I’m Being Negative

It’s happened, I’ve been possessed.

Some weird negativity demon is sitting inside me and every day I get angry at the world.  Well, not the whole world just stupid people except they are everywhere… EVERYWHERE!!!!

At first it wasn’t anger, just annoyance but when you get annoyed all day every day, it kind of turns into frustration and then…  anger…

So I’m standing at the crossing and there are no cars around… NONE.  I decide to cross.  There is a man standing on the same side of the road as me.  He watches me cross and stays on the footpath, safe… waiting for the green man.  Seriously there are NO CARS on either side of the road.  On the opposite side of the crossing stands a woman.  She sees me walk and steps off the footpath onto the road.  She then realises it’s still a little red man, also sees the man standing on his side of the road, so she stops.  She looks at me and then at the road and a car appears from over the hill and is driving towards the crossing as I’m reaching her side of the footpath.  So what does she do? SHE STEPS FORWARD further onto the road… and the car has to break.  She totally freaked me out.  I thought I was about to witness an accident caused by stupidity.

There’s a car now woman, you missed your chance, what the hell are you doing stepping further onto the road, the closer the car gets while the little red man is still showing???

And this is what happens on my way back too.  People just standing at a crossing waiting for a red man to turn green, when there are no cars around.

I contact Medicare to replace a lost card… days I wait and no word, nothing.   I make a phone call to a number that says “call us any time 24 hours 7 days a week.” only to get an automated message to say they are busy and to call back later and have it hang up on me.

I contact a lawyer over and over for weeks before she responds.

I chase Yodel about a package that they were supposed to deliver.  Every day they tell me it’s out for delivery.  Every day it doesn’t get delivered.  Every day following non-delivery I chase and say what happened?  Every day they say don’t know but  it’s out for delivery tomorrow…… This happens for a week.

I have a customer who bought something and then sent me a barrage of emails to say my listing said 0 items (which it didn’t) that money didn’t come out of their account, that their bank doesn’t show the item has been paid for,  when is their item coming etc.  Mind you, they only bought the item 1/2 hr earlier and each question came in a different email and sometimes twice and then they continued to email me over and over for the next couple of hours.

a)  How the hell am I supposed to sort out what your bank shows on the statement or not?
b) How do you think you managed to buy an item if my listing says there are 0 items to buy?
c) You just bought the item why ask me where it is?

When I updated the tracking details, they still wrote again to say “where is my item?  I still haven’t received it yet.”… umm well, if you look at the tracking you’ll see that it’s meant to be delivered today…. the same fucking day I told you it would be delivered.  So why tell me you haven’t received it yet at 8am on the morning it’s supposed to be delivered???

Everything I’ve done and taken action on in the last week has provided no movement and no results.  I feel like I’ve worked my ass off and got nothing at the end of it except the pleasure of dealing with a bunch of idiots.

So that’s it…  I’m being negative.  Don’t worry I’ll get over it… we can’t all be sunshine, rainbows and butterflies all the time.


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