2018 Week 13 Summary – Part 2

Here is Part 2 of Week 13 Summary.  This part is just an update on the different areas of life for me and Tones.

Mental Health
I’ve eaten less fat this week and the effects were immediate with my mind slowing mid thought.  I even had an episode where I started a sentence and completely lost the rest and it never came back to me.

I ate less fat because of the flu.  I was avoiding fatty, oily and milky or creamy foods in order to reduce the amount of phlegm and snot production.  What I got instead was a very dull mind.  Duller still when you have a blocked nose and limited oxygen to the brain!

Physical Health
Apart from recovering from the flu and going to our favourite yoga class once a week, I’ve attempted a number of things to help improve my physical health.  Things including going to sleep earlier.

However, when it comes to physical health, nothing works without long term maintenance and we are just not being consistent.

Despite wanting to get to bed earlier, Tony and I are still up and about at 12.30am 6 out of 7 nights, 3am at least one night a week.  I suppose this is an improvement from the usual going to bed anywhere between 1-3am every day but lack of sleep is detrimental to many organ functions as well as something that contributes greatly to ageing and a weaker immune system.  They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

What’s the point in taking superfoods and supplements, doing meditation and yoga and sticking with day only jobs if you’re just going to negate it all by staying up to all hours of the night and early morning?  And for nothing too.  Usually we’re just watching a movie, playing games, surfing the web or reading.

So, for this following week, especially now that it’s daylight saving, I’m going to attempt to be in bed and asleep by 10.30pm each night.  What a feat that will be.  Even just saying it, sounds impossible.

Spiritual Health
“Enlightenment is the absolute ability to spontaneously fulfil desire.”

This is a definition of enlightenment that I came across in recent weeks and is a new concept to me.  I never once thought that enlightenment would be connected with physical results because to me it was a spiritual, non-tangible thing only accessible to the deeply spiritual (ie vegetarians who meditate all day on mountain tops aka monks).

However, this definition makes enlightenment accessible to all.  If one’s desire is something physical, then surely an enlightened being would be able to absolutely and spontaneously fulfil that desire.

In that vein, we have experienced mini periods of enlightenment already.  That is, every problem we have had a desire to find a solution for, we’ve found the solution to, pretty much straight away.

For example, Rome broke my computer charger cord, Tony lent me his computer (which we’d been waiting for, for 2 years to receive but happened to have exactly when it was required).  We found a spare replacement cord for my computer, in the house, the next day.

Example 2, Rome broke the power board cable, the electrical shop near us was having a sale and power boards were half price!  What were the chances?  So it was also replaced the very next day.

Example 3 in the last 3 weeks we have not experienced running out of anything in the house.  Every thing that runs out or that we need more of, I’ve managed to have ordered just in time so that it gets delivered either just before, or on the very day that we need that item.  This has never happened before now.  Usually there have been days, even weeks or months of waiting for replacements but not in the past 3 weeks.

Can you imagine living life where you never run out of anything? Take something really simple like, you never run out of ink because there’s always another pen and then apply this to EVERYTHING and that’s pretty much been our life for the last 3 weeks.  The universe has become a constant and unlimited supply of everything we desire and it’s happened so often, it’s become normal.

Even just last night I was thinking, “Oh, we’re on the last bag of hay for the boys.  I will have to order some more in soon.” and guess what was in the mail that Tony brought in 15 mins later?  Discount vouchers from the pet store that I buy their hay from.

Of course we still have to order and pay for things.  I didn’t say we got things for free.  My point however is that we haven’t had to do without, even when things break, there is always a replacement ready to go straight away and as we never like paying full price for anything, discounts are available all the time to us.

Last night (again) we went to the store to buy milk so Tony could finish the Matcha Green Latte powder we had bought.  The woman who used the self service till before us didn’t pick up her receipt or discount coupon.  So it was waiting for us at the till when we got there.  Guess what the coupon was for?  You guessed it, discount off all milk products.

When it happens all the time then surely it’s not coincidence.  Is this really what enlightenment looks like??

I wonder if the more enlightened you get, whether your desires become bigger too so if you want you will get a jet plane, or if desire diminishes to complete contentment with nothing but the clothes on your back, the roof over your head and nourishment to maintain a healthy body and a mountain top to sit on…  I’ll have to wait and see for myself or meet a monk with a Ferrari.

Emotional Health
So this is what it feels like when the universe conspires in your favour!

I had glimpses of this in the past and when it happened, I would cry in overwhelm and my hands would get the shakes like I was in shock or had too much caffeine.

Looking back I realise that the crying and the shock would be because I was feeling undeserving.  I didn’t think I was worthy of my super powers ie the power to manifest things into my life.

After each event where this happened, I would feel scared that the ability to manifest would disappear just as easily as it came.

Side note:  I didn’t cry or shake after receiving discount vouchers.  I was manifesting free tickets to Anthony Robbins’ events for 2 people worth $5000, taxis in rural areas exactly when I needed them who would then give me a ride for free because “I was heading in that direction anyway”, free empty bus rides because an out of service bus just stopped to pick me up and take me where I wanted to go, win tickets to the comedy club off a radio station (when I never entered the competition) right after I thought about wanting to go to the Comedy club that night, free tickets to movies, win every raffle I entered etc etc  and all this happened within a 3-6 month period.  People said I was really lucky but it literally freaked me out.

After that I’d have even more fear that either my luck would run out or that I’d manifest all sorts of horrors into my life just as easily as I manifested the good stuff.  Kind of like how the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man became Godzilla in Ghost Busters.  Out of control.

But now it’s different and that is because now I know better.

Firstly, I know it’s not me that’s making anything happen.  It never has been.  Miracles happen all the time, to all of us, constantly.  That is the nature of the universe.  I just finally learned how to get out of the way.

Secondly, when they happen, I’ve learned to acknowledge them, accept them and let them be instead of ignoring them, rejecting them, battling with receiving them or flat out pushing them away with fear.

Lastly, I understand now that because it isn’t me, I have no control over it.  I just have to allow it to happen and be there to witness it.

The result?  No shakes or crying.  Just, “Thank  you. ” or “Thank God!” or “Yes! This is awesome!”  Every single time is like receiving a gift and I really like presents, especially if they’re things I’ve wished for.  Those are the best presents!

Mind you, nothing big or expensive has come through lately but then again, I haven’t asked and I’m not going to.  Not unless I really desire it.  It is a privilege that I must use wisely.

Ask and you shall receive.  It really is that simple.  The asking is always easy.  It’s the receiving part that I needed to learn.

Financial Health
If I was a horse with blinkers, health and spirituality is right in front of me and finances continuously sit in my periphery.  Tony loves finance but he leaves household finances to me because he thinks I’m better at it than he is.

Just how good am I?  I went to a tax accountant once who asked me to bring “all my receipts” for the year and when I did, he chuckled and said “You have enough paper work to look like you’ve been in business for 10 years!”

He told me to go away and sort it all before coming back to him.  I had to sit for 3-4 days doing nothing else but filtering through it all and making sense of it.  The process was both cathartic and traumatic all at the same time.

There has been little improvement since.  The blinkers have prevented me from finding another way.  Instead I just pile the papers up until I get so overwhelmed I stuff them in a box or bag and then shove that box/bag in the cupboard.

So this coming week, I’m going to find another way.   I’ve already learned to ask and receive.  I suppose, it’s now time to experience “Seek and you shall find”!

I’ll let you know how I get on next week!

Until then, may you receive all that you ask for xx




2018 Week 13 Summary – Part 1

Just as quickly as it takes for me to complain about something, a resolution ensues.  Such is my life these days and I am loving it.

Before I continue, Tony advised that it would be better for me to split this post into two because it’s way too long.  So here goes part 1 where I update on Paris & Rome and House Stuff.  Part 2 will be an update on me & Tones in the different areas of life.

Paris & Rome
Paris is a breeze.  He is such a scaredy cat he refuses to touch anything in case he gets into trouble.  The end result is he won’t touch anything unless it’s in his play area.   The onus therefore lies with us and where we keep our belongings. If we leave things in his play area, then they are his to play with.

Rome however is the complete opposite.  Nothing is out of his reach. He will jump onto and climb things where he can.  According to him, everything is his domain and his to treat however he likes.  The fence between him and Paris is the only boundary that keeps him from owning the entire flat and all of Paris’ things, including Paris and every day he bites on it in an attempt to break it down.

Anything we keep out of his reach is just something he will work out how to get to eventually and he has a lifetime to achieve this (that’s approximately 12+ human years.  Right now he’s only 1.5yo so we have many adventures and bouts of destruction ahead).

That was pretty much the destiny of my computer charger.  Paris managed to bite it one night while unsupervised as it was very close to his play area but he didn’t bite it enough to sever the cord.  I was able to fix it and continue using my charger.  Over a year later, Rome managed to climb and reach over the bin barrier we put in place.  He pulled the cord and with one bite, severed it entirely.



I wasn’t happy.  I felt myself upset but not stressed, just annoyed that I had to spend money on a new cord.  That is, until I found it really hard to find a replacement cord online and then I got really annoyed.  Tony however, checked all our other power cords of other electrical items and found that the printer and the camera battery chargers both had the same base power cord that I needed.  So, we just used the camera charger cord as a replacement and didn’t have to spend a cent.

Job sorted in a day.  Happy days!

Before my computer charger, Rome also managed to chew through the power board plug this week too.

What a power cord looks like after #romerabbit chews through it

Tony, wanting to check the level of destruction, touched the cord with his finger and got a nasty 240V electric shock.  We were surprised Rome was absolutely fine.

I must say, if I haven’t already, part of me actually wishes Rome got an electric shock so it would teach him to stop chewing the wires.  The other part of course, is terrified that he will get completely electrocuted and I’d have a BBQ’d bunny to deal with.  I’d prefer just being annoyed at a naughty bunny.

My absolutely adorable, super naughty, one minute chilled out, next minute destroying everything #romerabbit

Cords can be replaced but my Romey-Rome-Rome, no matter how naughty and needing to be taught a lesson, cannot.

Home and House Stuff
The completions have begun again.  After his nasty electric shock, Tony bought a new power board and replaced the cord cover tube.

He also replaced one side of the hallway’s skirting boards because I mentioned that over 3-4 weeks had passed since he insisted I buy them.  He agreed and sorted it over the weekend.  I will have to buy some more for the other side now that we know it’s come out ok.

Since I’d been sick and not paying attention to the food in the fridge, this week, I had to go through and clear it.  I threw away everything that was going off and started to salvage things just before they turned.

I made Kaldereta again because we had enough left over ingredients from last week’s batch, to make another pot full.  That cleared most of the ingredients from the fridge.  This one tasted different.  Not as smoky, instead quite spicy.  It definitely was the chorizo we used as it was a different brand / type to the one we used last week.  This week it tasted more like a spicy chorizo stew.


I also made paleo bread.  That’s the best way to describe it.  No grains, no dairy.  It used almond meal and eggs.  Tony made almond milk which went off.  When made fresh, you need to use it within a few days and we didn’t.  The almond meal that came from making the milk, I salvaged by turning it into bread then used the bread to scoop and soak up the chorizo stew.

The new food discovery this week is now our brand new all time favourite corn chips.  We loved them so much, we went and bought 2 more packs (they were on sale).

ManoMasa is a brand of corn chips we’ve enjoyed in the past.  But this week, we tried the Hexano with Serrano Chilli and Mayan Yucatan Honey.  This is by far our favourite out of their entire range.  We barely even eat spicy food but couldn’t get enough of these!  Next time you find some, make sure you try it.  It looks like this:

Manomasa Hexano


Part 2 of my Week 13 update is going to be posted on Saturday.

So, see you then!

2018 Week 12 Summary

The week of being sick.  The last time we were sick was during our trip to the Philippines and Hong Kong in December.  It’s been 3 months and we (or rather I… as usual) have gotten sick again.

Tony did some sneezing and feeling a bit unwell for a day but he always manages to nip it in the bud and ends up fine the next day.

I however, ended up thinking I was being really awesome not getting any symptoms when he did  and then 3 days later doing the whole rigmarole.  Day 1 – sneezing.  Day 2 – fever.  Day 3 – coughing.  Day 4 – the start of recovery or so I hope.  I’m on Day 4 right now.

Paris & Rome
I am so glad the boys can’t catch any of my diseases.  They have however, been avoiding me.  I think I must smell different.  When I was feverish, both of them actually hid and really kept away from me.  I felt like I didn’t see them all day and night.

After I broke my fever, they were both approachable but they would hide away again or stare at me with eyes and ears wide open, from afar, during my sneezing or coughing fits.  It must be a sign that I’m getting better when they both allow me to pat them again.

They have both been well and healthy this week with nothing too crazy other than abstaining from pellets.  I feel like Paris isn’t eating anything at all sometimes because I find all his pellets (that he doesn’t want to eat) hidden under his blanket, all his fresh veg wilted and all his hay still in his trays.  Yet, he is happy, binkying and still pooing.

Look at this beautiful handsome (even though he’s so picky with his food) boy #parisbunny

Like I said last week.  A healthy appetite + healthy poo makes for a healthy rabbit.  If he doesn’t have much of an appetite, then I get worried.

So far  his behaviour indicates that he’s eating enough so I’ll just monitor him now more closely and I’m never buying this brand of pellets ever again.

Urgh…. who needs kids when bunnies are just as picky?!

Home and House Stuff
Remember the scotia Tony bugged me to buy ASAP oh, maybe 3-4 weeks ago?  It’s still sitting on a pile of junk in the lounge.  As quickly as they came, the completions have stopped.

I’ve also piled up bottles of hotel shower gels and conditioners on the table to sell off.  Tony collected them on his business travels.  We don’t use them.  Time to sell them.  Ironically, this is my attempt at clearing the clutter.  Over 30 bottles (such a waste to just throw) are now cluttering the table!

We haven’t cooked much either because I’ve been sick.  Tony has just gone to the shop and bought ready made soups so that’s all I’ve been having for the past 4 days.  I can’t smell or taste them though so it doesn’t even make a difference what flavour he chooses!

On a positive note, Tony cooked a Filipino dish this week.  He made Caldereta using a Filipino cookbook my cousins/Uncle shared with us from our last visit.  It’s the first Filo dish he’s ever made.

Beef Kaldereta / Caldereta

It’s so awesome to be able to make and eat dishes from all over the world, in your own kitchen  – this is the power of technology!

The best part?  The recipe called for chorizo.  We were able to put Spanish, from Spain chorizo in this dish.  That smoky paprika taste actually gave this dish such a different but welcomed flavour.  We were also able to put fresh liver pate in there instead of canned AND we put the beef in the slow cooker so it stayed solid just enough to be able to deliciously fall apart, in your mouth.

I tell you what, it doesn’t look like much in the picture but  Caldereta just went up a few notches on my favourites list.

With the left over Chorizo, we just put it with garlic and a bit of olive oil in the oven.  I added tomatoes which gave them some sweetness to balance out the smoky, salty, fatty, garlicky taste.

Chorizo with tomatoes

I wished we had bread but alas, we did not.  Tones used free from (free from wheat/gluten) crackers to soak up the oil.

Also went shopping and ended up finding these for £1.99.  I actually thought they were going to be thin rice crackers covered in chocolate but they weren’t!!

They were actually thin sheets of Pringle shaped chocolate with little crispy balls of puffed rice.  Cappuccino flavoured at that!  Oh what a lovely discovery!

Belgian Chocolate Thins

Joy & Tones

Mental Health
We watched all 8 movies back to back of Harry Potter.  I wanted to.

I wanted to re-watch from beginning to end with the information you get at the end.  I wanted to see the same sequence of events with a different perspective.

It makes me think of life and things about my life I might have seen differently, had I been given all/different information.  I wonder if this is what happens when you die.

Physical Health
As mentioned above, I’m sick, Tony is not.  This is where Biochemical Individuality steps in and produces different outcomes.

Tony and I have been eating the same food, same supplements and exercising similarly to each other for the last 10 years but when it comes down to fighting disease, he’s always stronger.

I’m MUCH better than I used to be.  I used to get sick once a month every month without fail and I’d be sick for 2 weeks at a time.  It was horrible.  At least now, 5-6 days every 3 months is doing well.  BUT I have also been better than this.

I think I’ve gone over a year without getting sick which if I could, I would replicate ALL THE TIME except I know what it takes and it takes a lot of discipline and effort!  Tones I’m sure of it, has gone over 2 years without getting a cold when we were making that effort!

So, it plays to the tune of us requiring different nutrients (and/or different amounts of them) and Tony having everything he needs at the right dosage and me, not quite.  That’s the conclusion I’ll draw from this situation at the moment and also that it means, I do better when I’m juicing (urgh!)

Spiritual Health
It’s been officially 2 months since we’ve started meditating twice a day every day.  How ‘bou dat?  (Sorry…. but ever since hearing it, I can’t unhear it and now I can’t just say “How about that?”.   I also know I just turned an impressive statement into an oxymoron by adding that last bit but it can’t be helped.  If you’ve got a problem with it, you can always “cash me outside!” Ha!  My humour.  Yep, again, sorry if it made you groan or cringe.  That’s just how I roll.  Tony’s still with me after years of it, so it can’t be that bad! Hahaha)

Can I talk of changes from meditation?  Not distinctly but I know things have changed.  For example, when I look at things in our life right now, they had started to move and now it looks like it’s stopped, paused, halted and yet I don’t feel like it has.

Perception is different.  It’s almost as if we just spent the first 2 months breathing in and right now, we’re just waiting to exhale.  The movement is still there, it’s just at a different phase.

What is different between now and before is that before I would have gotten upset or depressed or even angry that things weren’t moving but now, it’s understanding that it’s like the passing of a season.

Seeing the ebb and the flow.  It’s like I’ve finally started to understand what it looks like – the time for sowing, the time for growing and the time for reaping look different, for different things.

Some things you need to put effort into and some things you don’t. Some things you actually destroy by doing too much and some things die when not given enough attention or energy.  I can’t say I’ve got the knack just yet for each situation but I can say the cogs are turning and a greater understanding is starting to take shape.

Financial Health
They say that rich people talk about money and poor people don’t.  So I suppose if I want to be rich, I’d better start talking about money then hey?

I would say our finances are average but I guess that depends on what you’re comparing it to.  On a global scale, our finances are above average and that’s because we’re comparing to all the billions of people who live below the poverty line in third world countries.

On our own scale, we’re doing OK.  Compared to where we’d like to be or think we should be, we’re not quite there but we’ve improved from where we started so that’s a good thing.

Compared with our neighbourhood, we’re poor.  We recently put bubble wrap all around the borders of our windows to stop the cold draught coming in.  I told Tones I didn’t care how povo we looked as long as we stayed warm.

That’s a tough thing isn’t it?  Keeping up with the Jones’.  Well, I refuse to keep up with the Jones’ if it’s going to put us in the red.  I would always prefer to look poor and have money than the other way around.

Except having dodgy windows isn’t looking poor, it is being poor.  There is keeping up with the Jones’ and then there’s maintaining a certain standard of living.  Functional windows isn’t a luxury.  It is a necessity especially when it’s -5’C outside.

There is of course, the question of affordability.  It’s going to be a big expense (anywhere up to £5,000 as they are wooden sash, bay windows – $10K AUD, $7K USD).

Regardless of what it costs, if you can’t afford a necessity, then that is being poor.  Windows that work come under providing adequate shelter.

Besides, it’s not that we cannot afford it.  It’s just that we hate parting with that kind of money.  We’re really frugal (my new polite English expression rather than the Aussie “tight ass”).

If I can get it for less than half that price I will.  It may mean we need to get the PVCU stuff ie not real wood but I’d rather that because it means it doesn’t need refurbishment / replacement every 5-10  years.  I might even request triple glazing.  No noise, no cold. AAA energy efficiency rating 😉  (even though you can’t get it ’cause the highest rating is A) Alright!

Emotional Health
To know where you’ve been and see where you are now and realise how far you’ve come is a blessing.

Of all the different areas of life, I must say that I was way behind the eight ball with this but this challenge has become my biggest blessing in life and if I ever had to live it all again I would.

I would never wish my experiences on my greatest enemies but I’m glad I went through it all and come out the other end as sane, as grateful and as blessed as I feel right now.

There may be no accolades or prizes for accomplishing great feats in the emotional world but I know what I’ve achieved so far and the inner peace that comes with each revolution of evolution is a wonderful reward.

See you next week!

2018 Week 11 Summary

I won.  I came first.  The in-game competition is over.

That means I now have my time back and so it’s time to focus on things more important.  Also the game was having a bit of a glitch as they were having problems with servers.  Tones had the same problems at work.

We think that the company that makes the game I play and Tones’ work use the same company for their servers.  It’s too coincidental otherwise!

So, this week seeing as I couldn’t play my game much anymore, I decided to catch up on everything.  I’ve caught up on my blogs (YES!), I’m catching up on filing (both physical and electronic) and I’m catching up on the recording of our finances.

Filing and finances are the bane of my life.  Therefore, I do them the least which makes them even more unmanageable over time.  Considering my entire mantra this week to get me moving is “How you do anything is how you do everything.” I’ve decided to face all the things I’ve been procrastinating about, head on.

The result?  I’ve made some progress 😉

Paris & Rome
Rome has started moulting again.  Paris hasn’t yet.  I’ve had my couple of weeks of rest and now the continuous vacuuming starts again!

They’re supposed to moult every 3 months (with each season) but for some reason they don’t do it at the same time and they moult for weeks each, so I only get 2 weeks of every 3 months where we’re not breathing in and eating fur!

Seriously, their moulting is giving me white hair!  Never mind, I still love them (both the boys and even my white hair).  I just have to look at my boys and I feel love.  It doesn’t matter if they’re sleeping or breaking something, I still feel love.

They have and continue to teach me unconditional love every day.  You just have to see how much fur, hay and bitten furniture there is to understand just how unconditional my love is for them.

But then again, how can you not love them when they look like this when they sleep?

Paris Sleeping in his hutch. His little white belly exposed. Sorry for the pixelated picture. He wakes up and moves if I get too close so this is the best I could take so far with my dodgy phone camera zoom.
Rome Sleeping under the bed. Rabbits sleep with their eyes OPEN so when you see their eyes closed like this, it means they feel safe and comfortable.


House Stuff
Again another week gone by with no changes to the house.

Instead, I spent an entire afternoon with a friend who was visiting London.  She’s found her dream man and her forever home, left the rat race and is now living her ideal life in their beach side escape in Cornwall.

They made the big decision and the move out of London, a year ago or a little over that I think and I must admit, when she visits, I feel like she’s visiting a stagnant pool of water called my life.

As an example, we’ve been living in this flat for 10 years and haven’t moved.  She reminded me that Tony and I have been together for 10 years!  In fact, our 10 year anniversary (not wedding but being together) went past and both Tony and I completely forgot!!  It was back in February.  Oops!

So, that evening, I met up with Tony and we went out to a nice meal and ordered a sushi boat plus some Kaki Furai (deep fried giant oysters that you can see in the picture left hand corner)!

Sushi Boat – a mixture of different sashimi including scallop, prawn, salmon, tuna, octopus, clams, mackerel and yellow tail.

That was one way we proved we could take immediate action to rectify things quickly and easily.  Batta-bing Batta-boom, our 10 year anniversary celebration, done!

As for being stagnant, when it’s about bigger things, I prefer thinking of our life more like a bamboo.  Have you heard that if you plant a Chinese bamboo seed, it will sit in the ground for4-5 years and appear to be dormant. Then, over a six-week period, it will grow 90 feet?

Well, I like to think of this time as the time that we’re attending to our roots.  We are being patient, methodical and meticulous.  It never looks like anything has changed on the surface but as long as the roots are healthy and growing strong and we continue to tend to them, there will be a huge, beautiful and strong plant shooting out soon enough.

We will see the fruits of our labour.  I know that.  Patience is a virtue!

Joy & Tones

Mental Health
We ate out a lot this week, not just the sushi.  I went for tapas with my friend, bought Chinese takeaway and ate at Byron Burgers.  I ate  a lot of wheat and bread which I had eliminated from my diet for a while.  It seems the eating out didn’t do my brain much good because I had multiple moments of slowness this week.

It wasn’t brain fog but just being slow with constructing sentences and finding the right words to express myself, as if I was in a daze or sleepy stupor when I spoke.

So, it seems I can’t just eat whatever I want when I go out now anymore.  Especially if the effects are that immediate and obvious.  For now I am definitely removing as much wheat from my diet as possible and won’t be reintroducing it for a long time.

It’s for my brain.  I want to remain lucid, every day, ’til the day I leave my body!

Physical Health
I’m back to doing yoga only once a week.  By my 3rd Bikram yoga session, I started spot bleeding after yoga again.  It looks like it only happens with Bikram yoga. Must be the heat. I’ve noticed my internal body temperature is quite high on its own.  Going into a hot room and feeling like I’m overheating must trigger the bleeding.

Once I stopped going to Bikram yoga, the spot bleeding stopped too.  So now, I’m only doing Dharma yoga once a week.  It really does make me happy and I can see little improvements each week.   I do however think that once a week is too little for physical activity, so I might have to add some other form of exercise in between.

Spiritual Health
Still meditating and now Tony is actually looking into attending a meditation retreat.  I, however, am not keen to leave my boys on their own or with a sitter unless necessary.  Especially with how they were after the last one.

So we’re thinking of starting off with a day retreat  and depending how that goes, we may work ourselves up to longer ones.

Emotional Health
I’ve started collating a list of issues I’d like to clear and just the mere act of doing this has actually made my life feel so peaceful, calm and orderly.  It’s almost like this exercise has got my mind at ease knowing that these things will be dealt with shortly, so it doesn’t need to worry or hold onto them any more.  It’s a good feeling.

Financial Health
I’ve noticed that when I’m checking our money, we have more and when I don’t, we have less.

This week, I’ve put my focus on money.  After all, it’s been a while.  I haven’t been checking our outgoings for over a year and since we’ve been spending so much lately preparing for all the fixes in the house, plus needing money to sort out the boiler and the windows this spring / summer, it’s about time I start reining it in.  It’s all part of tending to our roots.

And with that I can see that we are laying our foundations down quite well.  We’re getting more and more well rounded in life having wellness in mind, body, spirit, emotions and now, finances too.

So, that completes my 3rd blog this week to get me up to date and back on track.  Late is better than never and having caught up is a really good feeling.

See you next week!!

2018 Week 10 Summary

One of my favourite sayings is “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

I say this to myself every time I think I’ve done something sub-par and frankly, my late and irregular blogging is just not up to standard.

Actually, I get the blog done on time but then I struggle to find pictures (I have to get Tones to share his phone pictures with me as he takes more photos than I do and he sends me links that don’t work etc etc) and instead of just posting on time, without the pictures I just think, “Oh, I’ll do it later.” Well, later becomes a few days which then becomes 1 week, then 2 weeks and of course, “How you do anything is how you do everything!”

Once I start on this trajectory, the catch up becomes too big a task, the posts become irrelevant and then I don’t bother with them anymore.  They become too little too late and then again, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

So.  I’m being thorough.  I’m catching up and I’m making sure it’s done properly with pictures, even if it takes me extra time and extra work.  I’m going to get back on track because “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

I’m not one to back down or give up.  In fact I’m a bit of a bulldozer and work better under pressure than not.  So here it goes… 3 blogs in a week!  This is the 2nd one to catch up on last week!  Only one more to follow and I would be back on time and on track.

Paris & Rome
Mini drama this week with Paris going through GI stasis yet again.  Except this time it was while I was having a midnight-early morning Skype call with my brother where I started getting irate and I wasn’t able to pay the appropriate attention to Paris so the stasis continued until 6am.

I got off the call with my brother about 3am and did the whole chasing, brushing, massaging routine with Paris for 3 hours before he finally pooed.  Before that he was just curled up in a ball completely stationery and wincing in pain.  After that, he was binkying and running all over the place.  I love how there’s just no filter with them.  If they’re feeling crappy, they wince and the moment the pain is gone, they are jumping and blissful.  None of this moping around remembering pain like humans do!  They are so in the moment.  I love it!

I also accidentally stepped on Paris’ back and kicked Rome in the face.  This is what happens when you let bunnies run freely and they somehow like running around, between and under your feet.  Don’t worry, no bunnies were injured at the time of these events.

In the time it took for me to register that Paris’ entire back was under my foot and shift my weight back onto my other leg (thank God for yoga!), he had managed to run out from under my foot so I didn’t put my full weight on him.  It all happened in a fraction of a second.  I was a bit in shock.  I’d actually stepped down far enough to flatten his body onto the floor but not hard enough to stop him from wriggling out before I applied my full weight. He was fast and oh so lucky.

Watch out I’m coming through! (Paris in his tunnel)


As for Rome, I tend to take little steps when they’re around for this exact reason.  Wide strides would ensure you kick them quite hard.  I’ve already managed to kick him (with one of my walking strides) before and he slid down the hallway like a fur ball heading towards a goal.  It’s a combination of his fur and the wooden floor which they easily slip around on, along with the fact that he only weighs 1kg.

I felt terrible about this and he was in shock after hitting the fence (“and she scores!”).  So after that, I’ve always tread slowly, small steps only and very carefully.  Still, this week, I managed to kick Rome in the face.  It wasn’t a hard impact.  Basically he got really happy and decided to run in the same direction I was stepping.  So his face and my foot collided, leaving us both at a standstill just staring at each other.

This is what Rome looks like every time he wants out of his cage. This is his “Hey! Let me out!” stare. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of an “OMG you just kicked me in the face” stare.

So now I’m pretty much shuffling wherever I go.  Not much harm done though because they still continue to run around my feet and they’re both normal (ie not limping or blind and bumping into things or anything like that).   Phew!  I suppose this is one way for me to learn mindfulness!

House Stuff

Nothing done this week because we actually spent time with friends on the weekend and then had a rest day because I was determined to win my game.

I’m playing a game on my phone at the moment which has an in-game competition where you have to cook burgers and hotdogs.  I know, stop rolling your eyes.  I’m really good at it and I’m not that good at any game so now that I found something I’m good at, I had to win.  That’s how I roll.  So I dedicated a whole Sunday just to play and get ahead.  If only I could apply this type of motivation to the stagnant things in my life!

Joy & Tones

Mental Health
We went to a friends’ place this week and spent time with their whole family.  The kids are in high school and one had just done some mock exams for his A levels (the equivalent of SATs and HSCs as far as I understand).

As he wasn’t too pleased with how he went, his dad asked us over to help him with some learning and study techniques.  I said, bring it on!

Now that my days of brain fog were over, this was a great chance for me to see what I actually remembered from over 20 years ago and check to see if memory recall was a problem.  It wasn’t!  Both Tones and I were able to impart to him the study techniques that worked for us and some techniques that we learned long after our studies were over.  The kind of techniques where you say “I wish I knew these BEFORE!!”

I do hope they help him.  The real exams are in 3 months time.  The bonus was that they own a Chinese Takeaway so we got some pretty awesome lunch and dinner in return 😉

Physical Health
Our energy levels have improved.  Still tired but considering how little sleep we’re both getting, we actually function quite normally.

Even on the day when I was up until 6am with Paris, I only had 2.5 hrs sleep and I was still up and functioning and bright and energetic all the way to 1am the next morning.  I’m sure it’s got to do with the vitamin supplements.  Not ideal I know, results would be better if I actually slept but at least I know they’re working.

Spiritual Health
Through meditation, I’ve started to access and release some pretty crap things.  You release stresses when you meditate, some things have been around for years in the system and I’m sensing I’m starting to release them, not because I don’t feel them anymore but because I do feel them.

For example, the other day, during meditation and for the rest of the day after, all I felt was anger and resentment.  Something triggered it just before I started meditating and it just continued.  I could tell it would just continue unless I dealt with it.  I attempted to distract myself by focussing on work.  I attempted to sleep it away but none of it worked.

Emotional Health
I knew it would eventually come up.  Afterall, the well being of a person covers physical, mental, spiritual and emotional too.

What we don’t often realise is that it’s all integrated.  You cannot sort one without affecting the others.

And so now I’m also dealing with emotional stuff.  What has come up for me?  Anger and resentment over something that happened 4 years ago.  It was a huge event for me and the kind that caused a lot of arguments between Tony and I.

Therefore, it was the kind I buried until something triggered the memories which then trigger the emotions.  This was an issue where no amount of discussion got to a solution.  We’d both just end up very angry and so the problem would be put on the shelf or buried again, waiting to be dealt with another day.

Occasionally, over the years, something would trigger it, we’ll have an argument about it, it remains unresolved and for the sake of peace and harmony, it gets buried again and again.

Well it got triggered this week.  Except this time, I refused to put it back on the shelf.  Every problem has a solution and I was determined to find the solution for this one.

It must have been due to my week of completions and feeling the need to resolve the unresolved or it could have been the meditation putting me in a state that was better prepared for dealing with it but whatever it was, I was ready to face this one head on and get it sorted once and for all.

Surprisingly, it was a lot easier than I expected.  I was able to talk it through to completion with Tones.  His reactions were much calmer than they have been in the past.  His communication was more efficient and clear as well.  I found my responses to his arguments much calmer and receptive making the overall process easy and pleasant.  Now that was a miracle.

And the best part?  The situation has been resolved, completed, settled, sorted, done and dusted.  Completion done.  How do I know?  Because when I think of the situation, there is no more anger or resentment and both Tony and I know that we’re on the same side.

So, that’s one problem down… only 150,000 more to go 😉

And so now only one more blog to be posted to catch me up completely!  See you in a couple of hours for this week’s blog!


2018 Week 9 Summary

And just like that, February is over and we’re in March.  It sure doesn’t feel like Spring is around the corner!

It’s been snowing in London for the last 4-5 days.  OK, it’s been snowing all around UK.  It’s #snowmageddon and a good dose of #snowvereaction depending on where you are in the country.

I’ll tell you one thing we can all agree on though… IT’S FRIGGIN’ COLD!!!

View outside our bedroom window. The back of houses with a mini snow blanket. Not much of a #snowmageddon is it?

Paris & Rome
The boys have been very good this week.  Who knew my levels of happiness would correlate with the size of their poos.  The bigger and rounder their poo (the closer they are to looking like Maltesers), the happier I am because it means their intestinal tracts are working and clear.

Maltesers. The more my rabbit’s poo looks like this, the happier I am!

Healthy Appetite + Healthy Poo = Healthy Rabbit

It also means they’re not losing as much fur anymore and I have some reprieve from what felt like the never ending vacuuming.

Their ears have been cold and they both have relished a pat with warm hands, closing their eyes and grinding their teeth contentedly when it happens.  Our place loses heat like crazy due to a couple of dodgy windows and an old boiler that can’t keep up.  The boys are lucky their fur is keeping them nice and warm!  I just hope it’s enough.

They both have quilts and cardboard boxes though so that should be added warmth if they require it.  I wish I could just give them a companion to snuggle with.  That’s what they were supposed to be for each other.  If only they didn’t hate each other so much. *sigh*

Regardless of the cold, they’re both still alive, playing, jumping, eating etc so that’s my indication that they’re warm enough even if the flat and their ears are cold and they have to stay separated.

Paris has been doing something strange.  Usually when it’s time to feed him his pellets, he goes berserk and runs around really fast like he can’t contain just how happy and excited he is.  He doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.  As soon as his nose comes into contact with the pellet, he’ll stop running and will frantically eat as fast as he can (he’s like a vacuum cleaner for pellets).

These days however, he goes crazy, runs around like a mad man but then, sniffs the pellets and then runs off again.  He’ll do a few more circles running around his play area, come back to sniff the pellets and then run off to play in his box.  I didn’t get it.

I couldn’t even give him pellets as a reward because he’d just ignore them.  He goes crazy for them and then doesn’t eat them and runs away.  Later on, when he just happens to be passing them, he might stop to snack on them, or not.  I found it really bizarre.

That is, until I discovered yesterday that only certain types of pellet get this result.  He’s become very picky and will only eat one type.  If given the other, instead of hoovering it all up in seconds, he’ll take his time about eating it.  There’s one brand where he’d rather starve and will refuse to eat it altogether.

So, he gets crazy excited thinking he’s about to get certain pellets and then runs away just as frantically when he realises it’s not the kind he thought it was going to be!

Here’s an example of what he does when he runs around.   What a #funnybunny  If the below doesn’t play straight out, you’ll have to hover your mouse on it and click through to Instagram.


House Stuff
“We have an English boiler.”  That’s what Tony said this morning when he woke up to a freezing flat after we’d left the boiler on all night.  That is, if it overheats, the boiler stops working and after last night, it’s shown us that if it gets too cold, it also stops working.

Kind of like how trains to London are cancelled when wind has blown a leaf on the tracks or how everything just breaks down at the first sign of a snowflake, our boiler is hypersensitive and will only work in perfect conditions.  Change those conditions just a tiny bit and it all goes Pete Tong (that’s cockney rhyme for “wrong”).

All I can say is, 17’C (which is pretty much all the boiler can warm the flat up to even when kept running continuously for days) is better than -2’C.  I just wear lots of layers, socks, sheepskin slippers, dressing gown and drink lots of hot water.  When push comes to shove and I really can’t get warm, I turn on the oven and sit next to it or go back to bed to warm my feet up under the covers.  I am willing this boiler to work until Spring finally arrives.  You can do it boiler!! You’re British.. just keep calm and carry on!

We went to a shopping mall so Tony could find a pair of work trousers.  Can you believe he only had 1 pair left  because he’d broken 2 within a couple weeks of each other?

Not from being fat, but rather one pair was 6 years old, the other 3 years old and he wore them in rotation every work day so they just got worn out especially his back pocket where he’s always putting his wallet or phone and the corner of the phone has worn away the material.  We’ve done some throwing away of clothes a couple of years ago and he only kept 3 pairs of trousers.  Pleased to say he’s now back to 3 pairs of trousers again.

You know, the mall wasn’t crowded.  I suspect the cold turned people off from going out.  However, I still much prefer shopping online.

The problem with shopping at a mall is that we ended up buying things we never intended to buy. When you shop online, you only ever buy what you need.  Well, I do anyway.

At the mall you just get tempted, intrigued, curious.  You see things that weren’t on your radar.  You go have a look and the shop sales assistant starts explaining to you his experience of the product you’re curious about, which convinces you to buy it just so you can experience it for yourself.

Then he lets you sample and smell other products and the next thing you know, you’ve gone home with more than you bargained for.

You go out to get one gift for someone and end up with 3 additional gifts…. for yourself!  Argh!!


Joy & Tones

Mental Health
Brain fog is a thing of the past 😉  At least 2 weeks without it.  Amazing!!  The high fat diet has worked and is therefore staying.

You know how sometimes you want to use a particular word in a sentence, it’s right on the tip of your tongue and you just can’t figure it out?

Well, I had one of those situations and as soon as I said, “What’s another word for buffer?” The word “contingency” came up straight away which is the word I wanted.  There was no more tip of tongue experience… it just flew right out!

Why did we ever get taught to avoid fat altogether?  My goal now I suppose is to ensure I’m eating good fats.

At the moment, I’ve just eaten any and all fat.  Tony even bought me 2 packs of pork scratchings which I’m breaking my teeth over.  Why are they so hard?

Anyway, the fat might make my brain function well again but my heart and bowels won’t be functioning well if I’m not careful!  I actually get the runs from having dairy cream but it hasn’t stopped me consuming it because it’s high in fat!

At the end of the day I think it’s what’s attributed to our lethargy – just the overindulgence in all things fatty (and salty).  Or.. it could be all the sugar..  We weren’t supposed to eat so much sugar… damn you shopping mall and all your temptations and distractions!!!

Physical Health
Vit C, Vit B and Vit D that I purchased online were delivered.  After 3 days of taking them, they have had zero effect on our mood and energy levels.  We are both so tired!!

Fat is supposed to be used as energy but I suspect it’s taking longer for the body to convert and because we’re not eating the right fats, we’re getting sluggish.  It’s a theory.  I haven’t looked it up.  Add the cold and sugar to it and I’m behaving like a sloth.

On a positive note, it’s prime season for getting sick and we’re both fine.  Tones met our neighbour in the hall yesterday and apparently he’s not looking good and been sniffly and feverish for the last 5 days.  With germs so close to home and our house being so cold, I’m just glad our immune systems have been working regardless of what we’ve been eating!

Spiritual Health
Still meditating.

So last week was buying stuff online.  This week was receiving all the deliveries.  I think my meditation got interrupted every day just so I could sign for a parcel.  I don’t know why but I’d change it up a bit and no matter what time I chose to meditate, I’d get a delivery in those 20 mins.  Go figure.

I started this app which recorded all my meditation days except we used Tony’s phone twice in a row and now my app which said I had done 19 days consecutive since downloading it, says 4 days consecutive!!!  I’m annoyed.  I was about to hit a milestone!!  I was going to get a 20 days consecutive meditation star on my app!!  But now… I have to start again… it’s the little things!  I was looking forward to getting that star!  But now IT’S ALL OVER!!!

I’m never getting over it, it’s ruined my meditation motivation forever!

Haha that reminds me of the time I attempted to do colouring in for stress relief and I realised that it was actually stressing me out instead of relaxing me because I JUST WANTED TO FINISH!!!!

I did finish.  Tony even framed it but I’ve not really coloured anything else in since!

Don’t worry, I won’t let this app deter me from meditating.  If anything the inaccuracy of its records is deterring me from using the app!  We’ve both actually meditated twice a day every day since we started and have not skipped a day.  A. Maze. Balls.

See you soon!