How can you make your LIFE better?

Ever since doing the GTD system which I wrote about a few weeks ago, I’ve started to have a clearer mind.

Do you know what’s happened since my mind has had more space?  Ideas and creativity.

I have noticed that I’ve been more creative with my problem solving.  When I’ve learned new things, they’ve started connecting with other things I didn’t think were related before I made the connection, and in the last week, questions like “How can I make my life better?”  have popped into my mind.

I’m amazed that this is what’s happened because I did not set out to have this outcome, nor did I think anything would come of it so soon other than being more efficient in my day-to-day operations.

I can’t believe I’ve even had the time to stop and ponder on such things!

So, if someone asked you if you were creative, this is usually a yes or no answer for most.

I was one of those who would be proud to say how organised I was but would tell you that I couldn’t come up with any ideas for anything, ever.  Creative?  Definitely not!  Ask me to draw something and you’d get the box standard cat or smiley face stick man, a copy of someone else’s drawing at best.  Original concept?  No.  If you asked me to colour anything in, I’d colour it in the colours they’re supposed to be, within the lines, using only one method (eg. I wouldn’t mix paint, crayons, colour pencils and textas).

But this week, I’ve come to the realisation  that all humans are creative.  We are just not given the opportunity to be because our minds are full.

We spend so much time just dealing with day-to-day issues and distractions that our minds are either cluttered, full or both, leaving no room for creativity.  Some people can and will still draw on a piece of paper covered with writing but I suspect most would prefer a blank sheet.

That sacred art of “emptying the mind” is something we leave for monks who meditate all day.  For the rest of us though, when do we actually spend any time emptying the mind, clearing the space to allow thoughts like”How can I make my LIFE better” to enter?

Some of us are lucky enough to be able to think of how to make things better for one or two aspects of our lives (eg, exercise, diet, work, business, relationships, finances) but how many of us think of our whole life?  How do we make ALL of it better?

When you look at human civilisations, you’ll find that the ones who have more structure and order are the ones that have been able to grow their thinking to develop and nurture their culture (art, philosophy, poetry, music, inventions, scientific discoveries etc).

Could it be that if we were each organised and structured, that creativity would come naturally to us?  Isn’t this the opposite of what we’d expect?  Most “creatives” I know are really haphazard and jump from one thing to another.  Where’s the structure or organisation in that?

But what if creativity isn’t a skill that some people have and others don’t.  What if, creativity is simply our (human) way of making life better for ourselves?  What if it is innate and we simply need to give it the right environment?

So how do you make your life better?  I’ll tell you where to start – with a clear mind.

It is from that blank space where you can create your life.


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