For Money Transfers

Being Australian and living in London does mean that you probably have one foot in each country and haven’t completely moved all your money to only one place.

AND… you don’t just have to be Australian.  Most people who live in London want to send money “back home” for one reason or another (savings, gifts, investments) 🙂

So wherever your home is and wherever you are right now, if you’re transferring money between countries, here are 2 places we use to transfer money which we can recommend to you:


If you use the link we’ve provided above, you get your first transfer free  🙂

The fee charged depends on the amount you send (approx £1 per £200) but they stick to the current rate at the time of conversion rather than giving you a lower rate like the banks do.

Since the rate is constantly changing, it does mean that the amount you will receive is dependent on the rate at the time of conversion.  You can set the rate so it doesn’t fluctuate more than 0- 3% from the rate you agreed to, but there’s no guarantee on the exact amount you will get on the other end and making the threshold lower eg. 0.5% means that you could delay your transfer because if the rate moves by 1%, they have to wait for the exchange rate to move back to within the range you chose before converting your money.


1st Contact Forex

We’ve been using 1st Contact Forex for the last few years because it’s reliable, the rate is slightly better than the banks but lower than the current rates and there’s one flat fee of £7 regardless of transfer amount.

Every 6th transfer is fee free and they also give you a fee free transfer code for your birthday each year which you can use any time after 🙂

And… if you use the link we’ve provided above, you also get your first transfer free!

They will send money at the rate at which you make the transfer order so there’s more certainty of how much you will receive on the other end.  Our experience with them has been hassle free and the transfer usually clears within 2 business days.


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