Our Eventful April 2015

Well it’s all happening here at the MCG! as Mr Bill Lawry put it.  Our April has been quite eventful and it hasn’t even finished yet.

1.  I got sick/flu (and it’s been the first time since Aug/Sept last year) and had a fever only a couple of days before our visitors arrived
2.  Tony’s cousin is visiting over 2 weekends
3.  Our friend from Australia is visiting in the same week as Tony’s cousin
4.  The boiler broke and we’ve been without heating or hot water (while I’ve been sick) for 4 days and counting
5.  The string on the blinds broke only a couple of days before I got sick
6.  The filter on the water filter needs replacing as of yesterday
7.  Tony got a new job (starting next month)
8.  It’s tax season
9.  We started eating meat again
10.  Royal Mail is letting me down

Alright, so let me cover those points here.  We’ll start with the last point –  the number of sales we’ve had compared to “I haven’t received my item” queries that have come in leaves me feeling not so happy Jan!  I have spent more time doing customer service in the last few weeks than I’ve had to do over Christmas when we’ve had 10 times more sales.  I tell you what, dealing with one complaining customer takes up way more time than packing and shipping 20 sales and I have had to deal with so many customers this month.  Not sure why so many things have gone missing in the post.

The sickness and the visitors – pretty self explanatory.  I’ve gone out with them despite feeling feverish or tired and we have enjoyed ourselves immensely of course.  Even with going out in the cold and eating everything we tend to avoid (sugar, wheat, dairy, meat, alcohol etc) I’m still recovering nicely from my cold.  I’ve got to say that I cannot be anything else but happy with that.

Crazy that the boiler AND the blinds broke within a week of each other.  The string on the blinds snapped, we can no longer pull it up and down and as it sits near the stove, we just took it down completely so it doesn’t get dirty every time we cook.  The kicker is it’s cold.  Having such a large window exposed lets the cold in but because the boiler’s broken, we can’t turn on the heaters.  We have no heating, we have no hot water.

It’s been 4 days because it took 1 day to sit and wait for Tony to get home to see if he could fix it.  It took another day (day 2) to find someone and get them to come in.  When the engineer arrived (day 3), he wouldn’t touch it because of “health and safety issues”.  I took that afternoon to call around again and now waiting for someone to come in again (day 4).  I tell you the health and safety problem  is having me sick, living in the cold with no hot water or heating.  As it is, I’ve been boiling water in a pot on the stove so I can wash my face.  Again, the fact that I seem to be recovering from my flu quite well despite having no heat or hot water for 4 days makes me very impressed with my immune system.

So onto our beloved water filter which filters 5L of water at a time – it’s a big one and it gets through 900L before you have to replace it. It ain’t that cheap to replace the filter but the cost will even out throughout the year.   Considering all the expenses this month, the filter could’ve gone out next month right?  No… since yesterday it’s been flashing a big red light at me to tell me that it’s time to be changed.   Yup, just add that to the tab… thanks.

All this during tax season too.  Granted, we don’t have to complete all our tax returns right away but I have had to pay accountant/tax bills this month and Tones has started staying up at night catching up all the finances and recording incomings and outgoings for our business (there’s a lot to catch up on).

He’s been doing that because he will be starting his new job in less than a month and he knows he won’t have much time to do much else once he starts it.

So it’s all happening.  It seems this month is the month for expenses, sickness, hard work and celebration.  I know, I know.  There are many of you out there who have to deal with all this and more and most of your problems and expenses are MUCH bigger (thank God). I know you can’t grow if you don’t have problems and none of the problems we have aren’t solvable, so it’s all good, they’re just a pain in the arse when they exist all at the same time.  I suppose it’s better this way.  At least we had 6 months of calm before this storm.

I’m sure by next month, we’ll be happy as Larry.  Afterall, Tony got the job he really wanted and we have been able to spend time with family and friends who we don’t see for years at a time.  We also have many excuses to try out all the new places to eat because we’re going out with them.  I’ve also started implementing a new way to work and be more efficient in my life and after about 4 weeks so far, I’m really happy with how it’s working out because despite all that’s been going on, I actually have managed to juggle and sort it all out.

Yoga has been put on the back burner a lot this month and yes we started eating meat again.  It seems there is a high correlation between the amount of yoga we do vs the amount of meat we eat.  The more yoga, the less meat and vice versa.  Interesting.

OK vegans, stay on your high horse.  I’ve made my peace with eating meat.  We’re still keeping it to a minimum but we’re not vegetarians, vegans or raw unless we’re detoxing.

And that pretty much sums up the month that isn’t over yet.   Here’s to the final week of April!  Bring it on!


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