Best Yum Cha (Dim Sum) in London!

There you go, I declared it..

Which means, somewhere out there, somebody is going to challenge this statement, find some other yum cha place which they like better.   And to that, I say… “Go on son!! I dare you!!  No, I double dare you!”

… and then make sure you come back here and tell me where the place is so we can try it out!! 😛

This Chinese restaurant is now my most favouritest (yes I tend to use words that don’t exist… they exist now!!) yum cha place in all of London!  So much so that my foodie friends make it a regular event to go (maybe every 2nd weekend because yum cha every weekend is a bit much)!

BUT it’s also a highly guarded secret… In fact, the mere fact that I’m blogging about this could very much mean I’ll be excluded from any more invitations to gold mine restaurants!

Shhh! Don’t tell my foodie friends that I told you!  Oh the dilemma!  It’s sooo good I want to tell the world but I might just wreck it for all in the know…!


Yes, it’s true… at this restaurant I’m about to tell you about, we were honoured to have enjoyed the privilege of all-you-can-eat yum cha!

Now, most people would scoff at “all you can eat” because it brings up thoughts of buffets with food that’s been sitting there for hours, not the greatest quality, just fillers, lots of fried stuff etc etc  BUT this is SOOO not that!! Just have a look at the video and you’ll see!

Basically, they bring out a whole lot of different things for you to try (or you can pick what you want from their menu) and they keep bringing it out and putting it on your table until you tap out…!!

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Abundant and ever flowing Yum cha…

When you eat as much as we do, this is a dream come true!

So the deal is, this all you can eat yum cha is an introductory promotion to bring more customers in and at any time (ie when they have plenty of customers) the restaurant can cancel it.  So you see, the more people we tell, the less likely it will exist and yum cha will return to normal uncapped prices… boo hoo…

NEVERTHELESS the yum cha is still tasty and well worth the money you pay and if you get the chance, we’d still recommend you try it (all you can eat or not)!

So… what’s on offer? Your usual yummy yum cha choices (har gao, har cheong, siu mai, char siu bao etc) and a plethora of delicious treats like their black cod roll, beef & foie gras dumpling and chocolate dim sum!!

We were so impressed with their lunch that we went to dinner there (on a different night of course) and that was just as amazing!!

The Peking Duck was very good – crispy skin, moist breast, soft pancakes, mmm mmm mmmmm!  They also treated us with some impressive abalone dish (marinated for 5 days) and lobster with foie gras!  Probably the only thing they didn’t do was dip it in gold!

Well, here’s the video 🙂  I get hungry just watching it!!  Enjoy!

😛  NO, I didn’t forget!!  You saw that video and immediately wanted to know where the restaurant was right? 🙂  Here you go… bon appetit!

Grand Imperial London (right next to Victoria Station)

101 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0SJ

I wish we got some kind of referral fee because we are telling everybody but alas we don’t… so put in a good word for us!  If they ever ask you how you found out about them, let them know that Tony and Joy sent you 😉

London Highs and London Lows…

Hey! (is for horses… so they say… but I like that greeting and it’s obvious that they don’t know how to spell… so… Hey!)

London High?  We went to Mercedes World on a very short notice invitation, didn’t know it existed or where it was so it was an excellent opportunity and now we can tell you all about it 🙂 Whoohoo!

London Low?  Our place got robbed!!! Can you believe it?  We still can’t… and we’re still trying to work out exactly what they’ve taken!  It was exactly a week ago!

I’ve been mugged in London (only a few months ago) and that’s another story I can tell you another time.  I mention it now purely for comparison.  You see, when you get mugged, only what is on you gets stolen and you can pretty much remember it all  BUT when it’s your home… WELL, that’s a whole different ball game.  How many things do you put away in nooks, crannies, boxes, cases, tins, cupboards, drawers, bags, etc.

Do you even remember what you have?  Do you remember where you put it all?  Do you know what it’s all worth?  We thought we’d written a pretty comprehensive list (post robbery) and then we had a friend come over, talk about something and realised… OMG.. that’s missing too!!!

Goodness knows, in about 2 weeks we’ll probably realise there’s yet another thing we hadn’t listed that had been stolen.  The robbers had all day – they stole from all 3 flats in our building.  Based on what we lost in our flat alone, if you multiply that by 3, I can definitely confirm that robbery is a VERY lucrative business to get into!

From this event, I will definitely be posting another blog to share some awareness about home burglary… so keep an eye out for that!

For now, let’s find out more about our trip to Mercedes World shall we?

So, I work for a woman who is an Independent Consultant and Regional Vice President of Arbonne UK and she invited me to an Arbonne event which was held at Mercedes World.  Why Mercedes World?  Well, it’s because everybody that joins the business and reaches a particular level in Arbonne gets a brand spanking new, shiny, white Mercedes!!  Friggin’ awesome!

The event was on the Monday just passed.  I get the invitation to the event that afternoon, so ask Tony to join me as well.  We catch a train to Weybridge and then get a lift to Mercedes World!  The event was great, the speakers were inspirational as they’d built multi-million dollar global businesses.

The cars…. well, they were just as cool, didn’t take any videos but we did take some pictures.  Why not a video?  I’ll tell you why not… because our camera got stolen in the burglary!! So, I had to take all the pictures with my phone…

I digress, back to Mercedes World… they had F1 (Mercedes, Force India, MacLaren) cars on show which reminds me… we HAVE to tell you about the Renault World Series which we went to the other week… so much to tell!!!

OK – focus… Mercedes World.. most of the cars were in the dark because the place was open for the event, not for you to visit the showroom floors.  We’ve therefore taken pictures of things that had some light.

What caught my attention was that they have a track where you can get the “ultimate driving experience”.  Not quite sure what this entails but it probably involves driving a Mercedes at high speeds around the race track…  I wonder if they get a driver to drive you around the track at high speeds…!!

We’ll definitely be going back there in the day time when the shops, the track and the showroom floors are open but for now here are our photos – enjoy!


LA Trip begins


Have you ever been on a trip where you knew it was going to be fun, you couldn’t wait, you got there and it was even more awesome than what you imagined it would be?  Well, we had one of those trips and it was this one.. the LA Trip of 2010.

I hear you asking… well what was so good about it?  I say, my dear friend, ask a better question!

Oh! What made it more awesome than I imagined it would be?  Good question!

My answer?  I reckon it was my expectations!  I didn’t have many so, all my expectations were met…   then, everything else was icing, a cherry, some sugar and spice on top… actually no it wasn’t… it was an entire Eton Mess on top of a Pavlova!!  Friggin’ Awesome!

I had only 1 expectation when I went on this trip and it was to be with Tony again ’cause we had been apart for 3 months (he was in LA for work)!  I know, it sounds corny but we do love each other and 3 months was a long time to be away from each other… yes yes… sop sop… what… ever…. say what you will.. but we like being corny… and soppy…

OK… so I did get to be with Tony again AND…. we had an awesome holiday.  This clip is just the beginning, will post some more as we get to put them together.  This was day 1, I’d arrived late the night before, couldn’t sleep then woke up really early in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep so Tones took me out to Westfield to see the local area / shops where he’d been living for 3 months.

When we got there, I saw all manner of things that I’d never seen before like a Caja drink… never knew what a Caja was or what it tasted like until this day – watch the glow in my eyes when my brain registers just how awesome it is!!

Next we found Kurtosh… again never knew what that was until this day.  Who knew such wonders existed in this world!!  We also witnessed a professional Sign Holder with Sign skillz!!  What a day….  After that a long drive to cousin Jeff’s for dinner. We went to Anjin Japanese BBQ Restaurant – it was VERY Yummy and we met up with Tones’ Aunt and Uncle there too.

If you want to try it… Anjin is:

3033 Bristol St
Ste N
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

We took some piccies but didn’t put it on the video, so we’ll include them in the next one.

You’ll see in the vid I look wide awake during clubbing but that’s because I took a nap beforehand.  I have to say… I zonked out completely and could barely keep my eyes open to get to clubbing but I forced myself to wake up and off we went…

The clubbing experience was, I have to say, very interesting.  It was extremely crowded, barely any room to move or walk around but managed to find space eventually.  Also, I would find that guys would randomly walk up to me and touch my arm with the back of their hand…. what does that mean?  Is this an American greeting I’ve not been told about?  They didn’t say anything, they just walked on by.  Thing is about 5 people did this, so I left the club quite baffled.

OH! Forgot to tell you – getting in was SUCH a palava! Ho Ma Faan and a half!  What happened?  Well.. you got me, one girl with 6 boys… they all had ID and well, I didn’t… I left my passport 2.5 hours drive away.  What did I need an ID for?  I’m sure by now I look over 18 and I haven’t been asked for ID anywhere in London… but you need it in the States…

They had us stood out there for a while and finally succumbed to my “I’m an Australian, and it’s my birthday in a few days where I’ll be turning 35!!! And.. well, I don’t drink alcohol anyway.. and I’ve come all the way from London etc etc etc” pity me speech.  But it worked and we were in.  The boys reckon it was my foreign accent that saved me 😛  But if I have any advice for you REMEMBER YOUR ID no matter how old you are!!!!!!!!

Now.. to tell you about the after clubbing experience which was, LEGEND.. wait for it… DARY!

I tell you why… we went to have a 2am Pho.. seriously!!! A hot bowl of delicious Pho in the middle of the night, it was a little sweeter than what we’re used to but tasty none the less.

Then after Pho…. a delicious dessert of blueberry (muffin) donut… crunchy sugary glaze so sweet in your mouth on the outside, and soft mouth watering donut on the inside that had the weight and consistency of a muffin… NEVER had one of those before or again for that matter… seems we’ll have to travel all that way just to experience that heavenly goodness again!  The best part is.. they’re only open from 9pm-11.30am…. So it’s perfect for your after clubbing munchies.  God Bless America!

“Where do you get these delicious treats?”  I hear you ask?

Well, for reading this far… I’ll thank you by giving you the address… here it is:

M&M Donuts

1614 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802

Grab one when you can and enjoy it for us!!!

Enjoy the clip guys and we’ll see you next time 🙂


An Oldie but a Goodie

Hi!  It’s been a while so let me catch you up on some things that have happened over the year since we first started this blog…. starting with…. my hair cut!

Also, I thought it would be good to mention this as it is one way to get a free hair cut in London – lots of places need hair models and getting cuts this way will mean you can get a cut worth hundreds of pounds for £5 or free!

So, last year, September 2010, Tony was in LA and I was left in London to my own devices for 3 months!!!

What came of this time by myself?  Well, I worked (a LOT) and then came home in time to have a conversation with Tony via Skype and with the time difference, Tony would be eating his lunch while I ate my dinner….  We’d chat and in his 1 hour lunch break, we were able to share a meal together EVERY DAY (with a few exceptions for which I got quite upset with him… “I only ask for 1 hour of your time a day” blah blah blah, poor sod!).

I digress…. anyway, while he was out at client meetings, hanging out with the boys and having an awesome time, I was at home watching YouTube (in between working, Skyping and sleeping).  I know right?  Who got the better deal  here?

Out of boredom and social deprivation, I made the clip below.    As an amateur vlogger, this took me 2.5 hours to do, so I was well impressed with myself!!   It was posted in November 2010, just before I was headed to LA to spend a week holidaying with Tones at the end of his US stint (my reward for being without him for 3 months!!  The trip was so much fun and I’ll have to tell you about this next time).

In that sense, the vlog is an oldie but it’s our most watched video, so compared to everything else we’ve posted.. it’s a goodie 🙂  It’s also the craziest haircut I’ve ever had… EVER and it was free!

Depending on the salon you go to, you can still be a hair model and get a much more conservative cut than this!  I only did this because I just wanted something very different… and that’s what I got!

Hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think of the vid or the cut either by posting a comment here or on YouTube!



3.5 weeks 600 views and our first Honours

OMG!! We’re addicted to YouTube.  I don’t think a day goes by where we don’t login just to see the stats!  What geeks we are!!

We’ve been called “sad”, “happy”, had lots of friends rolling their eyes at us for making our silly vids… but that’s how you know you’re doing the right thing… Right???

Well, we’re doing this because it’s fun, yes, 4 hours in front of a computer editing a number of vids and watching the same thing over and over again until we can’t tell if it’s funny any more is fun!!! 😛

Today, we were honoured to see that Loro Parque commented on our most recent upload Tenerife Ep 10 – Loro Parque Penguins

We were even more excited when we noticed that we were awarded with our first ever YouTube Honours.

#86 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Travel & Events

Still don’t know how the honours system works but we haven’t seen any of our other vids with honours before, so this is exciting for us.

Now… we figure, that if we get more comments on our vids, we will move up in the ranking… so… if you haven’t seen it already, watch our vid and comment!! 😛

What do we get by going up in the ranking?  Pride!! 😉

Don’t worry, there’s no risk of our egos being over inflated – I mean, c’mon! We’re excited about being No. 86 for TODAY…

We’re going to enjoy it.. even if it’s just for today 😀

Hope you enjoy the vid and we’ll see you again soon!

Joy & Tony

2 weeks and 300 Video views!

We’ve only just started embracing the various tools that Social Media has given us to share the silly things we’ve been up to with the world.

Recently we went to Tenerife for a holiday and for the first time took videos rather than just happy snaps.

Surprisingly, trigger happy and NOT too camera shy, we managed to get enough footage to create a decent number of travel vlogs.  Alright!!

We posted our very first video 2 weeks ago (5 more since) and in total we’ve already got 300 video views!  It’s so exciting (however, I think most of those views are from us clicking on our Channel to see how many views we’ve been getting! LOL)

We’re like kids with a new toy.

Is 300 video views good?  We have no idea

So where to from here?  Don’t know but we’d really like to keep up the momentum.

So watch our vids, comment, rate, even better still video response us!!

And of course, any hints and tips of how to improve, what we could do better, what you’d like to see more of / hear more about then please do let us know 🙂

See you again soon!

Joy & Tony

Our first video on YouTube 🙂

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