My All Time Favourite Chips

I’m not even going to bother you with a Top 5 list of potato chips / crisps.

This is it.  My number one.  It’s going to sound like an ad but it’s not.  I’ve just decided to declare it.  It’s a big deal because I love potato chips and they’re the one thing I’ve never given up.  My turn-to snack and THIS right here, is my all time favourite.  Here’s why:

  1.  I’ve been eating them since I can remember and they’ve stayed true and never changed the entire time.  So I know what I’m going to get.
  2. They exist in most of the countries I’ve visited so I never feel like I’m missing them.
  3. They’re not so thick that they’re hard to bite.
  4. They’re not so thin that they cut the inside of your mouth, gums and palate.
  5. They’re not so hard that they turn into shards/shrapnel in your mouth as you’re eating them
  6. They’ve got just the right texture of crunch and softness.
  7. They’ve got just the right amount of salt
  8. They’re real potatoes
  9. The ingredients consist of potatoes, oil and salt. Nothing else!
  10. They taste good
  11. They satisfy all my salt and fat cravings.
  12. They’re always in 150g bags so I don’t feel the need to open 5 bags to get my fill. Opening 5 bags = guilt.  Opening 1 bag no matter how much I eat = guilt free.
  13. Because they’re in 150g bags, I never feel the need to finish an entire bag in one sitting so I feel good about not eating it all!  Opening 1 bag and not eating it all = awesome self control without trying!!
  14. I like the name
  15. Once I’ve eaten them, I don’t crave for more, for a very long time so I get to enjoy them each and every time I have them.
  16. They’re cheap at only £1 per bag when on sale.
My favourite
My favourite



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