What can we do to help?

Do you remember that scene in the Fifth Element when she sees all the clips about war and starts crying?  She wonders what the point is in saving the world?

Right now that’s where I’m at.  I’m not yet crying but my head hurts.  I’m currently filtering through all this information about the world and feeling completely exasperated with it all.

Cancer – an epidemic throughout the world with apparently no cure until you start looking and realise there are many cures.  Even though none are 100% success rates, many have better odds than chemo, radiation or surgery.   Yet, all those doctors are silenced, their licenses taken away, they’re labelled as quacks and they have to fight tooth and nail or find another country to practice  or produce their product, just to be able to help people.

Food – GMOs, horrible farming  practices that render animals completely stressed, abused and sick, pesticides, herbicides, no more seeds, sugar hidden in all sorts of processed foods, all made cheap.

Fluoride – a neurotoxin,  harmful to embryos at the tiniest levels and to adults at higher levels, gets physically put into our drinking water, with no control over how much fluoride one consumes.

Pollution like Microbeads – tiny bits of plastic that exist in face wash and toothpaste flowing into the waterways and ocean via consumers, plastic that will take 1000 years before they start to break down.  Coffee pods – made of a mixture of aluminium and plastic so they can’t be recycled, creating more colourful landfill.  Do we ever think about where our rubbish actually goes once it leaves our doorsteps??  Perhaps they’re destined for the giant slums in India.  Chemtrails, that’s a new discovery for me so I don’t really know much about this right now.  Throw away fashion that contributes to landfill because they’re made of materials that don’t break down.

Drugging out an entire country just so they’d trade with you?  (I’m referring to opium in China) and now the raping and pillaging of Africa.  Take all their rich resources (including people) and leave them with nothing but pain and disorder then give them charity to keep them reliant and disempowered.

And I haven’t even mentioned war.  War.  That’s what we’re made to focus on.  Either just entertainment, just war or war in the form of entertainment.  War amongst nations, war between races, war against terrorists, war between ourselves, war for human rights, war for women’s rights, war for gay rights, war on drugs, war on cancer.  War.

I wrote a post on Facebook about a card I saw explaining how kids go to school hungry in the UK because their parents can’t afford to feed them.  These kids rely solely on the school provided lunch to eat anything each and every day.  Tony and I donate to a charity which provides meals to schools in less privileged countries.  I thought this was a great idea because it encourages kids to get an education.  They get drawn in by the promise of food, they get fed and they learn in the process, so that they can have better opportunities than their parents.  Why are we donating to hungry kids overseas when there are hungry kids right here in the UK??

In my naïve mind, I thought that taxes were paid by each member of society to benefit all through maintaining commonly used spaces like roads, parks, garbage disposal, clean water systems, electricity and implementing a standard of safety and care for all, through public education, police, firemen and public medical care.  I also thought taxes were there to ensure that every person living in a first world country would have the basics of food, shelter and clothing.  I was wrong.

At first I was blissfully ignorant, then I was wilfully ignorant.  Now, well now I am aware of an abundance of global problems that exist that no-one has successfully found and globally implemented any solutions to.

Why?  Because it’s all too fucking big and nobody wants to take responsibility to fix it.  It’s the system, it’s the corporations, it’s everything else but it’s not me.  I didn’t do it so why should I have to clean it up?  It is this attitude that keeps us in this mess.

So you know what?  We’re starting small but we’re starting with ourselves:
Our household will limit our pollution.  We do NOT use any chemical face wash and therefore zero microbeads exit our sinks and pollute the waterways, we do not drink coffee or contribute to the millions of unrecyclable coffee pods that pollute the earth, we are still wearing the same clothes, some for 20 years and will only throw clothes out when they are actually broken – minimising our contribution to the Primark effect.  Our household does not have a car nor have we had one for 10 years  and we’re now eating minimal meat and dairy, reducing the market (at least by 2) for having to grow so much livestock and therefore reducing our contribution to greenhouse gases in these forms.

Our household will limit its individual requirement for govt funding.  We eat as healthily as we can, don’t drink fluoride and go to yoga because prevention is better than cure especially when it comes to Cancer and neurological diseases.  If your first defence is your immune system then we’re working to make sure we have good immune systems to reduce our burden on the NHS, the money and resources which can then be used for helping those who need it.

Our household will show one love.  We are friends with people from all continents, of all races, backgrounds, religions, sexes and sexualities.  Differences can be expressed and are accepted.

I’m sure there’s plenty more we can do but at least we’re aware and this is a start.


One thought on “What can we do to help?”

  1. I was just talking to Jason about this… one of the missing links that people forget about today is activism. People today no longer fight for their rights and demand our governments to represent us as a society and not represent the corporations whose pockets they are in.

    So many of what we enjoy today, like child labour, the 9-hour-day, weekends etc were fought for and demanded by workers back in the early 1900s.

    But I feel you – sometimes it’s so overwhelming that it seems like nothing we’ll try to do will even make a difference at all. As individuals maybe not, but as a collective we still hold the power. If only we can become a collective!

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