Bikram Yoga: 30 Day Challenge Home Stretch

I’m on day 24 of my 30 day yoga challenge.  It’s arrived quickly, with only 6 days left and glad to report that I’ve kept it up.  I did one double this week so I’m up to 24 classes in 23 days.  All going well, today will be my 25th class.

There’s also been some light shed on whether or not I can add any other classes to my attendance list.  In particular, advanced Bikram Yoga classes, which are 2 hours long, of which I’ve done 2 in the last 23 days.  If I count them (technically they are also Bikram Yoga classes), I’ve actually done 26 classes in 23 days.

Now, let me clarify that I spend a lot of time in that class attempting but not being able to do any of the postures so I do a lot of sitting and lying down.  I didn’t actually think of adding those onto the count until one of the teachers there said that they were counted in Sydney (where she was teaching for a while) because even though the series is different, it is still Bikram Yoga.  Hmmmm… very tempting as it adds 2 to my current count and gives me quite a buffer!

After a few days mulling over it and asking other people’s opinions, I decided that I’m going to keep those in my pocket like “Get out of Jail Free” cards.  So if anything should happen where I can’t do 2 classes in the next 6 days, I can count them and not feel too bad about it.  Being a stickler for doing things properly though, my goal is to continue to complete 30 of the Bikram Beginners Series (just to be very specific about it) for this challenge, in 30 days.  I have 6 classes to go.

Possible obstacles coming up:
1.  Tony’s Birthday (I’ve booked some things in to make his day special, hopefully we’ll make it to the yoga class which I included in the schedule.)
2.  Our friend from Singapore arrives tonight and I’m spending the day with her tomorrow (I might end up skipping a day of yoga).
3.  Dinner planned early next week means I’ll miss yet another class unless I move things around and do yoga during the day.
4.  The impending monthly visit by Mother Nature, when I never go to class means she could totally ruin my current track record.  It could all go Pete Tong if I don’t get all my classes in before she arrives.

As much as I’m happy that I’m currently ahead, I’m going to have to dig deep because it ain’t over til it’s over!


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