Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: I did it

I did it and you know what?  In so doing, I showed myself just how much persistence and determination I actually have.  There’s a benefit to being stubborn and hard headed!

As Murphy’s Law would have it, after writing my little blog last week, the very next day, Mother Nature visited with gusto.  I was out of order for 3 days.

With 25 classes done and only 6 days left of the challenge, out for the count for 3 days, that meant I would have to do 5 classes in 3 days.  No worries, I thought to myself, I can do it.  All the possible problems I thought would stop me from getting my 30 day challenge done, pretty much happened.  We didn’t even go to yoga on Tony’s bday either.

So I turned up on my 3rd last day of the challenge knowing I had to get at least one class in and practically died in there.  I made it through all the postures but was so so weak there was no way I could do a double.

On my 2nd last day, I realised that I had to do a double otherwise, I’d be setting myself up for a triple on my last day so I psyched myself up to getting it done even if I felt horrible.  Surprisingly I was super strong that even the teacher said “You didn’t just do it!  You were on FIRE!”

After that I was more confident to go in and do my final double on my last day.  That was it, I was ready for my final day, only 2 more classes and I was done but something told me to check in with the studio’s system just to confirm.  And there it was, my count was 28 classes after 29 days but on the system, I was only recorded for 27 of them.

It always happens doesn’t it?  There’s always that something that has to happen just before you achieve your goal, just to check to see how much you really want it.  This was it.

So here I was on my penultimate day, with not 2 classes to go but 3.  I double checked the dates and realised that my attendance for Wed 8 July was not recorded.  Backdating attendance on the system can’t be done plus it was so long ago, nobody’s going to remember if I was there or not, it was pretty much my word against the machine’s.

It was 11.30pm and I was faced with the following choices for my last day:

a) Should I use the fact that I’d done my advanced classes, use them as my get out of jail free cards (I had 2 classes up my sleeve) and only do one class to complete the challenge, even though I said that it should only be beginners classes that were counted?
b)  Should I just do a double as originally planned and know in my heart of hearts that I actually did do 30 days and just one of those days didn’t get recorded so the system would only show that I did 29?
c)  Should I do a triple just so I could have it recorded officially?  Doing a triple meant waking up for a 6.45am class and doing 3 classes back to back because we were going out for dinner and I couldn’t attend any evening classes.

Being me, I chose c)
I knew I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I cheated using the advanced classes and I knew I wouldn’t be happy with it not being recorded officially.  I didn’t want to be the one telling the story of the time I did a 30 day challenge but it wasn’t recorded so I have no proof of it, nor did I want to tell the story of the time I did a 30 day challenge but only got recorded for 29.  Fuck that shit.

There was no way I was getting to the finishing line with that piss poor result after that much effort.  So I did it.  I did a triple on my last day, right after doing a double the night before (that was 5 yoga sessions in a row on the studio timetable).  I dug deep, I did it and I’m fucking impressed with myself.  If you can, you must… I did.

I went online to check my attendance and it recorded that I’d only done a double on the day that I did a triple even though I made it a point to swipe in for the last one.  This was proof to me that I actually did do Wed 8th July and somehow the system missed it.  As I checked on the same day, this time, they were able to fix it for me and record my attendance (I had witnesses).  So now it is recorded.  30 classes, 30 days, DONE.

Now I can tell the story of the time I did a 30 day challenge by doing 31 beginners classes but at least have proof that I completed 30 classes in 30 days.

I’m feeling achy and tired but that doesn’t in any way shape or form mottle how proud I am of myself.  I didn’t sit out any postures during my triple either.  Whoot!

Last week when one of the teachers was encouraging people to stay to do a double, one of the students groaned from their savasana, “Is that even humanly possible?”  I remember how huge a deal it was to do a double.  I used to think only crazy people did doubles and here I am, one of those crazy people who did a triple after a double.

So, my whole purpose for doing the 30 day challenge wasn’t the 30 classes in 30 days, even though I was determined to have it recorded, nor was it to do doubles and triples.  It was actually to get me into the habit of attending yoga classes more often again.

Now comes the interesting part.  I will not actually know whether or not my mission was accomplished until well beyond the 30 days, whether or not I continue to go, how often I attend etc.

As it stands, I believe that after my triple yesterday, I deserve a nice rest so I’m taking the day off.


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