The things I do for coconut water

OK so apologies for the delay in getting this post up this week.

Yesterday, Tony and I spent ages trying to work out how to combine music with a video.  Yes, we’re old like that.  What took us 30 seconds to film, took us 2 hours to figure out how to speed up, add music, put onto my phone from his phone (so I could upload it via my account) and then we had to figure out how to upload video onto Instagram.  Yes, I repeat, we’re old like that!  At least we know how to do it now.

The last time I was on Instagram was 6 months ago but I wanted to get this one up specifically for my Instagram loving teacher who offered the prize for the person who would stay in Toe Stand the longest during class.  It was me (I also won another coconut water prize she offered years ago with “who could stay the longest in Triangle”).

She joked about how my next challenge was to drink the coconut water in Toe Stand.  So after class, we took this video to show her 🙂
Gave her a cheeky wink too 😉

I will do a proper post next week.  For now, enjoy our little shenanigan.

PS – if you can’t see the video play auto-magically as I expect it to, then just click the caption at the bottom and it’ll take you to it.


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