What’s Good Enough for Salad is Good Enough for my face

You know the in thing now is oil right?  You didn’t?  Well, I’m telling you.  It’s oil!

How do I know?  ’cause I’ve been experimenting with them at home and we absolutely love them!   It’s only a matter of time before everyone else is going to realise how awesome and versatile they are to use for everything as well!

I’m not talking about black gold, Texas tea.  I’m talking about Essential Oils and oil extracted from plants like Olive, Coconut, Sesame and such.

It all started with me looking for a way to replace Tony’s shaving cream with something more natural, last year.   He’d been using shaving cream (you know those aerosol foaming ones) and he also had a small bottle of expensive brand name “Shaving Oil” on the shelf.  I told him that once he’d finished all of those, I’d find him some natural stuff.

After listening to him commenting about shaving every now and then, I remember he told me that he really liked the oil over the cream or foam because it gave him a closer, smoother finish and his skin didn’t feel so irritated.  The oil was also good for the blade and stopped it from rusting.  So I figured I’d source him some nice, natural shaving oil once all his products were finished.

So what did I do when it was time?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I did nothing and bought nothing and then came the day when Tony had to shave and there was no product for him to use at all.  In my half-assed attempt at resolving the issue, I enthusiastically told him that Coconut Oil would do the trick.  “It’s oil and it smells nice and it’s anti-bacterial!!” I told him.  He had no choice but to try and to both our surprise, it worked!  He used it every shaving day since, until….

I made some face oil.  What is it you ask?  My lame attempt at making a face lotion.  I’d read that a natural way to wash your face was to put oil all over it, get a hot face towel, put it over your face and let the steam extract the oil (and dirt which sticks to the oil) from your face and then wipe off.  Believe it or not, it worked when we tried it but it left our faces feeling slightly dry!

We’d also run out of my friend’s fabulous face lotion (which she makes herself, by hand with all natural ingredients) and I had to quickly make something to replace it.  It was also during a time that Tony had to go to New York.  Having gone with him previously, in Jan and experiencing extreme windburn on my face that it started peeling when we got back to London, I decided I needed to make something EXTRA moisturising.

I had this idea that if I mixed several oils together (namely olive oil and coconut oil), it would be more moisturising and so he could use it to protect from windburn.  Well, it worked!!  He could tell the difference in his skin between the last time, and this time with my oil mixture.  This second time, his face didn’t dry and peel at all!

And because it’s oil, you don’t need much to moisturise your whole face so that oil mix experiment is still in a container and we’ve been using it to this day!!

Not only do we both use it to moisturise our face now, Tony’s using it to shave as well!  How versatile is that?  He uses the exact same oil to shave, wash his face, moisturise and protect from windburn!

That is, until I started making a different face wash using raw honey and almond oil.

And so my obsession has developed.  Now it’s oil for toothpaste, oil for mouthwash, oil for cuticles, oil for body lotion, oil for hair and scalp and yes, even oil to moisturise lips.  Oh yes, I’ve also made us some foot oil to massage into our feet to keep them moisturised, smelling fresh and fungi free.

Do you know what the best thing about all of this is?  I get the oil from the kitchen!  It sounds weird that the oil we use to cook with and put in our salad is exactly the same oil Tony uses to shave and what we both moisturise with!  But that’s what’s so cool about it – you can’t get any more natural than that!  And when people say “Don’t put anything you can’t eat, onto your skin.”  Well…. need I say more?

My only problem now is knowing how to transport oil when travelling ie preventing it from spilling in a suitcase.  I didn’t figure this out before we went on our trips.  Carrying glass bottles of oil isn’t exactly practical.  So I’m back to using the good old regular chemical filled lotions and potions until I get back home.

I cannot wait to get back to the oils.  They’re natural, chemical free and non-harmful to ourselves or the environment.  I’m liking this a lot!


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