Gone natural. My dentist is happy! So am I!!

If you’re like me, you hate going to the dentist.  Bright lights in your eyes and sharp metal objects prodding your teeth and gums while that saliva vacuum sucker tube thing makes that God awful noise as it cuts underneath  your tongue and leaves your mouth so dry you want to gag.

What makes it worse is when your mouth already  hurts.  It’s not supposed to but when you have “sensitive” gums every bump no matter how little, makes your mouth look and feel like the beginning of Saving Private Ryan.

Actually to be honest, the kind of angst you get from watching that scene is pretty much how I feel before seeing the dentist!

Without going into the full story, I’ve had all my wisdom teeth taken out and 2 years ago, I had one of my molars extracted too because of periodontitis (severe gum infection).

My visits to dentists were traumatic to say the least, so I made them few and far between.

You can call it poor oral hygiene but it wasn’t for lack of trying.  I did brush my teeth.  I used toothpaste, put it on the toothbrush and brushed my teeth in circular motions just like the dentist taught me how to do when I was a kid.  I also rinsed my mouth with mouth wash but I hated that burning sensation.  I used dental floss but I hated it because it would be really hard to pull between the teeth and then it would hit my gum and cause bleeding or catch on my teeth and break into tiny threads.  So I gave up on it thinking it just wasn’t for me and figured that brushing and mouthwash would be fine.  It wasn’t.

For a while I blamed my poor oral health on the lack of fluoride in the water.  I never had this sort of gum health issue before and the only difference between my oral hygiene regime between Sydney and London, was the tap water I was using.

Tony on the other hand, had good teeth, really big, strong, tough teeth but they used to get a LOT of staining.  He used to blame this on drinking too much coffee or tea but usually after 3-6 months, he’d have brown stains all over his teeth, especially the front, bottom ones which overlap each other.

But guess what?  Even with using this fluoride-less tap water and Tony continuing to drink just as much tea and coffee as ever, I’ve worked out a way where he has zero staining and we’ve both just had our dental check ups (Tones yesterday and me, today) and both of us have been given the thumbs up by the dentist.  YES!

Today the dentist actually said, “Your oral hygiene is REALLY good!  I can’t see any plaque anywhere!”  In saying that, he did then find a little plaque on my canine (I can’t lie) but that was it and he was happy with the state of my gums too.  Phew!  After my entire ordeal with the gums, you can only imagine just how much of a relief this was for me.

I was also a little nervous because ever since having my tooth extracted, I did a lot of research and proposed a new, natural oral hygiene regime for myself and Tony to adhere to and these specific trips to the dentist were going to prove whether or not I had us on the right path.

We stopped using mouthwash 2 years ago, we stopped using toothpaste, over 6 months ago so whatever effects that would have had, I expected it to show up on our check ups this time around.

Pleased to say that these are the results:
1.  Tony has no more staining on his teeth
2.  Tony’s gum and teeth health are good with zero cavities
3.  Joy’s gums have gone from severely infected to healthy
4.  Joy also has zero cavities
5.  We both have healthy palates (yes, the dentist checked our palates too)

So there you go.  It’s not the fluoride or lack thereof and you don’t need toothpaste or mouthwash to keep the stains and gunk off your teeth and keep your gums healthy!!

I didn’t tell the dentist that I’d gone all natural with my oral hygiene products but he said “Whatever it is you’re doing at home, it’s working, so keep doing it!”

YES!  I’m so happy that I can!  Now we have healthy teeth and gums in a natural, chemical free way and I know it works, why wouldn’t I keep doing it?!

You’re probably wondering what it is we do but it’s pretty normal stuff.  We still brush and floss.  The main differences are all the different brushes we use and that I make toothpowder and we put that powder on our brushes to clean our tongues, gums and teeth.  It works!  The dentist said so 😉

I’ve been considering making my own natural toothpaste but wanted to make sure this natural stuff was going to keep our mouths healthy first.  Now that I know it works, I can’t wait to experiment on making a natural toothpaste and mouthwash too 🙂

Yes!  I can’t believe it but my dentist visits are becoming enjoyable again and dare I say it?  FUN!!  You know why?  Because my teeth and gums don’t hurt anymore and each time we see him, it’s a test to see whether or not the new natural product I made is working!!

So far so good.  I can’t get too excited because I may just end up making some tooth paste that sends our teeth to cavity central and gum hell but for now my dentist is happy and so am I!!


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