Bikram Yoga: 30 Day Challenge All Caught Up

I’m all caught up!

I recommitted, I took on the challenge and here I am.  16 days into it, 16 x 1.5 hr classes DONE.

The stats:

Week 1
I only did 4 classes in 7 days.  A rocky start to my new commitment but I was determined not to let it phase me and it was a lot better than my attendance for the previous months.  I got to spend time with childhood friends that week which is just as important.  As one of the teachers said, spending time with loved ones IS yoga.  It did mean I was 3 classes behind on the schedule and I hate being behind so I got myself psyched up to catch up in the following week.

Week 2
I did 10 classes in 7 days.  Yes, that meant doing 3 doubles in 6 days.  Am I proud of myself?  Hell YES.  I did 10 classes in 7 days, that’s a class every day and 2 classes on 3 of those days, that’s 15 hrs of yoga in a week.  After my “If you can you must” blog, I if-I-can-I-must-ed everything!  And it worked.

On the days where I felt weak after a class, I only did one class for the day but I was determined to get the doubles done ASAP.

When I felt OK after a class, I’d do another one right after and because  I was doing back-to-back doubles, I thought the teachers would take it easy on me on my second class but none of them did.  They pushed like crazy in BOTH classes.  This is why I’m proud of this achievement.  I didn’t just sit through classes and I wasn’t allowed to either, I pushed and did my best through every single one and the teachers were there to make sure of it.  For them, I am extremely grateful.

Week 3
It’s just started and it’s a great feeling to be back on track.  A bit achy after my double yesterday and glad I’m only doing one today.  Today we have a farewell dinner for our yoga buddy who is moving back to Ireland.  We’re all going to yoga together and then heading to dinner afterwards.  So that’ll make 17 classes in 17 days.  Though I cannot count my chickens before they hatch, 17/17 is the plan.

Future plans – we have another friend visiting, from Singapore this time.  She’s arriving at the end of the month and Tony’s birthday is at the end of the month too.  With that in mind, I actually need to do some more doubles before those days arrive as those days will require some time out from the hot room.  In an ideal world, I’d just do 1 class a day every day full stop.  I’m sure the ideal world exists in another dimension, unfortunately I don’t currently live in it.  So, while I can (and if I can I must), I actually need to get ahead on my classes and complete my 30 classes in less than 30 days!

I never seem to make it easy on myself but if it were easy, it wouldn’t be called a challenge!


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