Another one of those days….

So what do you want to hear about?  ’cause if you don’t tell me, I’ll just ramble on about something you couldn’t care less about or go on a rant about some random event.

Like today.  It was a beautiful day.  The first day I’d gone out and not needed a jacket during the day, this year.  The sun was shining, there was still a cool breeze.  People were out and about.  It was nice.

However, when I was walking home from the shop, some guy yells “Excuse me!” as I was crossing the road.

When I got to the other side, I looked at him.  He starts waving at me and gesturing me to come over (ie cross the road I’d just crossed, back over to where he was.  He wanted me to go over to him).  I have no idea who he was, he wasn’t carrying any pamphlets, notepads and he didn’t have any badges / ID’s like people who collect for charity do… nothing.  It was just him and his gesturing.  I had no idea what he wanted, he didn’t say anything else, he just kept smiling and waving like an idiot.  So I ignored him and kept on walking.

He reminded me of this guy who used to sit in a pick up truck and wait for me to come out of the train station on my way home from school.  He used to always park his car just outside the station then look at me like he knew me, smile like crazy, wave and gesture me to get into the car.  I would’ve been 13, the guy would’ve been in his 30’s – 40’s.

He used to do it every afternoon and every afternoon I’d have to ignore him and all the stares I’d get from people and I’d just keep on walking.

Every day, I’d think about how many school girls he did this to and how many were stupid enough to get in the car.  One time, just because there was a crowd at the bus stop that I had to walk around, I ended up walking quite close to his car and he hurriedly got out, walked around and opened the door for me.  I just walked faster so he looked like he was excitedly opening the door…. for nobody.  What a d*ckhead.  If I didn’t get into his car the first 10 times, why the hell would I do it then or any time?

A few times, I’d walk next to random adults until I got past his car.  Of course the adults would look at me like “Why are you walking so close to me?” but they’d be fine once I increased the distance, after we’d passed the car.   There was this one woman who, I did that to and if she ever caught the train and came out at the same time as me again, would always wait for me and walk between me and the car but she wasn’t there all the time.  We never exchanged words but she understood.

This guy today, had the same f*cked up smile and the same wave as that pickup truck guy.

Because I looked at him and then kept walking, he yells “Nee How!” but says it with a mocking tone.  Almost like, “Oh you don’t speak English? OK, I’ll speak to you in YOUR language.”

I keep walking, don’t acknowledge him.

He then yells something else, probably another Asian country’s greeting and it is at this point that I have to stop myself from flipping him the bird.  You know, the universal language for “F*ck off!” The one that transcends all language barriers?

I keep walking.  He finally stops.  Obviously whatever it was, was not that important.

The event replays in my mind and I start to get pissed off.  He totally ruined the beautiful day.

Firstly, if you have nothing to say after “Excuse me”, why say anything?  Secondly, when a person ignores you, why keep trying to get their attention?  Especially when you have nothing else to say?

Secondly, why assume that because I’m Asian that I come from China and start speaking to me in Mandarin?  You dumb racist f*ck.  I don’t go around speaking Punjabi to every single brown person I see!

Yes, he was brown (but that’s not enough to make me assume he’s Indian) with a black turban on his head, probably to cover the giant penis growing off it.  D*ckhead.

I know now why I have a deep wrinkle/crease on my forehead.  It’s from my permanent scowl, the one I wear when I go outside into the big bad world by myself so all those d*ckheads will think I’m ugly (in attitude and looks) enough to leave me alone.

It actually annoys me that I have to do this.  It annoys me that this only happens when I’m by myself.  I must’ve been enjoying the day so much, the scowl had come off.  It annoys me that this is the result of my slip up.  It ain’t easy keeping a scowl on your face when the sun is shining brightly and you’re actually happy!

It annoys me that I have to go everywhere with Tony or deal with what happened today (It’s obviously been happening since I was a kid).  It annoys me that men choose to harass little Asian women (or any women for that matter).  It annoys me that every time I go out by myself I run the risk of meeting some idiot who blurts out Chinese and Japanese greetings as if they were a sonnet.

I was wearing brown full length trousers, lace up shoes, a 3/4 sleeve top and a full length sleeve cardigan over it.  I was fully covered is my point and I look like a kid most of the time.

It actually reminded me of this video.

I don’t know.  Guys would probably say women should be happy they’re getting acknowledged and looked at by men.

Mate, I totally get it.  I’ve crossed the road and had the car horn beeped at me multiple times and guys yelling “Aawwwwooooo! Yeah!” and waving out of the car.  That actually was flattering.  Not only did it make me laugh, it made my day.

It’s the prolonged attention that irks.

If that car of howling young men had stopped and those men approached me or if that car had slowed down and driven at the pace I was walking, I would’ve been completely freaked out and running as fast as possible to the nearest Police station.

So I say, to keep everyone in public happy, please let everyone walk outside and enjoy their days, by themselves should they choose, hassle free.  If you feel compelled to give a compliment then give one, smile  and move on.

Unless it’s your job to randomly talk to strangers for prolonged periods of time, don’t hover around someone on the street and if they show no interest in whatever you’re selling, please leave them alone.

And if there’s anything else to be learned from this rant… please please please stop shouting out “nee how” and “konichiwa” to every Asian you see unless you want to look like a racist D*ckhead.

Thank you.


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