Springtime Cleansing

It’s Springtime – a time for renewal and rejuvenation.

Think of Spring and your thoughts will immediately go to sunshine, blue skies, green fields and flowers right?  I know mine do!  It’s one of my happiest times of the year because of the bright green buds on the trees, the birds coming back and the multitude of colours and smells from all the flowers to stimulate all the senses.  Seeing it, hearing it, breathing it all in, really does feel like an awakening from a deep sleep!

field of daisies and perfect sky

To bring in the Spring this year, we’re going to do a 5 day juice fast.  It’s definitely one way to clear the winter fog from our brains and bodies and 5 days really isn’t that long so it’s more like a little kick or boost (or as Joe the juice man calls it, a reboot).  We’ve only ever done one juice fast in the past, ourselves and from that experience, we know very well that it lifts and draws away all the dull and dark clouds that keep our minds hazy, lifts our moods and also starts us on the right foot and helps recalibrate our taste buds to look for more healthy food choices.

juice fast

This week I’ve been eating so much junk.  I write this after having come back from an acupuncture session with the Physio.  “You may feel dizzy or sleepy and tired.  That’s perfectly normal.  Just rest.” she said.  Well, I didn’t just feel dizzy.  I felt nauseous, craved for chips and junk food and now that I’ve eaten those foods, I feel really dull and lazy.   This is the worst thing to feel during Spring!  So I’m definitely looking forward to changing this game next week.  The juice fast starts on Monday.

Many years ago I was introduced to the philosophy that your house is a representation of your mind and body.  If your house has got a lot of clutter then so too does your mind and body.  Where you keep the clutter (ie which room) signifies the locations of those blocked energies in your own body and/or mind.  Looking at the current state of our home, it seems both Tony and I have a lot of baggage and many, many thoughts, everywhere! And it’s now time to clean it all up.

Recently we learned (I relearned) a technique for clearing the mind.

clear mind

In addition, I’m also visiting the clothing bin with a bag of old clothes and shoes once a day.  Tony and I are now saying goodbye to and letting go of, all the old things that no longer serve us, giving way instead, for things that make us happy.

colourful tulips

Essentially, we are clearing out our minds, helping the body clear out toxins and clearing out our physical space.  This is our Springtime Cleansing, taking Spring Cleaning to another level!

We’ve barely started and it already feels so liberating.  This definitely will be an interesting exercise and one I’m looking forward to seeing the outcomes of.

It's a new dawn it's a new day it's a new life for me and I'm feeling good



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