A reminder to DANCE!!!

Throughout my teenage years, I developed broad shoulders and very strong back muscles.  It is so evident that most people ask me if I was a gymnast or a swimmer.  The truth is, I never played any sports and I couldn’t swim to save my life – throw me a buoy!!

So why such broad shoulders and why such big muscles on my back?Some say it’s because I’m an angel and it allows me to carry my wings…awww.

I used to carry a very heavy bag to and from school every day and when I lived on my own, used to carry LOADS of bags of groceries home on my own in a backpack and then carried the rest on each arm so that I didn’t have to go back and forth.   I was also quite stressed throughout my high school and uni days.

Whatever the reason, the muscles in my back would be knotted every day, my shoulders would be really tight and most of my body really stiff in the morning.  It is obvious that my back is where I hold tension.  And now that I’m older regardless of whether or not I’ve carried anything heavy or if I’m stressed, my back still hurts.

Nothing remedies these pains the way yoga does so I make sure to practice a min 30mins every day however as I’ve gotten older, the pain has become more noticeable, more frequent and not just that, the stiffness has increased as well so that very often even 30mins isn’t enough…

and then… I saw this clip….. and it all made sense!!

The key is to move!!!

I’m not getting old and creaky… I’ve just been sitting in front of the computer all day and not moving!!

So here’s your reminder (and mine..) to move.. dance and melt away the fuzz  🙂


The Laws of the Universe – Results (The Law of Cause and Effect)

Every Cause has an Effect and every Effect has a Cause.  Newton’s law of motion, “to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” is exactly what this law is about.  We are at the effect of causes and we cause certain things to take effect.  We send energy out and we will get the same level of energy in return.

This makes me think of a concert – how ever much energy the performer gives, the crowd always gives back.  Whatever energy the crowd gives, the performer gives back and so on and so forth… resulting in everyone totally rockin’!  Here’s a clip of one of my favourite performances.


I chose this clip because Robbie Williams is one of those performers who really gives tonnes of energy and whether or not you like him, you will always feel awesome and respect his work after he performs!!  I admit I wasn’t a fan until I saw him in this specific performance, getting 100’s of thousands of people jumping up and down.

It was impressive not just because of the number of people but more so, the fact that he got the crowd engaged, participating, bouncing and screaming more than any other performers had before (and after) him from the same stage, on the same day.

It was inspiring!!

I’m sure Robbie Williams knows that his music doesn’t appeal to everyone and nor does his personality.  This was the Live 8 concert and so many other performers were there which means the crowd wasn’t there just to see him and a lot could be bigger fans of the other bands.  Yet none of the other performers got the crowd rocking the way he did.

He was the most successful at engaging a huge mix of people that were both fans and non-fans at a time where most of those people had already been standing out there for HOURS!

So how did he do it? I think the Law of Cause and Effect had something to do with it.

1. Cause produces Effect.  Effect is the result of Cause.  A person can either be the one that causes things to happen or the one that is affected by the things that happen.

2.  Non-successful people live “In Effect” which means that things happen to them, they get into situations because of other people, their past and things out of their control.  They are victims of circumstance and there’s nothing they can do about it.  They have a lot of EXCUSES and reasons as to why their life is the way it is right now.

3.  Successful people live “At Cause” as often as they can.  They know that they cannot control everything but they think, feel and do things that cause their desired RESULTS. They know sh*t happens and mistakes are made but they learn from it, they let go of things that aren’t useful to them (including their excuses and their reasons) and do things that will get them what they want instead.  They take responsibility for their results and do things to change their outcome if their situation isn’t what they desire at the time.

4. We are all living in the same world with the same problems, yet we all have different results.  If results come from causes and a person can cause results…  then the result you have is one you caused.  Being at cause or in effect is your choice.

Watch the clip again.  Is Robbie Williams at cause or in effect?  Did the crowd get rocking because it was him?  Were they jumping and screaming because he was singing that particular song which everyone liked?

Pay attention to his face right at the end and you will see that there is something else at play – you can see it in his eyes.  He wasn’t surprised that the crowd went mental.  You can see him looking out into the sea of screaming people, knowing he achieved what he had set out to do.   He didn’t just sing and hope that the crowd would scream and jump because they liked him or his song.  He  went out there and was screaming, he was jumping, he kept encouraging them to bounce and scream, he was interacting with them.  He sent out tonnes of energy and by the time the song finished everyone was giving him back the same amount of energy.  He caused that result and he knew it.

Now think of ALL the people you consider successful or produced a successful result and notice that they are not successful just because the wind blew them there.  They all got rid of their excuses and caused their desired results by doing whatever it took to get the outcome they wanted.

So, now that you know this, the question is, are  you producing successful results in your life?

Are you happy to continue with your life as it is?  Since it’s your choice, which side of that Cause and Effect equation will you choose to be on?

What do you think would happen if you approached life the way Robbie approached that performance?

You got it!

Rock on! 🙂

The Laws of the Universe – Comparison (The Law of Relativity)

Continuing from the last 2 posts, my intention is to keep writing about each Law of the Universe until I complete all 7 (however, some have led me to believe there might be more… perhaps I’ll discover them as I continue to write about them or if you’re liking these posts and notice I’ve missed one, then please let me know!).

For now, let’s explore The Law of Relativity which states that nothing is “what it is” until you compare it to, or relate it to something else.

Something is greener than, higher than, slower than, taller than, fatter than, smaller than, softer than, hotter than… x, y, z or me.

If everyone were the same height and weight and shape then we probably wouldn’t have any words to describe those attributes but this isn’t the case because we live in a world where one thing is what it is because another thing….. is what it is!

When I created this blog, it was with the intention to write about the differences and similarities between Sydney and London and the silly things we did.  Now I’m writing about the Laws of the Universe!

If you compare this post to earlier ones, am I more serious?  Wiser? Not so fun?  Does it really matter?  🙂  Whether or not we’re supposed to compare, we are going to do it anyway!  We have to do it in order to make sense of the world.

So I’ve accepted that there are differences in everyone, every situation and every experience.  I also remember that to compare, is not just to discover differences but also sameness!

Processing whether or not something is positive or negative, better or worse is all up to the perceiver – he/she who perceives.  That’s you and me!!

Knowing this, it follows then, that we have control of how we feel about “X” in comparison to “Y” because we get to choose what “Y” will be.  Please let that sink in because it is in my humble opinion, so powerful!

We control how we feel by choosing to compare to something that makes us feel that feeling, whether positive, negative or somewhere in between.  So why not take this law and utilise it to our advantage and start comparing things in a way that has us feeling grateful?

I am grateful to you for reading this far 🙂


PS – Happy Straya day Aussies!!  Be grateful to be Strayan ’cause it’s an awesome country!

The Laws of the Universe – Timing (The Law of Rhythm)

Following from last week’s post, I wanted to share yet another Natural Law of the Universe.

If you can’t bend them or change them and they exist whether or not you care… then wouldn’t it be more powerful to care about how they are integrated into your life?

Wouldn’t it be more useful to learn them, understand them, observe them and utilise them to your best advantage?  Or at least be aware of them?

Well, I’ll leave that to you to decide 🙂

In the meantime let me explore the Law of Rhythm…

Everything in our world has a rhythm, a natural cycle, a flow, a certain timing.  The moon, tides, seasons, floods, droughts, night, day, your brain, your heart each has its own rhythm.  It’s one thing to be aware of this, it’s another to feel the beat and dance through life with everything.

There’s definitely no point fighting against the natural rhythms of the universe because doing so is simply fruitless behaviour and only leads to complete exhaustion with nothing to show for your efforts.

The best example I can think of to describe this is surfing.  I’m no expert, in fact, I’ve only ever had one lesson but in that lesson I learned something extremely valuable for life and that was to go with the rhythm, the flow of the ocean – “USE IT’S ENERGY”.

When they told me that, my only thought was – Use it’s energy? What the hell are you talking about?  I just want to know how to stay afloat and how to fall off without the board hitting me on the head!

But they went further to explain… seasoned surfers watch the sea for a while before they actually go in to surf.  What do they look for?  The rhythm of the ocean – where the waves come crashing onto the beach, where the swells collect and grow, how often and at what speed and most importantly, where the energy is pushing the water into shore and where the equally just as powerful force (the rip) is pulling the water out to sea…

If you don’t watch the rhythm of the ocean, you can be caught off guard and both the waves and the rips are dangerous when this happens – multiple waves crashing down on you, spinning you into disorientation and keeping you under the water no matter how hard you try to get up is a painful and scary experience.  If you’ve ever been caught in a rip, you’ll know how scary it is too, when the water keeps taking you farther and farther away from the shore in a matter of seconds no matter how hard you try to swim back.

BOTH have happened to me so I learned how to protect myself from both in future…  1. Never turn your back against a wave and 2. Never swim against a rip – let it push you out to sea and swim sideways until you’re out of it before using your energy to swim back to shore.

Surfers however, do more than this!  They utlise both to their advantage – they ride the rip to get out to sea like their very own natural chair lift, then sit and wait for the wave.  When the time is right, they exert only as much effort as it takes to “catch” the wave and the energy of the ocean brings them back to shore!  The effort was minimal but the feeling of being one with the rhythm and having the ocean carry you?  Absolutely exhilarating!!

How does this translate to life?  Everything has a cycle, there’s the up and the down, the ebb, the flow, fast beats, slow beats and one will always follow the other.  Nothing will stay the same.  Change happens but don’t let it catch you off guard, be prepared for the change!  See it coming and act accordingly.  Better still, use it’s energy!!

Learn the cycle, then.. ride the rip, wait, and then ride the wave!

Surf through life and enjoy the ride 🙂

Here’s some inspiration….
More Surfing Videos

Laws of the Universe – Opposites (The Law of Polarity)

Now that we are in winter time in London with short days and long hours of darkness, to combat the feelings of depression and wanting to hibernate, I’ve started to utilise a lot of the Personal Development exercises and techniques I’ve learned throughout the years.

One of the things I’ve refreshed my memory about is the 7 Natural Laws of the Universe.  I thought it important to share this with you because these laws exist just like gravity. They are a part of our lives always whether we like them or not and just like gravity, they cannot be changed, twisted or bent – they just are and whether or not we accept they are, doesn’t change a thing.

As they don’t exist in any particular order of importance, I’ve chosen the Law of Polarity today, which states that everything has an opposite.

Everybody knows that right?  Light-Dark, Up-Down, North-South, Day-Night, Hot-Cold, Left-Right, Good-Bad

But why is it important?  Because, polar opposites make existence possible – if what you are didn’t coexist with what you are not, then you could not be….

I tell you one thing, the Law of Polarity has definitely shown up in the difference between life in Australia and life in London!

When I was in Australia (Sydney), the sun would come up at 6am and set at 7pm.  The sun would be up and out every day, you’d feel its warmth on your skin even in the winter.  If it rained, it would rain in a thunderous, pelleting shower, then it would stop and the sky would be blue once again for another 10 days straight (or longer).  The winter sunrise and sunset wouldn’t be much different from the summer ones, maybe 1-2 hours difference but you’d pretty much be guaranteed 6am-7pm daylight hours the whole year through.  Result?  Consistent sleeping hours, being rested and a feeling of general well being every day of the year.

In London, during winter, the sun rises at 8am and sets at 4pm which means it’s night when you get up and night when you’re having your afternoon coffee break. Most of the time it’s grey, and when it rains it’s like a misty spray with low cloud cover for days on end and when the sun comes out, you can see it but you can’t feel it.

In summer, the sun rises at 3am and sets at 11pm which means you don’t get much sleep especially if you wake up when there’s light like me.  This irregularity with sleeping changes my mood a LOT because I do get listless and impatient when I’m tired and the constant feeling of lethargy can be easily compared with feelings of sadness and depression.

But then, the summers in London are FANTASTIC, it never gets so hot that you get sticky.  There are no flies, ants or cockroaches and the birds don’t squawk loudly outside your window at 5am – the birds here tweet quietly and pleasantly!  I’ve been able to use the word “Pleasant” when describing weather here too which I could NEVER do in Australia.  And with summer berry delights, Pimms and Eaton Mess, outdoor events, music festivals and liveliness for hours and hours on end, London Summers a real treat!   And the cold winters make for EXCELLENT Christmas fare, markets,  mulled cider, mulled wine, hot chocolate!

The Law of Polarity for me:  Sydney = Certainty / Regularity, London = Uncertainty / Variety

Has my way of being changed based on the country I’m living in?  DEFINITELY.  Here in London, I create regular habits for myself to do to keep me happy and healthy.  Whereas in Sydney, I was always looking for adventure and to do something different, to keep myself entertained.

So tell me, where / how has the Law of Polarity shown up in your life?

Entering Competitions

So I’ve been bored lately, well not really.

In today’s world, with the internet so full of news, friends to contact via Skype, people to stalk on Facebook, getting past the junk in your inbox, reading people’s random thoughts on twitter, reading my random thoughts on this blog, smart phones, Kindle, YouTube plus your usual TV and computer game consoles, regular board games and reading books (yeah do people still do that?), cooking and eating… you catch the drift, what person living in today’s society could possibly get bored?

So no, I wasn’t bored BUT I needed to occupy myself during some “downtime” and decided that entering online competitions would be a good way to do it… You see, while I get the downtime (ie no hard thinking, concentration or decisions time), I find out about new products and receive samples or enter the possibility of winning products.

My point?  I am really impressed with the return on my down time investment 🙂

You see, I can enter competitions while I do my audio French lessons, or while I watch TV, or in between cooking while I wait for something to simmer on the stove and just by doing this,  I have managed to get a Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner sample, 4.5ml Burberry perfume sample, coupon for a free hand lotion, coupon for a free block of margarine and I’m waiting for some things to come in the mail (coffee samples, more shampoo and conditioners, more perfume).

I’ve only been doing this once in a while over a few weeks (started in December 2011) so it’s a pretty good result if you ask this non-seasoned competition-entering person, and once you start, you’d be surprised at how much there actually is out there!!

My coolest find so far?  Victorinox Fragrances – who knew?  I thought they only made Swiss Army Knives… but go figure, if it’s still available, you can choose a sample of one of their fragrances here…  http://victorinox.yb.nl/widget/index.html?language=en

No, I don’t get anything for it, just sharing the link!

Enjoy 🙂

Best Yum Cha (Dim Sum) in London!

There you go, I declared it..

Which means, somewhere out there, somebody is going to challenge this statement, find some other yum cha place which they like better.   And to that, I say… “Go on son!! I dare you!!  No, I double dare you!”

… and then make sure you come back here and tell me where the place is so we can try it out!! 😛

This Chinese restaurant is now my most favouritest (yes I tend to use words that don’t exist… they exist now!!) yum cha place in all of London!  So much so that my foodie friends make it a regular event to go (maybe every 2nd weekend because yum cha every weekend is a bit much)!

BUT it’s also a highly guarded secret… In fact, the mere fact that I’m blogging about this could very much mean I’ll be excluded from any more invitations to gold mine restaurants!

Shhh! Don’t tell my foodie friends that I told you!  Oh the dilemma!  It’s sooo good I want to tell the world but I might just wreck it for all in the know…!


Yes, it’s true… at this restaurant I’m about to tell you about, we were honoured to have enjoyed the privilege of all-you-can-eat yum cha!

Now, most people would scoff at “all you can eat” because it brings up thoughts of buffets with food that’s been sitting there for hours, not the greatest quality, just fillers, lots of fried stuff etc etc  BUT this is SOOO not that!! Just have a look at the video and you’ll see!

Basically, they bring out a whole lot of different things for you to try (or you can pick what you want from their menu) and they keep bringing it out and putting it on your table until you tap out…!!

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Abundant and ever flowing Yum cha…

When you eat as much as we do, this is a dream come true!

So the deal is, this all you can eat yum cha is an introductory promotion to bring more customers in and at any time (ie when they have plenty of customers) the restaurant can cancel it.  So you see, the more people we tell, the less likely it will exist and yum cha will return to normal uncapped prices… boo hoo…

NEVERTHELESS the yum cha is still tasty and well worth the money you pay and if you get the chance, we’d still recommend you try it (all you can eat or not)!

So… what’s on offer? Your usual yummy yum cha choices (har gao, har cheong, siu mai, char siu bao etc) and a plethora of delicious treats like their black cod roll, beef & foie gras dumpling and chocolate dim sum!!

We were so impressed with their lunch that we went to dinner there (on a different night of course) and that was just as amazing!!

The Peking Duck was very good – crispy skin, moist breast, soft pancakes, mmm mmm mmmmm!  They also treated us with some impressive abalone dish (marinated for 5 days) and lobster with foie gras!  Probably the only thing they didn’t do was dip it in gold!

Well, here’s the video 🙂  I get hungry just watching it!!  Enjoy!

😛  NO, I didn’t forget!!  You saw that video and immediately wanted to know where the restaurant was right? 🙂  Here you go… bon appetit!

Grand Imperial London (right next to Victoria Station)

101 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0SJ


I wish we got some kind of referral fee because we are telling everybody but alas we don’t… so put in a good word for us!  If they ever ask you how you found out about them, let them know that Tony and Joy sent you 😉

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