I just started spring clearing and I LOVE IT!

A very quick post today because I have to finish clearing my clothes which right now are making a mess of the bedroom.  Basically, I’ve pulled everything out of the cupboards (scarves, tops, trousers, skirts, jackets, dresses, yes… ALL my clothes) and dumped it all on the bed.

Already I’ve spent a few hours going through my clothes, refolding everything and putting it all back into the cupboards with one caveat – I only put back the things that make me happy.  As it stands, I’ve got 45 pieces of clothing to take to the clothes recycling bin tomorrow and a separate pile of things I’m considering selling on eBay instead of recycling.

The task so consumed me, I had to pack all the water kefir I sold during the day, frantically just before 5 pm and run all the way to the Post Office to get it all posted before they closed.  I came back home and tried to tidy the mess I left in my whirlwind of packing and the next thing I know, I missed yoga!!  Where is the time going?

Who knew clearing out clothes would consume me to the point of exclusion of everything else!  As it is, I didn’t eat breakfast until 12pm and lunch at 3.30pm but it’s all worth it.  To open the cupboard, look into the drawers and smile is all worth it.

I’ve rolled my clothes up like sushi.  I can now see every single piece of clothing I have in one go.  Each one is there because it makes me happy.  There is not one piece of clothing sitting there that I do not love or doesn’t provoke a sense of joy when I look at or touch them.  How could I possibly open my cupboard and not smile?

I even put them in style and colour order (from sleeveless to long sleeves, light to dark, thin to thick material).  I actually chose my clothes and THEN put them in the drawers.  It is absolutely amazing how snugly they all fit, like they were meant to be!  I didn’t have too much or too little which means they are EXACTLY the clothes I’m supposed to have right now.  Their synchronicity and perfection make me appreciate them even more!

For all the clothes that didn’t make me smile, I’ve thanked them for clothing me throughout the years, I’ve given them gratitude for the purpose they served while with me and am letting them go so they can make someone else happy.  Oh what a wonderful exercise this is!  I love it!

I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stockings, tights, socks and underwear too and just like the clothes, the ones I kept, all fit perfectly back in the drawer.  They are also in order from light to dark, thin to thick and sized from toesies, footsies, anklets, long socks to bed socks!!  Just like the clothes,  I can see everything.  Before I used to pile it all and some socks would be lost and forgotten at the bottom or back of the drawer but now, I can see each and every individual item that exists.

Here are pictures of my handiwork thus far.  I forgot to take before pictures of my underwear and trousers drawers but they were a real mess and both overflowing.  It would’ve been cool to see the before and afters.  Oh well.  Here’s the sock drawer which makes me smile every time I look at it!



Joy's Sock Drawer

And here’s the before and after pictures of my tops.  It is funny that the Ferrari T-shirt ended up right in the middle of everything.  I’ve never worn it and it used to sit on the bottom of my t-shirt pile.  Tony gave it to me for a present and up til today, it still had a tag on it.  I’ve removed the tag now.  It is officially mine and ready for wearing!  It does make me smile when I see it 🙂

Joy's Top Drawer Before and After

Now time for me to go and finish sorting.  2 drawers down, only an entire cupboard to go!!


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