Outdoor Gym Apparatus… and Yoga

The council has recently installed a whole lot of outdoor gym apparatus for joggers and exercisers to utilise in the parks.  There are various stations spread throughout the common.

Some had kiddies playing on them which I was concerned about.  My concern was unfortunately confirmed as we were walking towards the exercise station.  We witnessed a toddler trying to climb onto an adjustable hurdle and in so doing, she pulled the hurdle towards her and the bar completely fell onto her, leaving her parent dropping the buggy they were so intently focused on folding and running to her aid.  There are children’s slides and climbers etc everywhere.  Why let your kid (especially at 2 or 3 years old) climb onto adult apparatus without you supervising them?  URGH!  Poor baby probably has a big red bump growing off her head now.  Lucky for her parents, kids are hardy, resilient and fast healing!

Can you believe that there are hurdles in the park?  You can actually practice jumping hurdles and change them to 3 different heights to increase difficulty.  There were parallel bars, chin up bars, sit up bars and log stairs for running up and down on.  In another section closer to us, they have even installed rowing machines, bikes, cross trainers and other gym equipment – it’s an outdoor gym and it’s free!  I’m quite excited about that knowing I could just pop along and use those exercise machines at any time.  Now just waiting for the weather to get warmer (haha sounds like an excuse doesn’t it? It is… I hate the gym and strangely putting it in the park only made it mildly more attractive).

So what do 2 people who just ate lunch, aren’t dressed for exercise, casually taking a stroll home from the restaurant (and do no other exercise but yoga) do when they see outdoor training apparatus?

Well, try out the apparatus of course!  It’s amazing but not one person would walk directly past the exercise station.  They’d all walk through it, intrigued by its very existence and then attempt to do chin ups!

We tried doing L-sits while lifting ourselves up on the parallel bars.  Try was the operative word, neither of us were very successful and quite upset with our lack of core strength, especially for people who do so much yoga.

We hung off the chin up bars to stretch the spine and pull the shoulders.  Neither of us actually did chin ups, we just hung.  I for one knew that I lack considerable strength required in the arms to pull myself up so I didn’t even bother trying.  Hanging was tough enough.

I walked up and down the log stairs… simple enough, didn’t run though, not my thing.

We attempted multiple times to walk across the sit up bars (as if they were tightropes) to test our balance.  That was fun, we could do that!  Yay balance!  Though I don’t think that’s what the sit up bars were meant for.

And… after enjoying success with balance, we started doing yoga postures of course!  We couldn’t help ourselves.  Even in jeans / trousers that were not that giving, we still attempted a couple of balancing sticks, and tree stands on blocks, off the ground!

Tony Balancing Stick in the Park WP_20150510_18_01_26_Pro

Each balancing posture we tried,  I found much easier than Tones.  I think his foot was too big for the block to get the right balance!

So, since I was finding it so easy, he challenged me to do Toe Stand, on the block, off the floor with no ground to put my hands on for balance or to help me get into the posture.

I took on the challenge but  I’ve always used the floor to get into this posture.  So, this attempt occurred with much yelling and screaming:
Me:  “Help me, no come closer!  Closer!  Ahh!  I’m gonna fall!”
Me after wobbling about:  “I can’t do it!  Come closer!  I can’t do it!”
T:  “Yes you can!”
Me:  “No I can’t, Catch me in case I fall! Come closer!”
T:  “I AM close!”

I actually managed to get into the posture by myself.

It was ungraceful, ugly, noisy, arms flinging everywhere and I was super annoyed at Tones for standing so far away so I had to rely completely on my fear of falling to keep me up.

It’s one of my favourite postures but attempting this on a block off the ground with the possibility of falling onto the pole forwards or falling in any other direction onto the ground which was way lower than normal  was not a fun prospect.  I’m surprised with all those thoughts, that I managed even a moment of stillness but more impressed that Tony managed to capture that second of stillness on camera!

Joy Toe Stand Block

Yup, I’m hovering off the heel!  Whoot!  Who knew a few inches off the ground could feel like metres!!

After that ordeal, I got Tony to attempt one of his favourite postures.  It wasn’t as full of drama but then again, it’s not his style and his posture does involve all 4 limbs pressing on terra firma!  He even managed a smile!

Tony Wheel Hurdle Park


Apparently this was not so comfortable for him.  I told him when he gets better, we’ll put the hurdle up one more level.  Right now as you can see, it’s on the bottom rung.

He told me that the next time, I have to do a toe stand on the top of this hurdle pole.

I guess this is one way to make posture progress pictures more interesting!

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