First Ever Forrest Yoga Class

After all the back bending and inversions of the Dharma Mittra class, this was like doing the complete opposite.

We had zero backbends and zero inversions. The focus was on keeping the hands and feet active while relaxing the neck.  The Vinyasa flow was still there, so were the binds and the twists but we had to keep our necks relaxed.

We did hip opening postures and again, had to keep our necks relaxed.

So strange and it sounds a lot easier than it was!  Who knew how much we actually use our necks!!  In the spinal twists, we usually lead with the eyes (where the eyes go, the body will follow), so the whole spine including the neck twists.  Here, we had to twist everything except the neck.  In triangle, we usually look up towards the hand that’s reaching for the ceiling, here… I actually don’t know where I was supposed to look but it wasn’t up because I had to keep my neck untwisted and stretching towards the shoulder of the arm reaching towards the floor.

It was a slow paced class with some flow but it felt more like the teacher was choosing postures haphazardly as we went along.  Perhaps she was tailoring the class to suit the pregnant lady at the back or maybe the fact that there were quite a number of us new to Forrest Yoga or because she was just substituting for the normal teacher but whatever it was, it did feel a little slow.

Surprisingly as much as I hate backbends I actually noticed that they were missing completely in this class and I was disappointed that we didn’t do any!  How about that, I must have grown some love for the backbends after all!! Hahahaha  Don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, right?!

I did learn a new pose in this one.. Turbo Dog.  What a name.  Anyway, it’s good for building upper back and arm strength.  I couldn’t hold that for longer than 4 breaths before my arms started shaking!!  It’s like a downward dog except your elbows are bent (and off the floor) and your shoulders more rounded in. Turbo Dog It is interesting to see all the different variations of yoga.  They’re the same postures just done slightly differently and in different sequences. I wonder why there have to be so many different paths leading to the same place.  I guess it’s up to us now to choose our preference.

Would we do this one again?  Probably not as often as the others.  We sweat the least in this class than any other and I guess, Tones and I both like to feel like we’ve worked hard in a class.  This class was also the only one where we didn’t feel that yoga high (or yoga low which is often the case with me after a Bikram class where I feel completely shattered). This one however, did feel like it opened up the hips a bit and after class I felt like I had more circulation in my legs, more than any other yoga I’ve done so that was definitely a benefit.

I’m quite enjoying trying all the different classes and types of yoga and am learning so much!  Most of all, I enjoy just learning how amazing the human body is and all it is capable of doing.  Each of us is definitely in ownership of the best piece of technology in the world.  The human body is an amazing machine!

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