My first 24 hours without Facebook

It’s not over yet, I’ve still got 9 hours to go but I am on my first ever 24 hours without Facebook.

Ever since I opened my account on Facebook back in 2007,  I think I’ve been on it every single day.

It’s like a drug addiction and I was in denial.

These days, because I work on the computer a lot, from home and in my own hours,  I just pop in and out of Facebook, whenever, which pretty much means ALL THE TIME.

If there is one place you’d be able to catch me at some point in the day, it would be Facebook.


Because you know what I did?


Yup.  I deactivated it.

I don’t know why but in the last week I’ve noticed and disliked my attachment to Facebook.  I’ve been using it as an escape the way one would use TV and I’ve been wasting hours of every day on it.

I tell people I don’t watch TV but I might as well be, with the number of animal videos, food videos and new invention videos I’ve watched through my feed.

The last straw was when I was supposed to go out to dinner the other day and instead of getting ready to leave the house, I found myself stuck to my seat and the computer because I’d prefer to mindlessly watch videos than get ready to go out and talk to people.

Then, after we got home, the first thing I did was log into Facebook to just watch things mindlessly yet again until 1am when I could have just gone to bed.

But WHY do I log into Facebook in the first place?  For a multitude of reasons.  I log on:

  •  every time I don’t feel like working.
  • every time I feel inadequate and am looking for affirmation or validation.
  • each time I want proof that I don’t lead a meaningless existence.
  • every time I want to send someone a message – my attempt at reaching out and maintaining friendships.
  • to share random thoughts I would say out loud if someone was physically around to hear them.
  • because I’m waiting for a reply to something I’ve written to someone and I want to check if they’ve come back to me yet.
  • for something to do because I don’t feel like doing much else, aka procrastination.
  • to keep updated on the latest news (which is mostly rubbish)
  • any time I feel anxious about doing the next task because it might be too hard.

But you know what?  That list already means I log onto Facebook at least 9 times a day.  Yes, I login and then logout and then login and then logout.  I thought having to physically keep logging in and out would stop me but it hasn’t.

Deactivation has stopped me though.  I think the action to reactivate is exactly the same.  All I have to do is log back in but mentally, a “deactivated account” actually is deterring me from going back.

I feel a sense of relief.

So what is life like without Facebook?  I can’t remember because I have to think back to the days before 2007.

I’ll tell you what though, I’ve done a LOT.  I think so far, up to the time of writing this, I’ve only had 15 hours off from FB and that included 7 hours of sleep.

Last week’s blog was on completions and well, I completed over 30 tasks yesterday.  I had 30 things on my list to do today and I’m down to 16 (including going to the bank and dropping off a parcel).

I’m enjoying my freedom and new found time so far.  I wonder how long this will last 😉


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