Planning our Bikram Yoga challenge for 2015

Is it just me or is every day feeling like it’s even shorter than the one before?  And I’m not even talking about the amount of time the sun is out.  Goodness knows I am ever grateful to see the sun out at 4pm rather than it already having gone to bed and seeing twilight at 3.30pm!!  Yes, daylight hours are getting longer but I feel like my list of things to do at the end of each day is longer than the list I had when I first woke up!

So I’m keeping it short today, just writing to say hello really and keep the routine because these blogs have become slightly irregular lately.

We’ve been listening to Dr John Demartini and he always says to “Get rid of the low priority things and only concentrate on high priority activities”.  I’m listening but I don’t think it’s quite sinking in!

Either that or I haven’t taken the time to distinguish what is a high priority activity vs what is a low priority activity!  I think it would be the latter.  Says a lot about planning doesn’t it?

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

So, now that we’re into February and all those New Years Resolutions have had the time to float out the window…. what have you planned for the rest of your year?

How has your 2015 been so far?

After having written a nice long email to a really good friend of mine, I realised just how happy I am with our 2015 thus far.

Last year at about this time I was in limbo with whether or not I could even stay in the UK (visa problems) along with the stress and worry of knowing that my mum was going to die.  As I’d mentioned to my friend, compared to the kind of year I had last year, anything else would be better than that!

Last year we challenged ourselves with our diets and also did a 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge.  This year, Tones, along with another BY regular at our studio, has come up with a challenge to top that.  30 day Challenge?  Pfft we laugh in the face of 30 day challenges!! 😉  I’m joking btw… anyone doing a 30 day challenge is rocking it!!  Even we’re not doing a 30 day challenge this year ’cause we’re too lazy to make that commitment!!

Anyway, this weekend we’ll be planning our BY Challenge for 2015 a little better so it’s more than just an idea and we can get some activity/action steps to making it real.  We want to raise money for charity doing this one.  Announcements and updates will be made in the coming weeks so stay tuned!!


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