Because I said so.

You know what I hate?  I hate when you ask a question and the person answers it with “because I said so”.   That actually means “because I don’t know but I’m too proud to tell you that.” OR “because you’re not worth my time and energy to explain this to.”  (another egotistical response).

And yet, lately I’ve noticed that most people will actually pick these people (whether by college degree, book written, TV appearances or talks given) and then take their advice.  They are the authority so therefore their advice is best.

WHY??? I don’t understand why people would take advice from big egos and go and do what they say blindly (whether or not it makes sense or even applies to the problem they’re trying to solve) and when it doesn’t make sense, they won’t question the person.  They won’t question because whatever that person says is right… “because they said so”.

Really?  WHY??

Let me tell you, if that person is really an authority on the subject matter, they should have no qualms answering any of your questions.  In FACT if they can’t answer your questions then you just found out that they’re not really an authority on the topic… but you’ll never know because you never asked.

Nobody on this planet knows everything.  Nobody is at a point where they can no longer learn.  Therefore “because I said so” is an invalid answer.

The more questions you ask, the more opportunity you give that said “authority” to exercise their knowledge and reasoning and an authority with little ego, who knows they are fallible and may not have all the answers,  would welcome that.

So, who should you take advice from?  Yourself.  These people exist to provide you with the information you need to make a decision.  Take the information, ask questions until you have all the info you need to mull it over and make a decision.

Don’t just do things “because I said so”.  THINK.


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