom and suck it out from the bottom!” – The straw was actually dipped into sugar and resulted in the girls breathing in a lot of sugar but no Eton Mess!

And finally after some twisting and turning, one of them pushed the straw up from the bottom and the dessert came out of the top!

And then Uncle Tony says…. “Oh! Put your mouth over it so it doesn’t spill and push the straw all the way up!” and one of the girls, following instructions immediately and to the letter, ended up with her cheeks puffed out and her whole mouth full of dessert, eyes wide open from the shock of having the entire contents of the tube emptied into her cheeks!  It had us all laughing our heads off!  In the midst of all our giggling we were all trying to make her stop laughing so she wouldn’t end up spitting out the dessert all over us!

Ahem… Langham! High Tea!  Oh behave!   What a riot!

The next day, we spent the day with them at Greenwich.

What do you do with so much grass, so much space, so much sun?
What do you do with so much grass, so much space, so much sun?

What happens when you have sun, beautifully manicured grass, a hill and children?  You end up having a picnic and then playing tag and doing back bends… of course!!

London Bridges with Uncle Tony

London Bridges with Uncle Tony - back bending in Greenwich
London Bridges with Uncle Tony – back bending in Greenwich

These kids were amazingly flexible and so energetic that they did cartwheels, one handed cartwheels, splits, bridges, walking bridges, rolled down the hill, ran, played tag, attempted multiple hand stands, danced around and all sorts.  It really did make me feel old!  I just let Uncle Tony do all the stunt work and I just took photos and videos.

IMG_7545 IMG_7553 IMG_7559

At the end of the day, we were completely knackered and aching!  Who knew?  And I didn’t even do anything except take pictures!!

Here we are doing yoga thinking we’re keeping ourselves young and then realising, nope, we’re not young, we’re old, we’re just unsuccessfully attempting to slow the ageing process!  There was no keeping up with those little pocket rockets / energiser bunnies but we sure tried!

It was so fun spending time with them!  Of course it was also lovely catching up with their mum and even better, absolutely no back bending was required to do that!



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