I love my Dentist!

The dentist was updating my medical records today and asked me if I was allergic to certain things and then if I had to avoid certain toothpastes because of it…
Me:  Well, I don’t actually know because I don’t use any store bought toothpastes.
*awkward pause*
I don’t know if I should tell you but I make my own tooth paste and tooth powders.  I’ve been doing so for over a year now.
Dentist:  Really?  WELL, you’re the first person I’ve ever come across to make their own toothpaste.  What do you put in it?
I tell him, he seems to be confused by the list of ingredients I’ve given him (bentonite clay, bicarb, salt and cloves are in my latest concoction.. ie food.  My tooth cleaning powder is made of food).  He just becomes really eager to look into my mouth to see the effects of my DIY job.
I panic.  Time of reckoning.  That tooth powder better have bloody worked!!  He knows now so he’ll be looking!!!!
I chipped a tooth 4 months ago too.  I hope he doesn’t think it was my tooth powder.
He checks my mouth, he checks my teeth, he checks my gums.
Dentist:  Well, apart from the chip, your teeth are good.  You have zero cavities from what I can see.  And your gums are really good.  Whatever it is you’re using, just keep using it!  I’m really intrigued!
I’m relieved.  Actually even impressed.
I’m impressed that he was OK with me being “all natural” and DIY-ing my oral health as long as it was doing the job.
I’m impressed that the only time the dentists and hygienists have ever said my teeth and gums were good were now… when I’ve been DIY-ing my toothpaste!!!
I’m impressed that the chip in my tooth has been there for 4 months and actually left a hole where lots of food and sugar can actually go in and get trapped, to cause plaque build up and gum infection and yet even through xmas and travelling holidays, I have nothing wrong there at all.
Considering my long term suffering and history with gum disease and the fact I’m now on high alert with the dentist when it comes to my gums, I’m impressed that he’s telling me they’re in good shape!!!
For any dentists out there…. my scoring code was 0 everywhere except for back right top (’cause I’ve been eating a lot of chips lately) which scored 1.  That’s pretty phenomenal for someone who lost a tooth due to gum disease and had to have frequent quarterly visits with the periodontist for over a year.
I’m impressed he looked at my chipped tooth and knew I did it by grinding my teeth at night.  I told him I’ve had several mouth guards and grind so hard, I’ve chewed holes in them which is why I stopped wearing them and that I’ve chipped a different tooth before just by tooth grinding at night. as well.
I’m impressed he treated me like I was normal and just gave me better mouth guard options for my strong jaws!  😉
Overall I really like my dentist and am impressed with his open mindedness to my oral hygiene practices.  I’m also now really REALLY happy with my DIY tooth powder too.
Finally I can see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel.  My oral health will be tip top perfect really soon!!!  Thank you God!

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