Bikram Yoga: Headstand Breakthrough

Michelle:  Hey  Sindy, have you met Tony & Joy?
Sindy looking like she’s flipping through her mental Rolodex for any sign of recognition of us and coming up with naught.

Me wanting to save her time:  No, I’ve only ever done one of your classes and Tony hasn’t done any of your classes at all.

And so the conversation went which then eventually led to….

Sindy:  I can show you how to do a headstand if you like.

Me: Yeah!  Alright then!

Seriously, if any teacher is willing to take time out just to give me tips to help me improve or do something I’ve never done before, why wouldn’t I accept that?  OF COURSE you can show me!!!!

So…. she got into headstand in 2 different ways, showed me one demonstration of each and gave me the opportunity to try the one I’d be more confident doing.

Sindy:  Go on, I’ll spot  you!

Me:  OK

She kept giving me instructions as I went into it and the next thing you know…..

The only pictures of the moment because Tones wasn't prepared with camera in hand until Michelle prompted him to "Take a picture! Take a picture!!!"
The only pictures of the moment because Tones wasn’t prepared with camera in hand until Michelle prompted him to “Take a picture! Take a picture!!!”

Who woulda thunk it?  I’ve been using a wall while staring at a mirror every single time I’ve attempted this.  I can’t believe I did it!  Without the mirror, without a wall.

What a friggin’ legend.  I’m not talking about me here… I’m talking about Sindy.  I’d barely met her bar that one class I did of hers  at least 1.5 years ago and after meeting her for 5 mins she got me doing a headstand!

I did a headstand!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Definitely a breakthrough.


Now, I just have to practice and make sure I can do it again… I failed at my second attempt.  Partly because I was so excited I stopped concentrating on what I was doing and just wanted to rush right into it and partly because I was tired and couldn’t keep myself up.  So, it’s now time to concentrate… meditate and practice practice practice 🙂

Notes: Using NLP to analyse this situation, my learning strategy is actually in the order V, A, K, Ad.  So I learn best when presented with information in that order (mix up the order and I will not process the information as quickly).  Sindy actually taught me using my learning strategy!  She showed me what I was supposed to do (V) while talking (A) through it.  Then, she got me to do it (K) while giving me detailed instructions (Ad) and so… I learned!!!  I’ll say it again…

What. A. Legend!

It did help that I had enough strength and flexibility to get into it, I’m not so sure any amount of sticking to my learning strategy would get me into a King Pigeon pose that quickly for example… but you know, one step at a time eh?

So… thank you to Sindy for helping me with my headstand and thank you to Michelle for getting her to come over and talk to us and telling Tones to take a picture!!  And of course, thank you to Tony for taking the picture.  Wouldn’t have had the breakthrough or the evidence without all of you! 🙂


Sindy is now teaching at BYCJ on Sundays at 08:30am.  Tones and I are looking forward to doing one of her classes again!  If you’re in the area, make sure to come along and we’ll see you there!


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