What’s on your daily to do list?

I have lists, lots of lists.  Who doesn’t?  I love lists and I know I’ve mentioned this in the past.  Ticking things off my to-do list every single day gives me great pride and joy.  I’m serious.

My sense of satisfaction when I see that I started the day with 50 things to accomplish and finish the day with only 15-20 of those things left, is deep.

There was a time when I used to say to Tones, “I’ve done nothing with my day… I did nothing.” and with that came such a feeling of shame but ever since I did my lists and ticked things off, I’ve never had a reason to say such a thing.  The answer to “what did you do today?” is so very easily found because it’s recorded electronically. What’s even better is, because I share my list online with Tony, he never has to ask me what I’ve done during the day – he just sees an influx of emails every time I tick something off!

It’s not easy getting that list down to zero especially because new things get added for the following day and some of those things just take many hours to accomplish but lists work for me and I now never go to bed feeling like I’ve wasted my day especially when I’ve ticked off so much.

The best part is that on my lists I put things like breathing exercises, back bends, scalp massage and yoga.  Yes, I make sure things that are good for me are on the list for the day too.  That way I arrive at the end of the day knowing that I’ve not just focussed and achieved day to day tasks but also done things that are good for my body and spirit.  I love that I include those activities in the things I’ve accomplished for the day 🙂

I’m going to add write in gratitude journal and give 8 hugs a day in there too.  So what’s on your daily to-do list?


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