Long time no post

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and this is because we’ve had quite a bit going on.

The boys got neutered and we’ve been waiting for their testosterone to die down before introducing them to each other again.

We attempted after 6 weeks but resulted in both of them fighting with each other within 3 mins and getting very cranky at us both for even thinking of putting them together.

Their 3 mins together put them both off and unsettled them for a whole day.  It was the first time I’d seen neither of them binky or eat much.  They were both very upset.

So they’re separated again and have been so for almost another 2 weeks and they’re back to their normal happy selves.  We do allow them to see each other through the fence though so Paris comes to visit Rome every day and they spend time with each other next to the fence.

They seem fine that way for the most part and on occasion attempt to bite each others’ noses through the fence.

Paris has an advantage at this because his head is wider.  This means only Rome can put his nose through, the fence effectively turning into a muzzle but giving Paris plenty of nose to bite.  Result?  Rome spends a lot of time sitting with a screwed up face (because he’s in pain after Paris has bitten his face) and his nose has many scars.

Rome doesn’t have to put his nose through all the time but he does and even when we put space between the fence, these two push it all back together again so they can reach each other.

I don’t think I could put them in the ring together again.  It was like Furbaby MMA but with zero rules.  We will have to take a different approach to get them to be friends.

Meanwhile dramas work-wise for both Tony and I means our focus has been on things other than telling stories of bunnies or otherwise.

We’re enjoying time with the rabbits and although they’ve destroyed much of our skirting boards and door frames and created a lot more work and less sleep for us both, life is full of smiles and high pitched “OMG he’s so cute!!!” squealing when they’re around.

Here is a picture of the latest thing.  They’re malting / shedding.  Apparently they do this once every 3 months with the changes in season.  This is shedding the winter coat for Spring and this is just Paris’ fur and barely even half of what’s fallen off.

Just put a couple of ears and eyes on it and we’ve got another rabbit!

This picture pretty much sums up our lives with the bunnies at the moment.  Sweeping, cleaning, picking up fur and hay.

Paris is black and his undercoat is white, this is why all the fur together looks like  a big grey dust ball.  Their fur is clumping up and rolling around the house like tumbleweed.

Our home is the Wild West of Bunnyville with clumps of tumblefur rolling around everywhere.

Our kitchen drain (which is attached to the washing machine) got clogged a number of times in the past couple of weeks due to so much fur being stuck on their blankets (no matter how much sweeping / vacuuming is done prior to washing).

And Tones wonders why I haven’t made time to blog… geez!!



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