Family: T&J’s 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary a couple weeks ago doing the following:

Tony got me these lovely flowers from the same place we got our wedding flowers from, Ultra Violet.  Apparently these guys get their flowers fresh every single day from Holland!!!


I made home made, natural hair wax for him (which will probably now last him for a year!) with beeswax we got from the local honey shop, The Hive Honey Shop and coconut oil.  Ah the wonders of coconut oil.  You can do so much with it!!!

We went to ChiSou in Knightsbridge for dinner and even hired a car for the night so I didn’t have to walk all the way to the bus stop in the cold and in heels.

Usually, I would wear flats otherwise, Tony would encourage me to wear flats to save my back but as it was a special occasion, the vintage boots came out.  By vintage I mean, they were my mum’s boots back in the 1970’s.  She gave them to me some time, 3-5 years ago and although I had to get them fixed before I could wear them, these 40 year old boots are still kicking!  They did make things to last back then didn’t they?

The restaurant was great.  The service was really slow.  Apparently they had lots of new staff and as much as you could order “hot” or “cold” dishes, the “hot” section of the kitchen got most of the orders that night and ended up very behind.

It was all very forgivable though because as slow as the service was, the atmosphere in the restaurant was great, the table staff were friendly and most importantly, the food was perfect when it arrived.

3 years 🙂

It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re older.  I’m just grateful for everything we’ve been through together, all the time we’ve spent together, all the hugs, the kisses, the chats, the arguments, the sickness, the sorrow, the losses, the wins, the stresses, the holidays, the times with very little, the times of abundance, all the yoga, the crazy “diets”, it has all been a journey of learning and growing together and boy have we had fun through it all.  There’s no-one else I’d rather live those moments with.  Even with all the ups and downs, life together keeps getting better every single year.

Thank you for a wonderful life!

I love you Tony ❤


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