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Who needs drama when you have pets?

They’re fighting.  The hormones are well and truly at play.  Rome cannot stop attempting to hump Paris.  Paris isn’t having it any more and is biting Rome for every hump attempt.

He gives a warning, they stare each other out but Rome just can’t help himself and Paris’ response is to pretty much rip out Rome’s fur.

Thank God his teeth haven’t sunk in any deeper than just the fur.

We’ve separated them when they get like this but in doing so, have exposed the hutch to total destruction because Rome in his horny, sexually frustrated state becomes aggressive and distressed.

He just chews and chews and chews on all the wood frames around the bars to his hutch because he wants to get out and bonk Paris.

He’s got other things to chew on but will always chew the hutch because he knows it annoys  me and gets my attention.

He also doesn’t respond to loud claps and screaming anymore.  If anything it makes him keep going.

He’s TOTALLY DEFIANT and wanting to show me he’s top rabbit especially since we’ve established that the hutch is theirs.

I can get angry at them about damaging everything outside the hutch and they’re mostly compliant but the hutch itself is their home and their safe place and Rome knows it.

So, if he feels like it to chew it up into bits, he’ll do it, whether I like it or not.

Not just that, he bangs and jumps and kicks when in isolation.  He attempts every way possible to get out.  He literally is climbing the walls (because he knows the roof opens up on the hutch).

He acts like a crazy person that needs to be put in a straight jacket so he doesn’t hurt himself.  He’s completely manic, running from one side of the hutch to the other, back and forth, biting the cage bars, biting the frame, climbing and scratching the wall and digging at the floor at 2-3am.

We’ve only just had the hutch for a week and he’s killed it.  If we wanted to, there’s no way we can return the hutch with all the damage he’s done to it and Tony and I are sleepless every night.

“They can keep a slightly wild aspect to them.”  The lady at the pet store said.  UMMM…. yeah, just slightly.

I bought them a little rabbit tunnel to play in and within a minute, Rome chewed not one, but two holes into it.  Really?  It cost me £10 and he broke it in a 1 minute.  WTF man?

I would have had more fun and value wiping my butt with a £10 note and flushing it down the toilet.  Same result.  What a waste!!

My concern however is how much he’s keeping us up at night AND quite possibly whether or not he’s waking up the neighbours above, below, on each side and from across the road with all his banging.

I’ll have to look up how to soundproof the hutch or our neighbours won’t be very happy at all.

We took the bunnies to the vet last week for a check up and vaccination and asked about the aggressive and hormonal behaviour and the pee spraying.

We asked when they can be neutered to stop it all and her response was to wait until they’re 6 months old and to just keep them separate.

She also said that the pee spraying was poor bladder control because they’re junior rabbits.  This is what I spoke about last week where they were spraying everything with piss, including the walls.

She said that it was them not being able to control their bladders when they get excited or scared.

They’re not dogs!!!  The bunnies are doing it on purpose and every bit of research and all the bunny forum discussions I’ve read since, have said so.

Rome pissed on Paris the other day, an epic spray that covered him entirely from head to tail.  That was his way to say “I own you.  You are mine.”

It’s not lack of bladder control, it’s quite the opposite.  They have perfect bladder control and perfect aiming abilities to cover their intended, with piss.  And they only do this when hormonal and wanting to mate (something that can be remedied by neutering).

Except now I have to wait until they are 6 months old before I can do anything about it!!

1 min = tunnel destruction.  1 week = hutch destruction and a house full of piss.  I have cleaned the floor, wiped it down, vacuumed, swept over and over again, multiple times per day, every day and in the first week did 4 loads of laundry a day!  I’m exhausted.

The bunnies are just 4 days from being 4 months old.  I have 2 more months of this.  I’m not sure how I’ll be.

In 2 months time, I don’t think Tony and I will have a house to live in because our hormonal rabbit would have eaten a hole out of their hutch and destroyed the place.

Maybe I should just let Paris bite all of Rome’s fur off.  It’ll serve two purposes.  Firstly, Rome surely would stop trying to bonk him… surely?  Secondly, I can use Rome’s fur to line the inside of the hutch for sound insulation.

Seriously though, when Rome is horny, it’s stressful and there’s nothing I can do about it except to separate them when they fight and let them be together when they’re calm, to keep their bond.

Paris hasn’t got crazy hormonal yet.  He’s also not much of a chewer.  An eater and hoover of pellets, yes but he doesn’t chew on things and hasn’t peed on anything since I got angry with him about the couch.

Other than biting Rome for bonking him too much (I mean Rome mounted him 19 times in 5 minutes and can be in this horny state for hours so we think the biting is warranted), Paris is actually a very good, well behaved rabbit.

If we only had Paris… we wouldn’t have all these problems.

I don’t know what I’ll do if BOTH rabbits end up behaving badly due to their hormones.    :/

Ensuring there are no fights requires CONSTANT monitoring as it is.

On the up side, their toilet training is getting better.  We’re coming to 2 weeks since first getting them and they only piss and poo in their hutch now.

There have only been maybe 1 or 2 little poos every now and again outside of the hutch for the last 2 days.  Peeing outside their hutch, has been limited to Rome piss spraying on Paris.

Better than pissing everywhere including 6 times on a blanket that’s for sure!  I’ve given them the same blanket and for the last 2 days they haven’t pissed on it at all.  YES!  Progress.

Also, they do have their non-horny moments and in those times I’ve trained them to do little tricks.  In a few days they’ve learned “Up”, “Walk” and “Jump”.  Paris is currently learning “Spin”.  They learn in approximately 5 mins so they are super smart.  The rest of the time is just reinforcement.

Their ability to generalise is amazing.  For instance, I made a little rattle where I put their nuggets into a box.  If they shook the box, the nuggets would fall out.

They’ve since chewed the box to shreds so I had to make a new rattle with a toilet paper roll.  They now pick up the roll and shake it to get the nuggets out.

I put some nuggets into a scrunched up bit of paper and again, to get the nuggets out, they picked up the paper and shook it around.  I didn’t teach them this, they generalised after learning on the first box!

Actually, by they, I mean Paris.  He’s definitely the brains.  Rome is the brawn.

The training is super easy with their level of intelligence.  The hormones are what’s causing the mayhem and difficult for them to control, in turn making them difficult for us to deal with.

Initially we didn’t want to neuter them thinking they’re boys, we don’t want to defile them.  If we have no other rabbits, they can’t breed but by their behaviour, it’s looking like we have to neuter them anyway just to calm them down.

There are only 2 more months before I can really find out how much of Rome’s naughtiness comes from personality and how much comes from hormones.

In the meantime I think I’m going to have to be quite the tiger mum with him and be a lot stricter.