I currently Live with the Stinkiest and most tiring Bunnies on Earth

BOYS.  I have bunny boys.  They are now both 4 months old.  That is equivalent to them hitting puberty.  They’ve only been with us for 2.5 weeks.

This has to be the WORST time to get them.  You don’t get them at their cutest, they already look like adult bunnies but with juvenile cheeky and curious minds.  They also come with attitudes.  They are filled with testosterone, are full of energy so they never sleep, can get aggressive with each other and they STINK.

They both have testicles now.  They both like humping each other because there are no other bunnies to hump.

Fights occur when either of them decides they are NOT going to be mounted, BOTH of them want to mount each other at the same time, or their “nipping” while humping gets a little too much for the other bunny.

Honking, yes they actually both make “honk honk honk” noises when they want to mate.  Both of them now honk and chase each other.

Two nights ago, Rome started making noises that resembled a didgeridoo.  I wasn’t sure what it meant.

If I don’t calm them down by hushing them, their excitement turns into aggression and they get into fights with fur pulling, biting and super speed circle chasing and lunging with teeth out, ready to bite off each other’s testicles.

They look like a frenzied whirling yin-yang.  I’ve never been able to take a video of it because well…. I’m too busy trying to stop it.

Last week I was overwhelmed when they fought for the first time.  This week I am constantly tense when I watch them together because they just get into more and more fights, more frequently.

Paris is getting very aggressive and Rome is scared but continues to challenge him.  It’s stressful.  I feel the tension in the air every time they are together and hushing them doesn’t calm them or me down anymore.

The problem is that they are (were) bonded rabbits.  They loved each other very much and followed each other everywhere.  They hung out together, ate together, played together, slept next to each other, groomed each other.

That’s why we got them together because they were actually in a play area together.

Now they’re pissing in each other’s faces.  Literally.

So, I’ve been using cardboard to separate them, spraying them with water, locking one up while the other one plays outside, separating the 2 story hutch and letting them sleep separately.

They get so jealous of each other.

If I let one out to play, the other goes crazy in the hutch trying to get out.  When I swap, the one in the hutch goes crazy again but if I put them together, they keep chasing each other just to piss on each other.

To top it off, they STINK…. Their territorial poo markers are extra pungent.  The piss they do to mark territory, pungent.

People have described the unneutered male bunny smell as musky, skunky, B.O and what made me laugh was the description that “it smells like my bunny has eaten Mexican food”.

Well, my whole flat smells like Mexican Bunny B.O. at the moment and I am not happy about it!!  I even think it’s all over me but I’ll never know because that smell is all that fills my nostrils every day.

I think anyone who has owned at least 2 male bunnies that have reached adolescence knows this smell very well.  It’s HORRIBLE!

Yes, they reek and nothing I do is going to actually stop the smells which, of course, are worse when it comes from boys who are around other boys, trying to outdo other boys… even in stench.

My boys are leaving their territorial poo everywhere.  If one does a territorial poo, the other will smell it and do 2 or 3 of his own.  When the other smells that poo, he does 2 or 3 more of his own and on and on it continues until the floor is covered in rabbit poo. STINKY, musky, skunky, territorial rabbit poo.

Then, when they chase and run whether for bonking, play or fighting, they end up kicking and flinging their poo all over the place.  Fantastic.

I vacuum and wipe down the floor twice a day now and the stink is still overwhelming.  I think they overcompensate by pooing even more after I have cleaned up.

I’ve tried not cleaning up but I tell you what, the rabbits have rekindled my OCD tendencies and all the poo and piss is icking me out.

OH the piss.  Unneutered males will spray vertically and horizontally, forming a nice even arch, just like a garden sprinkler.  Their goal is to mark their entire territory.. walls and floor… ceiling if they could.

This of course happens when they’re not directing their pee on the other rabbit.

I don’t care if they do that in their hutch but they are doing it outside.  So a pair of gloves, vinegar in a spray bottle and a floor wipe are my new best friends.

They are teaching me the art of being calm under any circumstance and I’m quite getting used to having to do loads and loads of laundry every day but they have tested my  patience one too many times.

I burned incense attempting to mask this hormonal bunny stench in the flat and all it did was combine all the smells and give me a headache.

For all I know, it gave the bunnies a headache too.  I had to open all the windows and let the freezing cold in, just to clear the air!!

I have yet to find a remedy for the stench.  Yes, all my research has said that neutering will do it.  Neutering sounds like the holy grail at the moment.  Neutering apparently will stop the smells and make calmer bunnies.

I just don’t know if it will make them get along or if they officially hate each other now.

I will get them neutered… oh I definitely will.  OMG I wish I could get them fixed right now but I’m not allowed to.

The vet said 6 months.  So until then, I am cleaning the floor multiple times a day and putting up with skunk smell in the house and am keeping them separated.

Playing referee 24 hours a day sucks.

If you ever want to know where I am, it’s pretty easy, you’ll find me cleaning my floor and wiping down furniture for the 50 millionth time or passed out on the couch during my peace keeping watch.

Thank God for yoga.


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