No Bikram Yoga 3 weeks and counting

Not only have we not done Bikram yoga for 3 weeks but this last week we haven’t done any yoga at all.  Oops!

I guess it happens.

We’ve noticed that the correlation between diet and yoga practice is huge.  The more yoga we do, the more we eat healthily.  The less yoga we do, the more we eat junk.

This week alone we’ve managed to eat Magnum black and pink icecreams, Cornetto Peanut Butter icecreams, Ruffles chips, a whole bunch of other jamon flavoured chips, wafers, chocolate wafers, God Cakes, Rice Cakes (cakes make out of rice flour), pastel de natas, cured meats, cheeses and all sorts of other things.  You don’t even want to know the quantities!

I don’t think I’ve eaten this much wheat and flour for the entire year and I’ve managed to eat it in a week.  Yes I’ve blown up like the State Puff Marshmallow Man so I supposed I missed looking like him.  This is evidence of just how little yoga we’ve been doing.

Otherwise, life is good and I’ll post more of what we’ve been up to next week.  For now, just taking a break from all the routine and going crazy.  Don’t know if it’s good for the body or not but hey, we’ll find out next week.

Until then, keep loving life!


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