Routine – My wheel of life.

Go and ask anybody who knew me back in my 20’s and you’ll hear all sorts of stupid, crazy, drama-filled stories of my roller coaster of a life.

I was at a friend’s house a while back telling stories of “This one time when I… ”

I can tell you that the situation was very serious at the time but on telling the story, it had everyone in stitches because of how ridiculously surreal it was.

It’s like when you watch a Jerry Springer show and say things like “Do people like this actually exist?” and “How do they even get into those type of situations?”

Umm… yeah… they do exist, I know from personal experience.  I don’t joke about being a nutcase from a family of crazies for no reason.

The journey of change, personal growth and letting go has been long, arduous and still in process but just as we change our bodies through shedding old cells and making new ones, so too we change our beings by shedding old ways and making new ones.

Enter the love of routine.

We all do routines (brushing teeth, how we get ready in the morning).  We do it without thinking.  You could get up groggy and you’d still end up doing it all, it’s all on auto-pilot.  Domo arigato Mr Roboto!

But what happens when you add other things to those routines?  Like finance, meals and exercise?  ie What would life be like if you just got up and on auto-pilot you completed certain activities depending on the day?

Dr Demartini has simplified life into 7 areas and calls them the “Seven Powers” when you learn to empower each area.  Tony Robbins has also simplified life into 7 areas.  He calls them the 7 Freedoms.

Considering there are 7 days of the week…

I figured, let’s just put that all together and focus on empowering 1 area of life or freedom on each day of the week!

I’ve now got my automatic list to only remind me to do things relevant to the area of life allocated to that day.


So what are the 7 areas, powers or freedoms of life?  Mental (Time), Physical, Spiritual, Vocational, Social, Familial (Relationships) and Financial.

Tony Robbins has Time freedom but since Time is a human mental construct, I actually put time and mental together.  He also has relationship freedom so I put relationships and familial together.  Easy peasy!

On rotation, just like a wheel, I am now working to empower each area of life, once a week, 52 weeks of the year.  How’s that for routine?  And that is my wheel of life.

Yes I work every single day and I must admit, I don’t always get it done and sometimes I do prioritise other things BUT for the most part, concentrating on one area of life per day, actually does lead to living a balanced life!

There is still a lot of tweaking to do and I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be claiming that routine is awesome but it speaks for itself.

The empowerment is incremental, you don’t see much at all as each week goes by but over a year, 2 years, 3 years or more, it is so evident how far I’ve come since I started doing this and as I look on each and every area of life, I can see improvements in them all!!

After all, you get what you focus on.

Life is wonderful.  I love my life and I’m grateful for each and every day 🙂


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